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A Fun Re-Do...

Well, we are back at work on the kitchen redecorating project, painting walls and the board and batten goes up this week.  Thought I'd share another project 
I just finished for the room! 

Recently, I became a blogger for DecoArt.  They have so many wonderfully creative products for DIY and creating!  They provided supplies for the re-do of my pie safe!  Now, I know it is beautiful wood...and many of you would NEVER paint it...but it is not old (an 80's piece) and it just doesn't go with our decor.  I love wood, but I love painted furniture as well.    Several weeks ago I painted over the tin panels...
that's when I decided to re-do the rest.

I am using DecoArt's new Americana Decor Chalky Finish , an ultra matte paint. 
 Oh, I love this paint...

I chose these colors~  Primitive, a lighter greige color for the cabinet, 
and Relic, a dark gray for the tin panels...

It is easy to apply, adheres sanding or priming...
these paints are multi-surface, low VOC, low odor, water based, and non-toxic. I could even paint right over the metal hinges for a vintage look...

When it was dry, I did some light sanding with a sanding block to distress the paint in areas it would naturally occur.  A little trick I like to use, is to dab some of the paint color over the distressing and wipe off...the distressing doesn't look so fresh.

I painted over the tin panels with the Relic color, using a light touch to allow the detail to show through.  I also used a sanding block here, as well.

Next, the waxing!  I covered the whole piece with the clear wax, let dry, and buffed it out.  The wax is very easy to apply, water based, and low odor...
and their big brush is wonderful!

I did not want a lot of antiquing on this piece, but used the dark wax sparingly (I used a small foam brush for control) in areas I wanted to highlight,  immediately rubbing it off with a soft rag. That gave it a naturally aged appearance...

I absolutely love how this piece turned out, and I've never had so much FUN re-doing a piece of furniture!  I am already planning out my next projects!

I think it will look great in the re-decorated kitchen!

Right now, the paints are being sold on a pre-launch basis at Home (in the stores soon) and will be at other retailers in 2014.  The paints are inexpensive and go a long way, I used half of an 8-oz jar of paint (which sells for $8.49) 
to cover the body of the cabinet. 

I was provided with product from DecoArt for this project...but all opinions and the fun were mine!  Thank you DecoArt!

I am joining~

 Until next time...


  1. It indeed will look awesome in your kitchen makeover! It appears easy to use and sure turned out nice! Thanks for sharing a product that works!
    Keep warm!

  2. Hi Linda,
    The pie safe looks fabulous! Thanks for the information about the paint. It looks like something I would like to try!

  3. Wow, what a terrific transformation! I will be looking for that paint the next time I go to Home Depot!

  4. Congrats on becoming a part of the DecoArt team, Linda! Your redo turned out great! I really love their chalky finish paint, I need to get one of their brushes!

  5. What a difference! I really love the new look of your pie safe and can't wait to see it in the finished room, Linda. It's a good time to be working on your kitchen since it's too cold to be outside!

  6. I love the pie chest and it looks terrific. You really did a wonderful job on it. can hardly wait for that paint to be sold in Home Depot. Can you order it on line?
    You pie chest will look wonderful in your kitchen.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks! The Home Depot link at the end of my post goes right to the paints!

  7. Very pretty! If it's from the eighties, I say paint it.

  8. It came out very pretty - now it looks like a wonderful, old antique! Love the grey's and I will definitely check out the paints next time I go into Home Depot! Thanks for the nice tutorial. xo Karen

  9. Love the makeover...and also the tip about the paint. I'm visiting Home Depot online next!!

  10. WOW! That is really reasonable for that kind of paint. That is one of the bonuses of a big box store carrying stuff like that. Because of their sheer number they can buy in huge quantities and sell it cheaper than the small dealers. Sad, but true. It sounds like it is as good as some of the "big name" paints. xo Diana

  11. Linda, I am seriously loving that pie safe! I usually am against painting nice woods but not when it screams 80s. LOL! I think it will look super in your kitchen. Thank you for sharing how you painted it and I want some of that paint, now! Have a great week. Hugs!

  12. I love it!!! I will be looking for it at Home Depot!!
    xo Kris

  13. Hi Linda, what an amazing transformation! I have heard about this paint and I can't wait to try it! I'll be heading to Home Depot!! Enjoy your day, Gail

  14. Wow! That looks amazing. I have lots of 80's stuff hanging around here that need s facelift too!

  15. No one can argue that doesn't look better painted!

  16. This turned out great, Linda! Thanks for the info on the paint. I'm going to check out the link right now!

  17. I love it! Of course, I love painted furniture, unless it's a really good old piece. Thanks for the tip on the paint, too. I hope my Home Depot will have some so I can try it, too!

  18. Thank to Linda, for taking the time out of chalk painting to visit me!
    It was a great idea to give the pie safe a new look, I love I painted you can also paint the tin, or change it out to screan panels giving it a real vintage feel to being really old, you can find the old wire mesh on old rusted tattered doors, would that not look great?
    You my friend inspire my day to go paint something :)

    A beautifully inspiring week to you.



  19. Lovely patina on that cabinet - love your color choices.

  20. Linda, that piece turned out so great! Love it. Glad to hear about new paint!
    Smiles, Alice

  21. Dear Linda, your cabinet is so very beautiful after you painted and waxed it...
    and you so beautifully antiquied it a little here and a little there!! making it look as it has alwayes been so.
    It will be a treasured cabinet in your new done kitchen.

  22. Oh, man. I spent so much money on a name brand paint. This turned out really well!

  23. Love what you did! I want to try this product too.

  24. I will be going to the Home Depot for some on this paint. I have used Annie Sloan and like it but expensive.

  25. WOW!! That new paint job gives it a totally different look. Love it :)

  26. Oh I admire your handiwork! You did such a great job. I wish I was more inclined to redo's it's the way to go! So sweet of you to stop by and wish me well with my new space. I should be able to get back to my usual lazy life after we open. (I consolidated two spaces from two places into the one). Such a busy lady you always seem to be!

  27. Thank you Linda, for taking the time to return a visit with a comment that joys my heart.
    It's a beautiful place to be, blogging with friends, inspiring all that we are, creating beauty we share.

    Your a doll for adding joy to my heart with your visit.

    Keep inspiring your talents in all you create, and collect.


  28. Linda
    Thank you for the painting tutorial.
    It is scary painting good wood, but wow is it worth it.
    I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

  29. This looks so good painted! May I ask, how does this paint compare to Annie Sloan's paint, in your opinion? (I know that this is a sponsored post, but I figured I'd ask anyway to see what you think.) I have seen a couple of projects done with this paint, and it looks like I would like the colors. I have such good results with ASCP, and I tried CeCe Caldwell and was disappointed.

  30. Ummm, amazing! I love the color you picked out and the distressing and painting the tin is fabulous. It looks like a brand new piece of furniture.


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