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A Fun Find For The Garden...

Garage sales are in full swing around here now and I went to some fun ones last week.  I always love to find things I can 
use in my garden, so I was happy to find 
this great vintage power saw tool box...

I love its rustic, worn patina and the 
wonderful yellow graphics and fonts...

I knew it would be perfect to hold some colorful flowers...

I love a little vintage in the garden...whimsical!

What's your favorite way to use vintage items outdoors?

Until next time...


  1. I love to find toolboxes with graphics! This one is great for your flowers.

  2. What a fun find! I wouldn't have thought to use it for flowers! It looks wonderful! Did you just put pots in, or plant it??

  3. Love the flowers in this wonderful find! Looks great on your porch.


  4. What a wonderful way to use the vintage toolbox…love the flowers!!

  5. What a wonderful repurpose, Linda! I love it!

  6. Very cool! I love what you did with the flowers. :)

  7. The box is a perfect flower pot. Love it! Jo

  8. This is a perfect find and you chose beautiful colors to enhance the lettering.

  9. You picked the perfect color of flowers to go with that toolbox thingie. Great repurpose idea.

  10. Love the flowers and the colour is just perfect for your toolbox. I love the font and the use of the word 'another' - made me smile!

    I think old things bring such a charm to a garden... we have an old chimney pot, the handle of a grass roller and a few galvernised buckets, troughs and coal scuttles! I love old!!!!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. We have a bank holiday this weekend... hoping to visit some local private gardens that are opening for charity... fingers crossed for sunshine :)

    Karen x

  11. I love this power tools box with flowers in it. I looks so wonderful on your porch.

  12. What a great find Linda and I love the flowers you planted in it. So pretty.

  13. OMGosh! That is the perfect planter and you found the perfect combination of plants to make it POP to life. What a great old piece and the graphics are wonderful. Love it, Linda! xo Diana

  14. What a great little toolbox that's perfect for flowers! It looks adorable on your porch with your pretty l little flowers inside.

  15. Very fun and very LINDA : )

    I have a rusty victorian style
    bench in front of my cutting
    garden and I love the contrast
    between the jumbly cottagey-ness
    of the flowers and peeling white
    picket fence with the more prim
    bench! Not retro vintage, but it
    still makes me smile.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day
    weekend! Bet you'll head to the

    xo Suzanne

  16. Your old power tool box is perfect for holding flowers, I love it.

  17. That's a great find and I love that you filled it with flowers! So pretty!

  18. Super sweet find! I have been to some terrific thrift sales this year too! Love those "yea" moments when you find terrific goodies!

  19. What a simply charming display you made! And the rustic look of the carrying case makes the perfect famework for such a display. Love the rustiness of it all next to the flowers!
    (yes--we are back!)

  20. Hi Linda,
    OMG...I Love this! What a beautiful job of repurposing you did. It's always fun to add the unexpected to a garden and you hit it out of the park. Thanks for sharing,
    Cheryl @ 22 Applegate Lane

  21. I love this bright spot of color, pretty and fun.

  22. As usual you made your garage sale find look like something anyone would enjoy on the porch.

  23. HI Linda,
    My 2nd comment on this post! Just wanted to let you know that I featured this project on my blog it!
    Cheryl at 22 Applegate Lane

  24. Linda you've inspired me again! I have an old metal electrician's tool box in our garage--in a happy shade of orange and I forgot all about it. I am definitely planting flowers in it. Our backyard is moving along slowly, we tilled the dirt but we have lots of deep holes to dig after the guys get done with their finals. I don't seem to be able to dig like I used to...which sort of surprises me. I guess I'm in denial about my age hahaha

  25. LOVE THIS! Linda, this is so awesome planted. I have an old red one i forgot about until I saw this...I better go dig it out and see if I can make mine as darling!

  26. I love it....fits right in with my type of gardening! Funny how a few years ago we would never have thought of this type of gardening! Great job.

  27. Linda, great find! I love using my thrifted finds as creative containers--in fact I have a similar post scheduled this week! They say great minds think alike ;) I have a feeling we would be trying to buy the same items if we went thrifting together!


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