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A Simple Project...Bottles...

You might remember this project from my kitchen / dining re-do project!
 I wanted to make a bottle holder...starting with this vintage wood box.

I had a decorative old bookplate, which I scanned and saved to my computer...

Such a great pattern...perfect for the Scandinavian look I was going for. 

 I brought the saved image into PicMonkey, resized it to the size I wanted for the box, and added text~ "Flaskers", which is the Norwegian word for bottles.  I cut a piece of tissue paper to the size of a piece of standard printer paper, and taped them together...
then printed the design I made onto the tissue paper.    

After cutting the tissue paper to the size I wanted, I decoupaged the image onto the box.  I wanted sheer paper, with small tears and wrinkles, as it added to the look of an old label.

It's perfect for holding some of my vintage aqua German beer bottles and some water bottles..and looks pretty in my hutch. A fun and easy project...

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  1. It looks perfect Linda - it does look genuinely old. Clever you :)

    Karen x

  2. Linda, You do have really smart ideas. I like those old bottles too. Hope you have a good day, xoxo,Susie

  3. I truly would have thought the label was original to the box! And speaking of the box, it would work perfectly as a drawer to my old cupboard. I'm pinning it so if the missing drawers aren't found, I can make simple boxes like yours. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  4. Wow, you are so very clever! That turned out really awesome, very original! Wonderful look and great looking bottles too!

  5. I love using tissue paper over other patterned papers...the layers of texture and interest....ideal for your rustic box (which is pretty swell too!)

  6. That's the first time I've seen tissue paper go through a printer (even with the paper backing)! Love the look! I seriously need to try this!

  7. Perfect! Thanks for the how to!

  8. I have a couple boxes of bottles. Think most of them had whiskey in them, and no I didn't drink it all.

  9. Love this look! I have a couple of similar boxes buried in my garage....must go find them!

  10. I am in love with your flaskers box.

    My grandmother was born in Norway so I will admit that I am going to copy your idea because I have just the box. Of course, it will mean hunting down some fun bottles to place inside.

    Thanks for the idea.

  11. Our family has a "rustic wedding" coming up this year. Your box would fit in perfectly. Very nice.

  12. A great idea for all those 'special' bottles! Love the label - it looks so vintage, you would never know. Thanks for sharing - I have some bottles I was going to pack away, but now I will try this. xo Karen

  13. What a fantastic process. The label amost looks like fabric. Just beautiful!

  14. Great idea to make your own label. It truly looks like it's always been there. I need to start looking for some bookplates.

  15. You are so smart to come up with that idea! I think that box looks like an antique now.

  16. Great project, Linda! It looks authentically old and your bottles look wonderful in it!

  17. Love the look, I have never thought of printing on tissue paper!!!


  18. Love it. You are so clever!
    xo Kris

  19. Love the box. The tissue paper was such a great idea. Looks wonderful filled with bottles.

  20. Oh Linda...such a charming result! I have also been drawn lately to a Scandinavian look. You have really captured it in your kitchen redo!

  21. Very clever! I love bottles. Yours look great in the vintage wooden box.

  22. Ah, my talented and
    beautiful friend, at it,
    again!!! Love how your
    gorgeous mind works to
    create such special little
    treasures : )

    Hope you are staying cozy
    during this loooong winter.
    Looks like there might be
    an end in sight?

    xo Suzanne

  23. I have printed on a lot of things, but never considered tissue paper. Great idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


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