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The Bachman's Fall 2014 Ideas House Tour...

It's tour time again...last week I paid a visit to the 2014 Bachman's Fall Ideas House!  Always a fun day, the fall house is particularly beautiful because of all of the fall colors and plantings.  If this is your first visit...a little background... Bachman's is a garden, landscape, home decor, and floral business in Minnesota.  The Ideas House is a showcase for their new products, repurposed design ideas, and some vintage.  It's held in a 1920's family home on their flagship property.  All items in the house are for sale, and 20% of the ticket sales of this house will go to Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. 

Today's post will cover the main level of the let's get started!  This house's theme is "Next Generation Fall"...rustic and sophisticated.

First up...the porch.  I'll let the photos do the talking...

This beautiful front door welcomes you in...

to the living room...

The adjoining sunroom serves as an office...

The dining room is next...

The kitchen is always bright and fun...

And finally, this little vignette from the powder room...

Next post we'll visit the upstairs!  If you would like to see more Bachman's Ideas House posts, there is a link on the navigation bar at the top of this page. 
 I have posts from all of the houses from 2010 to the present.

Until next time...


  1. I love these posts, Linda. I go back and review the earlier years frequently, like going for a visit to Bachman's. Sometimes I see something that is just what I needed to see to use something I've had for years and years and never knew why I was saving it. Sometimes I just giggle.

  2. So many great ideas. I love the fireplace. And the vignette in the kitchen is fantastic!

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for the tour. Someday I am going to get there!

  4. My favorite posts! I love the fireplace wall in the living room. Is that paint or paper? I think it gives the room a little formal feel to it. OK, have to get my pinning finger ready for a workout!

  5. Thanks for the tour Linda. I love the kitchen window treatments and the vignette in the powder room. I didn't get there this spring and I won't be going this fall either.

  6. I ALWAYS look forward to this post, Linda. Wow- That is really a great house, isn't it? A combination of old and new ideas. Perfect. I can't wait to see the upstairs. How big is the house, do you know? xo Diana

  7. Love seeing the Bachman House through your eyes, Linda!
    They have such an eye for every season ... I like the industrial vibe going on in every corner.
    ...and the chippy black cupboard near the stove!

  8. I always enjoy your posts about the BH...chock full of charm and great ideas! Very real-life lovely.

  9. So many things to see ... I go back, and back, and back again! Always love these posts.

  10. This is so great Linda. Love those sunflower chargers and the kitchen is gorgeous. Great feature. I will look forward to seeing the upstairs.

  11. I'm officially on a blog break, but had to pop in to say how much I enjoy this annual feature, Linda! So many wonderful ideas......I always have to come back a few times to savor them! xo Karen

  12. I always enjoy your tours of the idea house, Linda, and this one is no exception. I love the traditional look they gave the living room this year! And the rope covered pendant light is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  13. Hi Linda, they always bust it out with original ideas. Thank you, olive

  14. Linda, I always love seeing this tour-so much great inspiration!

  15. I always enjoy seeing this house on tour (on your blog). I love the outdoor table setting they did!

  16. This is a beautiful home!! Thank you so much for your time to post the wonderful pictures.

  17. I love these tours! The kitchen was my favorite!

  18. Gosh! Those are such lovely inspirations! The dining room is just simply gorgeous. The centerpiece with the autumnal nest, which also doubles as a romantic light fixture, definitely looks great. I'm definitely taking those inspirations to heart when I start my decorating this week. Thanks for sharing those pictures! Wishing everyone all the best this season!

    Leonard George @ Remax

  19. So fun to relive our
    happy house tour day!
    Gorgeous pics (and
    glad I didn't photo bomb
    any of them.....)

    xo Suzanne

  20. Love all the fall colors I'm seeing here. That chippy black cabinet next to the oven is gorgeous and I'm really liking the burlap window treatment with the fall embellishment. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  21. Linda, I love all the fall colors and what great ideas!


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