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Entryway Redecorating Ideas ...

For awhile now, I've been sharing bits and pieces of our entryway redecorating I'll show you the whole space!  No major changes...but there was a lot of painting and brightening up...

This is a naturally dark space in our home. There are doors at each end, but one goes out into our sunporch, so the light is indirect.  Three years ago, we did the first redecorating of this space- there was a huge change then, as we took down floral wallpaper!  Check out the was quite a before and after lol!  
This time, we just took it up a notch by lightening up the wainscoting.  We used Behr's Satin Enamel in Swiss Coffee...the upper walls are Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray.
We have a split level house with stairs going up and down when you enter, so the entryway needs to be organized so there aren't shoes and coats everywhere!  
Here's some photos of what's going on now...
When you enter the house, there is the
bench re-do project I shared recently...

On the other side of the front door, my husband and I put together some fun artwork.  We have been doing lots of ancestry research lately, and my husband discovered a 1905 plat map of his great-grandparents farm in the township.  It was particularly meaningful as he lived on the farm and even went to a one-room schoolhouse shown on the map.  He ordered a copy from Historic Map Works (not a sponsor, just a wonderful source) and we framed it out, for a really personalized piece of art!

Another project we tackled here was repainting the newel post, and all of the spindles and base in the same white.  We left the railing stained as it gets a lot of use.  But the white paint gave it a very clean, unified look.  The rugs in both areas of the entryway are matching...they are from IKEA.

I recently shared this chalkboard project 
but not the rest of the vignette...

We decided to re-do this old dresser we had in the space.  It had been refinished in the 70s and neither of us liked it. 

Some Americana Decor Chalky Finish paint in the Yesteryear color did the trick...
(I'm a blogger for DecoArt, but purchased this paint myself)

See the fun old brushes?  I got that idea from the talented Mary Alice on this post at Chateau Chic.  When I saw what she had done, I knew I needed to display some of my old paint brushes...

The coat rack/bench area was just brightened up with paint and redecorated with some of my vintage globes.  You can visit this post to see how easy it was to create this bench project!

The big galvanized tubs hide shoes...they are inexpensive at Walmart.  I'm going to be adding some old numbers to them...

Opposite of this bench, is my faux fireplace.  It was a display my husband built for one of my antique booths.  Now it adds architectural interest and a fun mantel to decorate...

Next to the mantel area, I painted a big sign on
  a thrifted canvas...

And finally, on the stairway going downstairs, I hung part of an old school map.  I used the roller to hang it with jute, 
and mounted the bottom to an old yardstick.  
It gives a real pop of color to a large empty wall...

That's can see I loved using my maps and retro goodies in the space!  Hope you found something to inspire you!

I am joining~
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Until next time...


  1. Hi Linda!
    Your foyer is full of great treasures! Your talent comes thru! I finally have a chalkboard up.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes...
    Happy Monday...looks liike the weather is going to be nice :)

  2. Hi LInda, Your entry is very nice. Love the brightening up colors. I like your globe collection. I think your husband's map is a wonder treasure. The dresser is way better now. I love seeing how people make their house a home, by putting the love in the decorating too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Linda, that all looks really sharp. I love the vignettes on the mantel (that croquet ball in the tiny fountain - <3!) The framed plat map, and is that a weathervane horse on the easel - love it too! I bet painting the stair posts was a pain, but it sure looks good - all of it.

  4. Linda, that's a fantastic space! Truly it looks like something out of a magazine. I love the wainscoting and the area for coats and shoes. Love all those globes too.

  5. I love your collections! The beadboad area with globes is my favorite!

  6. I love it! The colors are so perfect and really brighten it up. You have some amazing collections too!


  7. It is really looking wonderful! Love the bins for shoes! The faux mantel is charming!

  8. Looks great! I love the saying on the chalkboard.

  9. many great treasures in this space! You've done a wonderful job styling, it's perfect!!

  10. Oh my Linda where to start. I love the whole space. The dresser came out so pretty. Love that re love you did. Love the framed map that is pretty awesome. Everything looks so great. Love all your touches to the entry. Great job.

  11. THAT is an awesome entryway! There is so much that I love about it all, it is hard to pick my favorite part.... the map is probably my favorite, though - I LOVE personalized décor. What a sweet, welcoming space! You really did an awesome job with it!

  12. Love love love your entry! I really like the rug and you did an amazing job on your sweet chest. :) Jo

  13. Love the maps and your collection of globes. When I think of your home, I always think of that gorgeous screened-in porch.

  14. WOW! This re-do is amazing and came together beautifully...well done!
    Are you for hire?

  15. Nicely done - the maps are my favorite.

  16. Your entry way is beautiful, Linda! I love the white beadboard, and the coat rack, too! The maps are perfect, and your dresser looks entirely different now, love it!

  17. I love everything that you've done. I had to go back and look twice to make sure I didn't miss anything. xo Laura

  18. I love every detail! Both map ideas are so interesting, especially the one from Historic Map Works. I think you need to have your own "Ideas House"

  19. I love everything you've done here, Linda! The colors are great. I love your accessories, especially those hands and your globes. Great job!

  20. The entry looks so pretty and inviting! I do like all your choices, Linda.

  21. What a beautiful transformation, Linda! I love the white wainscoting with the gray - so pretty! All of your details are perfect. You have such interesting things :) xo Karen

  22. What a welcome! You have such a wonderful way of putting things together that seems so natural, relaxing and interesting all at the same time!

    I love literally everything!!!! The globes, the hands, (especially the hands!) the rug the colours.... I really do mean everything!

    Karen x

  23. Your space is really beautiful. I love grey of the dresser it really makes a statement. One couldn't want a better welcome walking into a home. Also love those gloves up above, and I just picked up one this morning thrifting!

  24. So many wonderful things Linda <3
    Hug Vibeke

  25. Everything looks really nice Linda, you did an amazing job!
    You got me thinking with that plat map. I know my husband has a plat book for our place from long ago when his grandparents homesteaded...I have to find that! Super neat idea!!!

  26. This is my first time visiting your blog, and I am so inspired! What a beautiful entry you've created. I really love soft grey, so this is right up my alley. :-)


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