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Early Fall in the Garden...

Our yard and gardens are so pretty this time of year...with a spring and summer's worth of growth behind them they are at their peak.  While only a few leaves have begun to change color, signs of fall are everywhere.  The apples are nearly ready for harvest...

The Monarch butterflies float on the wind and land on the leaves...

Zinnias, Chinese Lanterns, and sedum are beginning to add color to the fall landscape...

as are Mountain Ash berries and rose hips...

I love seeing the little changes each fall arriving in your neck of the woods?

Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda,
    We are still enjoying summer weather but I know fall is on its way. Great days of 70's and soft breezes. Wish it could stay like this. I love fall and all the color changes in the midwest. Have a great start to the new week ahead.

  2. It is starting to look a bit the same here, Linda --,all the orange berries, and the last roses are still blooming in my garden.
    Your photoes are real stunning - I never get the butterflies while resting ,lol.

  3. Beautiful yard shots!!! I have noticed an enormous amount of butterflies this summer. I love it!!
    xo Kris

  4. I'm envious of your apple tree, Linda. I didn't get a single apple this year. I hope that means next year is a bumper crop! Your photos are amazing!

  5. Beautiful photos! Love the 'hint' of fall :)

  6. Lovely! We are seeing signs of it. The vegetation is getting that tell-tale tired look. The dogwood trees are already changing in colors a bit. I'm anxious for the hot and humid weather to be gone!

  7. Besides the tomato plants being barren, the days are a little shorter. Maybe after the rains stop, I will notice that the days are a little cooler here in southeastern North Carolina. Soon, we will be able to rely less on the air conditioner and open the windows to air out the house before it gets too chilly outside.

  8. Your apples sure look better than mine. Mine are crabapples and ugly as all get it! Fall hasn't made an appearance quite yet, but hopefully by this weekend.

  9. Beautiful!! I love that last picture with the bird...

  10. It's definitely starting to arrive here in northern IL...the goldenrod is blooming all over, leaves are starting to fall, and my veggie garden is drying up. Your sedum is so pretty...I don't think I've ever seen a dark purple variety. Mine is more pink. I love Chinese Lanterns. A friend of mine gave me a bunch many years ago and they're so pretty in a fall arrangement.

  11. Lovely images of fall, Linda - love the monarch - we don't have them here. We are slowly moving into fall here in WA state - still having summer days, but much cooler nights. So much better for sleeping :) xo Karen

  12. Linda, your garden shots are just lovely! We are slow to get to Fall here...A "cold" snap is rumored for the weekend, which means it could be in the 60s. I'm giddy at the prospect ;) Blessings, Cecilia

  13. Your lovely pictures are
    kicking my own tush to get
    out and capture my blooms
    before they are gone! What
    a peaceful garden you have--
    really pretty!

    xo Suzanne


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