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The Bachmans 2014 Holiday Ideas House...

There are a lot of wonderful house tours right now...last week I took photos at the 2014 Bachmans Holiday Ideas House!  If you have been a follower here for awhile you are familiar with the house...but for those of you who are new...Bachmans is a longtime home and garden business in Minnesota.  The ideas house is held in what was an early 1920's era family home on their flagship property in Minneapolis.  Three times a year the designers transform the house with seasonal accents, new product, 
repurposed items, and some vintage. 20% of the $5 ticket price goes to a charity...
this time to Open Arms of Minnesota.

The theme for this house is "Home For The Holidays"...a combination of Scandinavian heritage, romantic, woodland, and plaid and red accents!  
Hope you enjoy the tour...I know I did!

First up the porch...

Let's go inside!  
It was a dark, damp day...I've done my best to keep the photos light for you...

The dining room is always one of my favorite spaces...

Here's the kitchen...

Still with me?  
Lots more to time I'll share the living room, sunroom and up the stairs!  
Want to see more?  There is a link under my header photo at the top of this page that will take you to posts from all of the previous Bachmans Ideas Houses!

Until next time...


  1. Linda- I always, always look forward to the tour you give of the Bachman house. I scan through it quickly to SEE IT ALL and then go back and peruse it at a slower pace. There is SO much goodness her and so many great ideas! I just love this. Thanks for sharing it here.

    Aren't those cups with the buckles on them cute?!! xo Diana

  2. I always just drool over the imaginations of these people. Do they actually live there?

  3. wunderschöne inspirationen, danke und liebe grüße von angie

  4. Still with you??? I'm sucking up every bit of this post. Lots of great inspiration (as ALWAYS)! Thanks for taking one for the team and dragging yourself to the house again :)

  5. Ahh.....what a lovely day
    we enjoyed touring the
    house together! I thought
    this was was really sweet ~
    and so are you!

    xo Suzanne

  6. Amazing...
    every tour tops the next.
    I love the cupboard door and ladder in the kitchen with vintage utensils! Perfect.

  7. This home is so my style! I could have 'pinned' every photo and almost did! Gorgeous! More please :)


  8. So beautiful!! They really outdid themselves. Great photos as wel!

  9. I always enjoy seeing this house dressed for the various seasons. I love the plaids and the red Christmas dishes toward the end. I'm so glad I came by today. I'm not around much anymore, unfortunately. I want to come by for the next post on this though, I will try!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Hi Linda/Karen lol! Love this tour of the Bachman House. Gorgeous rooms. Your photos are gorgeous. I am going to go back through and really look at all the eye candy again. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing these yearly tours, Linda! I especially love the Christmas countdown sign hanging on the chalkboard!

  12. Hi Linda

    Thank you for sharing :)

    What a wonderful visit..... I just love it all, especially the signs.... 'We're merry and jolly....' was my favourite.

    Karen x

  13. Oh, how fun! That red metal baker's cart is fabulous!! And I'm so sorry I didn't buy a few of those hanging stars when I was at IKEA last week. They look so pretty hanging in their sun porch! Thanks for sharing with us, Linda.

  14. It's always fun to see their house all decorated for the holidays. Every detail has been thought out. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing more.

  15. I wish we had something like this around here, so much inspiration! Love it all, especially the cute signs.

  16. You take great photos there!

  17. Linda I 'm sorry but I had to wipe the drool from my keyboard that slipped out while looking through your home. OMG this is spectacular I love the way you have decorated your home, .the chandelier in the dining room is a work of art just enough pops of red but such a homey welcoming place.Susie

  18. Of course I love it, and I pinned three of the pictures for inspiration.

  19. So many fun and lovely ideas, again this year, Linda. Their kitchen is wonderful, and fell in love with the window there with the Noel-banner.

  20. How cheerful and Christmasy ! Love the decorations!

  21. Great ideas, Linda - I love the sun porch! The red and gray color theme is really wonderful. I also love the kitchen and the shelf displays. Lots of great inspirations here - thanks for sharing! xo Karen


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