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Simple Changes With Slipcovers...

Little changes really can make a huge difference in a room...
and I recently did just that out in our sunporch!
We have two club chairs that were my mother-in-law's.  They are very nice Ethan Allen chairs, purchased about 15 years ago.  We love how comfortable they are, and they have a great aqua color...but we have gone with neutrals in the porch.

We didn't want to replace them, so slipcovers were the answer.  I am not the best seamstress, so I found some I liked at Surefit (not a sponsor...just where I bought them).  These are 1-piece covers called Grain Sack Stripe.  At 39.99 each, they are easy on the budget, too.  The chairs are transformed...

I also bought a couple of pillow slips to cover pillows I already had...matching fabric, and some ticking (that matched the ottoman cover I bought in the past).

I draped this fun seed sack over the back of one of the chairs...

and used one of the matching pillow slips in an old wicker chair.
  I love mixing up fabrics...

The chairs fit right in with the room now~ 
they are at either side of the foreground of this photo...

I love re-using what I have in a new way!

I am joining~

Until next time...I'll be visiting the Fall Bachman's Ideas House...
fresh fall ideas coming up on my next post!


  1. Linda,
    I love the new slipcovers you found. They look great. Love that room. So cozy.

  2. Wow Linda, love the slip covers and love that romantic looking porch! Have a great week! Sharon

  3. Dear Linda, your porch looks so very beautiful, and the chairs now with new slip covers, fits wonderfully in. What a lovely room to relax, and dream in !!

  4. What a difference the slipcovers made! I like too that it allows you to keep something in the family that you might not have wanted otherwise.
    Your porch looks right out of a magazine now!

  5. I love the change and think neurtrals is the best way to go. My baby girl's nursery is going to be in white and linen with a pop of aqua and coral. I love slip covers but I have never been able to get them to fit riight, sagging here and there. Any ideas on how to make it look like yours?

  6. Your slipcovered chairs look brand new now! Your porch looks wonderful, very cozy!

  7. Very nice update! Love the neutrals - such a lovely sitting area. I would never want to leave..... xo Karen

  8. Love the slip covers! Your porch looks so inviting.

  9. The the fabric those slipcovers are made of. And they work perfectly in your space. A win-win. Your sitting area looks like a wonderful spot to sit and relax.

  10. They're very pretty! As are the pillows. I want you to know I ADORE that room.

  11. Linda, I love the transformation of these chairs!! Your whole room looks fantastic!!

  12. I love the choice you made with the Surefit covers! Absolutely perfect!

  13. LOVE how timeless
    your gorgeous porch is,
    Linda--just like you : ) !!!
    I could sit in that room
    and read and be content
    for a very long time....!

    xo Suzanne

  14. Oh I just love your new slipcovers! I haven't ever used Surefit before but have heard of them. I will have to check them out next time I'm on the market for slipcovers. I am a HUGE lover of slipcovers! Your whole sunroom looks wonderful.

  15. Wow!!! I love those covers! I had heard of Sure Fit before and won't hesitate to use them. For that price you can't go wrong.....and it saved you a week of work and probably four times that in fabric!


  16. I'm such a fan of slipcovers, but they're so expensive when you can't sew. Thanks for sharing brand, I'll have to check out the selection at Sure fit. I've got some big chairs. BTW-- your room looks positively charming.

  17. Your porch is so cozy and inviting! The slip covers make a big difference!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on Susan's blog :)
    5 days until the wedding!

  18. What a wonderful way to transform comfy chairs! I love the pattern you chose and they fit so well in the room. You've pulled everything together so nicely with your vintage furniture, Linda!

  19. I love the new slipcovers. Your room looks fabulous!

  20. What a great way to update and transform your chairs! I love the slipcovers and they fit right into your comfortable room. I also noticed in one of your photos a vintage white table with a shelf...I think I need that!! :-)
    Mary Alice

  21. Your sun porch is so cozy, I don't know how you can walk out of there!! Love those covers you found for the chairs...and such a bargain too. Thanks Linda for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.


  22. I really like those stripped slip covers .
    It all looks great together very comfy

  23. Hi Linda! It's been a while since I said hello sooo, Hello there!I love your sunporch! I would love reading a book, drinking my tea and taking a catnap on that porch. It's charming, comforting and sweet. Thank you for always sharing such fun stuff! (P.S. I finally posted a few pics of my daughter at her wedding that was in May in case you want to take a peek). Blessings to you! Kimberly

  24. Your choice of color and style freshened the chairs and added a light look to the sunporch.

  25. I love the look! Everything is comfy, cozy and inviting! What an awesome room.

  26. WOW! They sure can. Beautiful slip covers Linda.

  27. Hi there this is the first time I have been to your blog. You have such a beautiful accomplished blog.
    Slipcovers are amazing!
    Jo from Anne's Attic - design

  28. Yes...big difference! You KNOW I love the neutral environment, and I'm digging the French mirror on the rustic table, too.:) It would work in my living room...Love your sun porch, Linda.

  29. I love the relaxed look of this room, Linda! I find all the fabrics so cozy. You did a grreat job on the chairs. The colors all work for me too, of course!

  30. Thanks for sharing your lovely sun room with Revisionary Life, Linda! The slipcovers really make things cohesive and lovely.


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