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More From the 2014 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House...

Ready for more from the Bachmans 2014 Holiday Ideas House?  Thank you for all of your nice comments on part one!  Today we'll start with the living room...

The adjacent sunroom features a fun pallet wood tree 
and an old window used to display Christmas cards...

Let's head upstairs...

One of the bedrooms is used as a fun game room...

Lots of great ideas!  Next time, we'll finish up with the three remaining bedrooms!  Remember, there's a link at the top of this page leading to posts from 
all of the previous Bachmans Ideas Houses.

Until next time...


  1. Oh wow! I love that coffee table and the doors on either side of the sofa. Those little stockings are absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing another part of this home.

  2. One of my pleasures is to review your Bachman's posts.

    While I looked at this one, I had a sudden thought: I could clean house, remove all decors, load the bed of my little truck with vintage items and long-forgotten treasures and then have someone with more ability than I to come and decorate. Maybe next year.

  3. Wow, inspiration overload, Linda! So many great ideas. I see several I would be wanting to copy as soon as I got home from this visit!

  4. Love those little stockings with knife, spoon and fork in!! They would look lovely on my table :)! Pam xx

  5. So many ideas my head is spinning! Love it all!

  6. LOOK at all the IDEAS here! WOW!! Is that one tree made out of pieces of wood? What a fun idea. That would look great on a porch, too. Thanks- I so look forward to this. xo Diana

  7. So many fun ideas!! Love the stockings with silverware :)

  8. The lights hanging on the doors are so neat. I've seen that before but it always makes me happy to see them together.

  9. oh my! overflowing with ideas - you must have creative overload after being there! Always appreciate your willingness to share all the details from the Bachman's house...especially since I am much to far to ever experience it in person - thanks!

  10. Amazing! that sun porch... looks wonderful, and those WOODEN trees!
    The game room is my favorite! I love all the ideas in that room! The WOODEN game boards and game pieces.
    The wood elements on the round mirror and all the square frames on the collage wall... those elements really speak to me right now. Especially, the wood! Gorgeous.
    Linda, I can't help but wonder-- how LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU to photograph this house?
    I know the floor plan doesn't change-- so that isn't different. But each time you walk in there, do you have to get an idea of the theme? How you want to photograph it? Is there a best time of day? Do you have to get a feel for the room first?
    YOU NEED TO WRITE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE THERE... and make a book or something!
    I know you can't because they let you come and photograph... you have certain obligations to them I'm sure. But... really, the whole idea fascinates me.
    you do a wonderful job.

  11. Wowza Linda. The living room is gorgeous. Love those came chairs at the game table. How fun are those. Thanks for sharing more of this beautiful home.

  12. Thank you Linda,
    The trees are fantastic, I think and love The Family home love -sign too. So many fun ideas-
    Hugs from me.

  13. Wow Linda! You've certainly done a lot of decorating, lots of fun ideas to incorporate for the holidays, love how you've decorated in the tartan and red, very festive! hugs Sharon x

  14. Hi again Linda. Wow, there are some really great ideas to be gleaned there. The pallet tree is wonderfully fun and the game room has some terrific ideas in it too. I love the FAMILY LOVE HOME scrabble looking tiles. I would love to do that in our rec room. Thanks again!!!And Merry Christmas!

  15. I love the peace sign on the mantel. And how fun is that game room! Such clever ideas!

  16. So many cool ideas in both posts! I always look forward to your Bachman House posts!

  17. Always love these tours, Linda - so many wonderful ideas! I love the bar! I need to go back and look at that again - such cute ideas! xo Karen

  18. Love this tour! Do you know what those wispy greens are that they have hanging down in a lot of their windows?


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