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A Bit of My Personal Side...

Today I am very happy to be joining Susan over at Must Love Junk for Saturday Spotlight!  Susan, along with Kris, of Junk Chic Cottage spotlights bloggers to share more about the person behind the blog!  I hope you'll stop by and learn a little more about me!  Also, Kathleen from Faded Charm is being featured over at Kris's blog!

Thanks so much for inviting me over, Susan!

Until next time...


  1. It was nice getting to know a little bit about you and both, you and your daughter look so beautiful on her wedding day:-)

    Have a nice weekend,


  2. What a great feature, Linda! I didn't realize that you lived all over the place growing up! That must have been quite the adventure! I loved reading and learning a bit more about you, have a great weekend!

  3. I loved the feature, Linda, and that school photo of you in Japan with your Christmas corsage is adorable!

  4. Thanks for sharing your story, Linda! I love the adorable school photo of you in Japan wearing your Christmas corsage! You had vintage style as a child. :)

  5. Hi Linda. It was fun learning a little more about you. I love your school photo from Japan! One of these days I hope to meet you when I am in the Twin Cities area!

  6. Love it that you were featured at Must Love Junk! :)
    I'm going over to visit now. :)

  7. Hi Linda. It was so nice that you were featured and we got to know more about you.

  8. Whats a southern girl doing in Minnesota!? Guess it has something to do with the love of your life....Can't believe you have almost 7 grandkids...What fun!


  9. That was a great post Linda...didn't know that you had lived in the South.


  10. Linda, it was such a joy having you over! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Linda, I checked out your post. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Didn't know you had some Southern in your blood! Southern is a great thing to have!!!!

  12. Wow!! Great piece youve shared letting us know a little about you:-)
    xoxo fm Kenya

  13. I loved learning more about you, how blessed you are for being married all those years. Your daughter looks just like you too! Thanks for stopping by♥

  14. I love how your mind works. :) That vignette is great, and your son deserves a nice dinner or something! Sweet.

  15. Great feature! I feel like I've learned so much about you.

  16. I read this last week but
    had to come back and comment
    on what a beautiful person you
    are (and have always been!),
    both inside and out. Such an
    honor to be your friend and just
    a small part of your story : )

    xo Suzanne


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