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Vintage on the Front Porch...and a Winner...

Thank you all for your kind comments about our new garden path!  We are really enjoying it, and just finished up another garden on the other side of the path...I'll be sharing it with you soon!  Thought I'd share a few glimpses for our front porch...this year I have been in a "bright" frame of mind" out there...

Our front porch is really just a front step, with a short walkway...

It is shady, and some fun spots of color, and of course, some vintage, just felt right...

I found the colorful rug at Target...

bright hostas...


and coreopsis.

The look makes me smile!

Thank you for all of your entries for the Vintage Maya giveaway!
The winner is...
Debbie from Mihills Family Blog!

Until next time...have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats to Debbie!

    Love all your flowers, Linda! It looks like a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the evenings. We have a partly covered front entry to our condo and I guess I could consider that our porch. I have a small table and two chairs out there and an urn by the door. We are waiting on approval to add a patio off that area so we can have a little more room to sit and stretch out.

  2. Your cottage entry is sweet as can be, Linda! I am in love with the miniature cottage with license plate roof! The flowers and vintage chair make it very welcoming. Congratulations to Debbie for winning! xo Karen

  3. Did you steal that rug from my front porch? I have the same one. Your porch looks so cute and inviting. I want to plop down in that rocking chair and have a glass of lemonade. Did you make the little license plate house?

  4. Your front porch is very cute and makes you feel so welcome. I love that little license plate house especially with the word Coffee.

    Congrats to Debbie!

    Hugs, Dianne

  5. Congrats to the winner! Your front porch looks simply wonderful and full of bursts of color. Love that little birdhouse and the boxes some of the plants are in. Great look! Ann

  6. I have a small front porch, too - I think they're charming! I love your red rocker. I love the Coreopsis, though I always called it tickseed. I have a big bunch of it in one of my gardens in my back yard. It's so easy to maintain and so cheery - I want to plant more!

  7. Linda- love your front step!
    We had a front step growing up--- everyone did in our neighborhood, the house we lived in before this one had a front step, I'm a porch person! I like how yours looks "porch-y" with the chair and the rug! It just looks so inviting. Love the coffee can on the front of your bird house.
    Congrats to your winner,too!

  8. Your front porch is about the same size as mine - I actually call it a stoop cuz there's not much room out there! LOL I was SO surprised to see your new rug because it's nearly identical to one that I started hooking last weekend - how strange!

  9. Congratulations to Debbie! Your front entry looks so welcome with your vintage finds and thriving plants, Linda. Cute little birdhouse, too!

  10. Love that sweet red rocking chair and the rug from target is perfect. Love all the color your front is so welcoming.

  11. What a welcoming from porch. Love that red chair and the cute house.

  12. I adore all of the charming decorations and plantings around your front porch!

  13. Your front porch is both bright and charming. I love the picket fence and the red rocker! Anyone coming to your door may simply sit and enjoy the shady retreat that you've created before they knock on your door. :)

  14. What a welcome!!!!

    It all looks gorgeous.... I just adore that red rocking chair.

    Karen x

  15. I adore your secret garden
    path, gate and plantings, and
    your front porch is darling, too.
    Please bottle your energy and
    send it west to me : ) : ) : )

    Happy Monday!

    xo Suzanne

  16. Your front porch looks very welcoming, Linda.
    I like the vintage touches, especially the licence plate birdhouse!

  17. Your porch makes me smile too! Love all your sweet and colorful treasures. Congratulations to Debbie.

  18. You always do the most lovely things to your little front porch! I adore that little coffee house! Did you make it? Our front stoop is very similar to yours, but needs some added charm! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Loving your finds and beautiful blog full of inspiration and creativity! You make me want to live outdoors. Happy July!

  20. Everything looks so lush and green!!! Small front porches are tough, but yours is cute and so homey and welcoming.

  21. Cute little summery porch! Also love the gravel walkway. Hope you had a happy 4th. Mimi


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