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Fun Finds and a Winner...

Well, fall is definitely over here in Minnesota, with the onset today of our first snowstorm!  I must admit...I've been hanging some greens in the house now, 
because it feels like winter!  
Last week I had some fun finds and thought I'd share a few with you today!  
I love this English earthenware mixing's newer, and can even go in the dishwasher!  It will get lots of use, and it's pretty, too...

This next find fits right in with the hanging of the greens...a preserved boxwood wreath!  I was surprised to see this in the thrift store!  It's hanging on a big chalkboard in our entryway...

and finally a round wood bread board...always a nice find!

I want to thank you for all of the kind comments and good wishes sent my way for my Artful Blogging magazine post!  You are such a supportive group of friends 
and I truly appreciate it!

The winner of the magazine giveaway is~

Alice of Yesteryearsjewels

Thank you all for making sure you had an email available so I could reach you!  There were only a few entries without enabled emails...if you are wondering if you are enabled, or how to fix your "no-reply blogger" status, check out this great post from Bliss Ranch!

Until next time...I'll be trying to keep warm!  


  1. That wreath is an amazing find in so many ways! Congrats to the winner!


  2. Linda, I love your wreath . .. it's very nice. Hate that you are getting winter weather...cause that means we will be getting it next. Hopefully somewhere there is a bit of Indian Summer for us yet. Take care, xoxo, Susie

  3. Great finds. Makes you wonder what nutball donated that wreath to the thrift store in the first place :) Hope you stay warm up there. No snow expected down here yet.

  4. Congratulations to my Alice...such a great blogging friend! So happy for her!! Bet she'll say "Good Honk" on that one!!!

  5. Congrats to Alice! Love the bowl and I especially love the preserved boxwood wreath, Linda! What a great thrift store find. I was just thinking (and mention in my post for tomorrow) how two of those boxwood wreaths would look good on my new shutters in our dining area. I'm going to the thrift store tomorrow. Think I'll get that lucky? : )

  6. Love the wreath, Linda. What an amazing find! It is a beauty. The bowl is great too. Enjoy the snow!

  7. Those are all amazing finds, Linda. Especially that boxwood wreath! Wow. Love the bowl, too-perfect for everyday use and pretty to look at. Snow...SO not ready but we had a bit this morning, too,. UGH- xo Diana

  8. Enjoying everything you post. thank-you:)

  9. I saw that the midwest was slated to get snow - stay warm! and love that creamy dreamy bowl...

  10. Congratulations to the lucky winner! Oh, that wreath was a terrific find at the thrift store.

  11. What was that wreath doing in a thrift store? Lucky you to have been in there at the right time. Congratulations to Alice.

  12. very nice!! love the boxwood, mist it and it will last...i've had one for almost a year!

    surgery on hand...bad typing!!!

    jane xx

  13. Hi Linda,
    Love the bowl so pretty and the box wood wreath is gorgeous. Congrats to Alice and congrats to you too Linda for being featured. So happy for you.

  14. Love that bowl and congrats to Alice. Brrrrr! Stay warm! Ann

  15. Some great finds - love the wreath! Congrats to the winner and again to you! Thanks for the link - I have redone my blog twice to become a no-reply blogger and Google has reverted me back both times. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm. Keep cozy! xo Karen

  16. Congratulations to Alice :)

    What beautiful finds.... I can't imagine why someone would donate the wreath! But how lucky for you they did - it looks so beautiful.

    First snowstorms.... yikes! We have been having beautiful sunshine but now it just seems to keep raining!!! Luckily I got lots and lots of bulbs planted yesterday in the dry!

    Karen x

  17. Congratulations to the lucky winner, -
    I love your English white bowl, Linda, and the wreath is beautiful. I can`t imagine you already had a snow falling,- winter is surely there ,then!!

  18. Great finds! I am always looking for breadboards to add to my collection. I am planning to add them to a focal wall when I buy my home......

  19. The boxwood wreath is gorgeous! You'll be able to enjoy that year round! and congrats to your lucky winner....thanks for the fun giveaway! Sweet hugs, Diane

  20. Congrats to Alice!!!
    Linda what a huge score with the boxwood wreath!!!! You must have been so astonished to see it in a thrift store. Congrats on a big score!! Luanne


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