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Fun Finds...

It's been a little busy around here, so I'll be sharing the end 
of the 2014 Fall Bachman's Ideas House tour next week.  
But I couldn't resist sharing a few fun finds...  

I found this wonderful wall hanging over at Kathy's of Creative Home Expressions.
She has a fun ETSY shop full of beautiful creations!  She has some one-of-a-kind Halloween pieces and beautiful home decor items!  Hope you'll stop by and see her!
I hung my piece on my cabinet of curiosities...after Halloween, I can use it without the holiday orange ribbons.  Don't you love the EKG inspired accent stitching?  
Thank you, Kathy!

I also had a few thrift store finds this week...I love these two vintage picnic baskets...

They work perfectly in my sunporch as a side table with storage...

 Another find this week was this cute old child's chair!  It has a wonderful patina...

Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend! 
 It will be sunny and warm here...and I'll be visiting Junk Bonanza!

Until next time...


  1. Great pictures. I love the picnic hampers!!! That skeleton hanging is really cute! Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  2. Love your finds and the way you are using the baskets is so charming!

  3. Such wonderful finds! Love the idea of stacking the baskets for a side table.
    Mary Alice

  4. Your sun porch sounds like a lovely place to visit. Picnic baskets are a personal favorite...for the right thrifty price, I have a couple and had to work really hard to purchase the second one. She didn't want to sell it!
    That little chair is sweet too. Are you using it for a side table or for a grand child?
    great shopping!

  5. Little chairs are great! Love that it isn't painted. Have FUN at JB...don't think I'll make it this year..
    Thank you for the kindest comments about the wedding!
    Let's ENJOY this weekend!

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Linda! Glad you are enjoying your skeletons ~ they look great hanging from your cabinet. : ) Love the picnic baskets and that you are using them as a side table. They look to be the perfect height. Love your little urn and pumpkin, too. I have an urn just like that (currently holding a moss ball). I forgot to get a little pumpkin to put on it when I was at the nursery. Hopefully, we'll be going for some pumpkins with the granddaughter soon and I'll have to pick one up then.

  7. great finds! those skeletons are a hoot! I noticed the copy of Mechanics of Engineering...I have that same book! enjoy Junk Bonanza - I'm sure you'll be sharing pics!

  8. Love the childs chair!!! And the picnic baskets are great! My youngest son loves skeletons. These look kinda classy. I'd hang them proudly :-) Have a great weekend!

  9. That skeleton hanging is pretty fun with the fancy stitching! Your picnic baskets are the perfect side table in your sunporch. Believe it or not, I've found 3 of those little chairs in the past few months. Now I have 4 in various sizes...enough for all the grands. I love the original finish on yours! Enjoy Junk Bonanza!

  10. I get the feeling you love Halloween!! Good for you and I love the skeletons!! The baskets are perfect!

    Thank you so much for stopping with your sweet comments,'s so nice to know you care!

    Jane xx

  11. You sure did find some fun things! Etsy is awesome! Thanks for taking us to the Bachmann house once again. Mimi

  12. Hi Linda,
    Kathy makes the cutest things love your skeletons. Those picnic baskets are awesome. Love those. Have a wonderful Friday and great week end.

  13. That is a cute decoration for Halloween. I'll have to check out Kathy's shop. The picnic baskets make a nice side table stacked beside your chair. I like seeing things used in ways they weren't intended.

  14. oh I love how you used your picnic baskets Linda, what a great idea. I would never have thought of that. And thanks for the etsy shop tip. You know me, I love looking at Halloween stuff, it's such a fun holiday. Brings out the kiddie in me.
    I also like the simple orange crepe paper (I think that's what it is) to embellish your skeleton art. It adds that vintage touch.

  15. The wall hanging is so clever and would definitely work any time of the year. Love your vintage picnic baskets as a side table...very clever!

  16. Linda, I love the wallhanging. The baskets and chair are wonderful, too.

  17. I love your stacked picnic baskets and the pumpkin atop the urn! I sold the urns I had and I'm just sick. Should have thought about what I could do with for fall. Ugh. I love your sweet touches of Fall.


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