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End of the Tour...Fall 2014 Bachmans Ideas House...

My favorite part of the Fall 2014 Bachmans Ideas House was the fun and colorful outdoor space!  It was set up with harvest wedding ideas!

Bachmans Ideas House

So fun!  Fall flowers and decorations everywhere...

The shed was set up to decorate pumpkins...

Beautiful, isn't it?  Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Remember you can click on the link on my navigation bar at the top of the page to read posts of all of the previous Bachmans Ideas House tours!  The 2014 Bachmans Holiday House runs November 6th through December 14th!  Thanks for following along!

Until next time...


  1. Linda,
    So romantic and beautiful. What a beautiful setting for a wedding. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Linda, My head is spinning from thinking of all the hard work put into this. This is amazing. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. oH! my goodness... I'm not a big wedding person. I'm not even a small wedding person. (we eloped...ssshhh!)
    anyway... those Bride and Groom Scarecrows!!!! ARE ADORABLE!
    SO CUTE!
    I liked all the harvest ideas, pumpkins and decor...and the curtains on the sun porch.
    so wonderful thanks Linda for taking us on the tour.

  4. A backyard wedding - how wonderful. I sure am glad you post these tour pictures. I always enjoy them.

  5. Beautiful as usual, but apparently I'm missing out on Broke Ass wine!

  6. LOVE the wedding "theme". So fun!! I don't remember the 2 outdoor areas. Is that new? Or maybe I'm just forgetful :)

  7. So much work went into that wedding, so beautiful. XX Hugs

  8. Dear Linda, that table, that candelabra, were magnificent! They excelled on this part and made mums shine too. Thank you for taking these images. Olive

  9. Gorgeous! Thanks for taking us along! Mimi

  10. Loved this recap of
    our house tour happy
    day : ) Can't believe
    it's time to start thinking
    about the holiday tour!
    Gorgeous photos, talented

    xo Suzanne

  11. Wow! It's hard to believe that's a garage! What wonderful imaginations they have to turn a plain old garage into a beautiful setting like that! Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  12. Such a beautiful post, full of wonderful ideas. I especially loved the entry...lovely! I'll be happy to enjoy house tours (when I move); there are so filled with beauty and ideas.

  13. It's true the beauty is in the details. And what beautiful details they created! Thank you for sharing gorgeous fall inspiration. Hugs ~ Heidi

  14. Just catching up on some posts I've missed and I'm so glad I came back to this one! What an awesome inspiration this is. Love so much of it and can see it used in many ways other then a wedding. Loved the window with the names of the wedding party on it. Going back for more looks and pins!!


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