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Some Answers...and Finishing Up the 2014 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House Tour...

Ready to finish up the 2014 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House tour?  

I've had some wonderful comments and emails on the last two posts...and some fun questions, too!  Thought I'd start out answering a few of them!

1.  Thank you for the compliments...but NO, I do not live there and I did not decorate it.  They have a wonderful team of designers to do that.  But I'm flattered you think I could LOL.
 The house is used as a showcase and idea house three times a year by Bachmans , a long standing Minnesota home and garden business.  No one lives in the house, which is on their flagship property.

2. They sell tickets for every half hour, but don't rush you out.  We normally spend about that much time there.  The house is always full of other people.  Bachman's encourages photos, so many people take photos of their favorite ideas.  They are also quite polite about trying to stay out of each other's camera range, but I take photos as I walk through the house, so I am always taking photos around other people!  I usually go late morning, because I love to lunch at Patrick's, a wonderful bakery/restaurant in their greenhouse.

3.  It takes me very little time to take the photos...most of the work is done afterwards.  Resizing, working in Photoshop Elements to get them looking as good as possible...brightening, color correcting, removing pricetags when I can, and even an occasional arm or leg which ended up in the shot.  I take these photos quickly, mostly indoors without a flash or equipment, so sometimes I need some software help!

4.  I usually read their website before I visit, and have an idea of the theme...they also give out pamphlets with a description of each room, including paint colors.

5.  Everything in the house is for sale, and can be removed after the sale.   Many of the products are on their website as well, and they have also a "contact us" button there, if you need info about something you see.  I've been told they are quite helpful, if there's something you want.  And NO, I have not been paid by them.

If you have any other questions, put them in a comment, and I'll answer right in the comment section so all can read the response!

So, are you ready to finish the tour?  Let's start with the girl's room!  Whimsical and colorful, it's a charming space... 

This whimsical tree is sewn from pieces of sweaters and yarn...

A fun little Charlie Brown Christmas scene was placed in an old suitcase...

Next we'll head into the guest room... a woodland lodge space...

The upstairs bathroom had some fun storage ideas...

And last, we'll visit the master bedroom...

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I enjoyed sharing it with you!  
The Spring Ideas House will be held March 19th- April 12th, 2015.  Remember, if you'd like to see more...there's a button at the top of this page with links to posts from all of the previous Ideas Houses since 2010.

Thank you for joining me!

Until next time...


  1. It is so fun to see the ideas they have! Gorgeous and yes I wish I lived there too! LOL!! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  2. hallo, linda, danke für die wunderschönen bilder und inspirationen!!! einen schöne woche wünscht angie aus deutschland

  3. LOVE the deer, antler, nature themed pieces! I know how hard it is to photograph a store around people. you do an awesome job!

  4. I sure enjoy all of your Bachman's posts. I'd love to go sometime in person.

  5. Thanks for sharing Linda. I haven't been there for several seasons now. I'm going to have to go back and see all the rest for this season.

  6. So nice to see the bedrooms all decorated and the outside is just wonderful! Loving the little girl's room with the decorated suitcase <3 and the sweet little wicker chair. The master bedroom's color theme is beautiful - I think my Mr. would appreciate this room! Sometimes we forget the men when we decorate :) Thank you for the beautiful tour, Linda! xo Karen

  7. This was so much fun Linda thanks for the tour. Love that woodland guest room. So serene and beautiful. The little girls room was pretty sweet too. What a beautiful home on their property.

  8. Linda, I always so look forward to these posts of yours about the Bachman house. It is amazing the attention paid to every detail there. I love that little decorated suitcase. What a cute, cute idea that is!

    I really like the woodland theme they have going on this year. It is different and fun Thanks for the work to present it here. xo Diana

  9. Oh, my goodness! That was so much fun!!!

  10. Always so much fun to see all these amazing ideas. Love the hanging tree outside made from branches and that toilet paper holder is just too funny.

  11. Linda, I love this tour! That guest room is just my style-love it! :)

  12. Love these photos! My favorite ideas are the simple tree outside the house made of twine and branches and then the double window with the greenery and big stars inside it. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I didn't realize that everything is for sale, but I guess it makes sense! I loved the little girl's bedroom and our granddaughter would be enchanted by the Charlie Brown village in the suitcase. (She brings her stuffed Snoopy everywhere with her.) The pine arrangements and garlands are stunning! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your photos with us, Linda!

  14. I lost count, I think I pinned four.

  15. I'm right with you, Bliss - I have a number of Christmas Boards, and I think I pinned something to almost every one of them (not to mention the repin that sent me here to begin with!)

    Must echo comment earlier - WONDERFUL job with the photography. Thanks so much for sharing.
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