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A Little Grandma Chic...

Years ago, I used to do a lot of crewel embroidery.  There were so many kits out there...and I did quite a few for our home.  They seemed to go out of style- very 70's-80's era- and embroidery has come back in new ways now. But I often find these framed pieces at the thrift stores and garage sales...even pictures I remembering doing in the past!  Once in awhile I find one that is so charming or pretty, that I bring it home with me.  One way I update these pieces is to simply paint the frame with a bright, modern color.  I just pick a color from the piece, and go with it.  It changes the whole look.

I thought I'd share a couple of these quick re-dos with you today!  Recently I found this charming Robin embroidery...

The first thing I did was remove the metallic plastic edge piece...

and after protecting the fabric with painter's tape, I gave the wood frame a couple of coats of DecoArt Americana's acrylic paint in the Canyon Orange color.

I love the pop of color now!

Here's another piece I found...a big colorful sampler...

I chose Royal Fuschia for this one...

I think it would be fun to group several of these on a wall for a great little Grandma Chic collection...

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  1. Both those quick and easy changes to the frames really made a huge difference and updated their look! I love the idea of a Grandma Chic wall, Linda. And those two home made stitching projects are very pretty and in great shape. Anyone who has done that kind of work knows the time and patience that goes into them. Ann

  2. Linda- the frames look great. I don't know how many of those kits I did over the years in the 70s. A LOT of them. I had a companion piece to the bird one you have there. There were two of them in the "set".
    Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

  3. Love the frames on the embroidery pieces! I never did crewel but just embroider (pillow cases, runner) I actually still have them and love them! Great finds!

  4. OMG Linda, you know now I'll have to be looking for those at Goodwill. LOL.. I like coping your style for this farm house. . I have always loved those pieces but have never done one myself. I love the way you changed them up. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  5. What a great way to update pretty needlework! I especially love that robin one. I rarely see any needlework at the thrift stores I go to.

  6. That is a good idea Linda to modernize the frames. I think I am too Grandma not chic for bright contemporary colors!

  7. Hi Linda,
    Love the needle work with the painted frames. Really pretty. I use to do cross stitch years ago oh the memories lol! Have a great evening.

  8. What a difference it made in painting those frames! They are both great now and before I would have passed them by. Great job!

  9. Good way to update my own crewel embroidery hangings ! Frames painted in trendy colors for the handwork done with love.

  10. I think my mom may have done the same robin stitching! There used to be a company called The Creative Circle that sold all kinds of stitching projects and my mom sold their kits, so we had LOTS of embroidery, crewel, etc. types of home decor!

    That is a great idea to paint the frames to update the look!

  11. What a difference a fresh, colorful frame makes! Both pieces look so great now, Linda! Hope you will find the perfect place to display them. ♡Dawn @Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes

  12. I have a sampler almost exactly like that that I did in the 80's. I just can't bear (bare?) to part with it, because it took me FOREVER to finish. Cute idea to bring them up to date with a pop of color.

  13. Amazing what a little pop of color does to make the embroidered pieces take on an entirely new look, Linda! I have a few samplers of mine tucked away with oak frames that could use a bit of modernizing. Good idea!

  14. I soooooo remember my mom doing many samplers, maybe the crewel from time to time.

  15. Those are darling Linda! I remember my Grandmother making some of those. In fact, I still have a few tucked away. I have to go find those:)

  16. I remember these! If only I still had the ones I made back in the 70s. What an easy and creative way to bring them back to life. LOVE that sampler.

  17. I love that sampler Linda!!!! It looks awesome in the fushia frame. It just transforms it. I love the granny chic look too. Wish I had a whole other house to decorate in it.
    sending hugs...

  18. Hi Linda - I love this idea! The bright colors really do update these nicely. I'm going to try this! xo Karen

  19. What a great idea, Linda. I have made some samplers---one was similar to this. I think it's in the basement...I'm bad.

    Thanks for coming by--your comment was so nice!

    Jane x

  20. How lovely that all the work that went into those projects is now being enjoyed again. Love the contrasting frames.

    Karen x

  21. I don't run into these samplers ever but I think they add so much personality. And I need to remember how easy it is to update my old, ugly frames. To be honest I've never thought of modernizing them with color. I would love to see a collection of these on a wall :)
    Hope you're having a peaceful weekend Linda


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