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Vintage on the Porch...

 This past weekend I did a little winter decorating on the front porch!  It's really just a front step, but there is enough space for a small set-up.  It's been cold early this year, 
so we are keeping it simple.  
Instead of lots of lights on the house,  
just a string of lights around the door 
and a little lit snowy tree will do...

A burlap coffee bag serves 
as a rustic tree skirt...

Being in a north woods frame of mind this year, I continued that style out here...starting with my old, chippy picket fence section,
am old felted wool scarf,
and a sweet little pair of vintage skis...

I added my favorite old skates...

The black and white laces have faded to gray over the years...

A couple of great vintage jugs 
with a primitive little tree, 
fill an old, worn ammunition box...

I added one of my favorite signs~ 
I painted it years ago 
and still love it...

In the other corner of the porch, 
another primitive tree 
has a big vintage funnel as a stand...

The porch looks so pretty and welcoming, 
lit up at night...

Thank you for all of the good wishes and kind comments on my anniversary made the day even more special!

Until next time...


  1. This all looks so lovely!! What a lovely welcoming porch. Love the sign and the little tree in the funnel. Well done! Pam xx

  2. So pretty, and vintagey, and just the right amount of snowy!

  3. Your vintage north woods decor creates a warm welcome at your door, Linda. And the white twinkle lights add a magical touch!

  4. Your decorated porch is so cozy, it makes me want to come sit and relax awhile even with the freezing temps. Love all the detail, especially the tree in the funnel and the ice skates.

  5. Love all the vintage! So cozy and welcoming. Where did you get your primitiveittle trees...Love them!

    Have a blessed week!

  6. Always love your holiday decor, Linda, and your photographs are fabulous too! Happy Holidays!

  7. What a perfect welcome.

    I love the 'primitive' tree - not something I've really noticed over here. Love the use of the funnel!!!

    Karen xxx

  8. It's so pretty and perfectly woodsy!

  9. It's so welcoming! Now there will be real snow on it!

  10. You always have the best front porch decor for winter! Love the thermos jug thingies.

  11. This is just so special, Linda! It looks so warm and inviting, I love all the elements you used here. Ann

  12. Fantastic decorating! I'm terrible at decorating my front porch. Wish you lived close so you could come and help me! :-)

  13. You've done it up beautifully, I adore your vintage sweet and welcoming.

  14. Linda it is GORGEOUS!!! I typed in porch decor on pinterest and yours popped right up!
    I spent all day decorating mine, I just wish snow would fall now ;)

  15. Linda I love this look and you put it together all so perfectly.

    xo Danielle

  16. Hey sweetness! :) I love your little vignette on your porch...especially the sign! Those trees are so cute! I need to get our and take some pictures of the front of our house, but I've just not been too motivated as of late! ha!
    OH..and by the way, happy anniversary...just a smidge late! Hope you all had a great day!
    Sure hope you have a marvelous Christmas!
    Love ya much!

  17. Love it love it love it. Your porch is always one of my faves. Has that old fashioned Christmas story vibe to it.

  18. Your display is creative and festive! Love it!

  19. So pretty - I can just imagine the delight of walking up to your front door and seeing your wonderful display of vintage lovelies. I had a pair of skates like that - oh, I thought I was Peggy Fleming - :)
    Congratulations on your 41 year anniversary! The photo is precious. My Mr. and I celebrated 41 years this year, too - in Sept. So happy for you both - so much love - and a beautiful family created from it. Hugs xo Karen

  20. Your little porch looks adorable. Love the skates. I am still tweaking my porch!

  21. Hi Linda,
    Your porch looks amazing! I love the north woods theme....perfect for Christmas and the rest of winter too!

  22. Linda your porch is so pretty. I love all the vintage touches. It's so very unique and wonderful.


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