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A Very Simple Project...Let's Eat!

Lately we have been working on on our sunporch area.  It's been a work-in-progress for many years, slowly evolving as we have time to work on it.  We have been concentrating on the dining area portion of the space, and I am happy to say it is nearly finished!  It just needs a few moldings and a lighting change and it will be ready to share.  I've been working on little projects to decorate the space and wanted to share a very simple one with you today.

I'm sure you're familiar with boxboard letters 
at craft stores...they are so great for all kinds of signs and graphics projects and there are many wonderful ones on 
Pinterest and blogs for inspiration.

For my project, I used 6" letters, as this is going above a doorway, but you can use any size depending on where you want to hang it.
Then I used an old board, nothing special, just long enough to extend out past behind the letters...
and shorter than the letter height.

Now, I wasn't kidding when I said this was very simple...
it took 15 minutes to make.

I painted the letters black with craft paint, and glued (I used permanent glue dots) them on the board, so that the board was centered behind the letters.  That gave it the 3-D look of a piece pulled off of another sign...

It is mounted over our French doors and makes a real statement piece against the lighter background.

After all of the painting and building, 
a SIMPLE project is just what I needed!

Until next time... 


  1. Great job Linda. Love the simplicity to this and what a great look. Hopping over to the shop to see what is new. Have a great day.

  2. Wow, how easy and what a statement it makes! I need something like this after a project I thought was going to be easy and was a nightmare!

  3. The power of suggestion has struck.... going to EAT breakfast now.

  4. EAT ! Love it...when you are not looking I am going to come and change those letters around to spell TEA....or ATE....just keep watching because you never know when that might happen! Have a great day! xo Daina

  5. This project turned out great! Love how it looks! Great job!

  6. Wow, that was simple... and look at the finished product. Great tips. I will be looking out for the box board letters....

    Thanks so much for stopping by "Let's Talk Vintage!"

  7. Very cool. Looks like metal letters. has a very trendy cafe look.

  8. The simple things always seem to be the best. xo Laura

  9. Hi Linda - I always wondered what people did with those letters at the craft store! I love this - it really looks great! I can't wait to see your finished porch. xo Karen

  10. I need some of those letters! What a fun project and so simple too.

  11. the EAT sign!
    I hope we have a rain free weekend!

  12. I can do paint and glue dots. I'm in!

  13. That sign really makes a bold statement. Super cool.

  14. Linda you are so creativ :) Big hug from Vibeke

  15. Linda, I think our home are always a work in progress. I know mine is. I loved your cute and clever sign. Hope you have a beautiful weekend, xoxo,Susie

  16. I am all about simple & love your sign! I have red E-A-T over my kitchen window ;) Happy weekend!

  17. I love it! Simple yet SO effective. Pam xx

  18. I like simple! Very much :)

    Karen x

  19. Oh my. Somewhere in the mountain of boxes I have a tin just like the one in the upper left of your mosaic. If I ever unearth it I will be sure to send you a picture. It was a tin that held my aunt's many buttons. Ann


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