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Simple Little Changes...

Well, I survived my garage hot and humid, but we cleaned out a lot of stuff!  It has cooled down a good 20 degrees now 
and I am loving it!

Thanks to all of you who left your kind comments on my Collections post...I always love reading what you have to say!

A while back I shared our entryway redecorating project.  You might recall our coat rack/bench/shoe storage.  I found the bins at Walmart, but wanted to add a little something... 

Here is what I started with...

I picked up some vintage metal numbers when I was antiquing at Haupt Antiek Market, for a couple of dollars each...they have a curled rim that simply hangs right on the handle edge.

It's a VERY simple change that adds a little something special!  I think they still sell similar numbers in the hardware stores, but even flat numbers could be easily attached with glue or magnets.

Another little change I made was the addition of this fun street sign that I picked up that day, as well.  

I LOVE the color...especially with the globes...

Hope you are enjoying the waning days of summer where you live...I feel autumn approaching quickly!

I am joining~

Until next time...


  1. It looks great! You always know the little touches to add a big impact. Love your globe collection!

  2. I like the way your globes reflect in your mirror. Unusual to find a blue sign, Linda!

  3. It is the little things that make us smile!!!! Love this.

  4. Linda,
    Wowee, I just got caught up on the collections post - I loved that so much! Your collections are all I either have or would love having. Cool find on these basket labels too, Linda.

  5. I was just looking at those bins at Walmart yesterday. I wanted them but couldn't figure out exactly what I was going to do with them (when did that ever stop me?). The labels take them up a notch!

  6. I was with you when you bought those and I see you found the perfect place for them. Sorry I missed your garage sale. Had my duty day and Thursday was with grandgirl :)

  7. Glad your sale went well.....

    Love your little extra touches. I wouldn't have been able to resist the sign - and yes, perfect with your globes I agree :)

    It all looks wonderful

    Karen x

  8. Your home is so beautiful! I love your entry way!!!

  9. Amazing how much of a difference those little touches make. Love it all. . :)

  10. Everything looks so nice! Love the street sign with the globes. I always love a touch of blue! xo Karen

  11. I love these bins and the numbers really add to their charm. Thanks for sharing at VIParty, Linda.

  12. I love the look of your entry, Linda, and those bin numbers and street sign are the perfect finishing touches to the room!

    Kudos to you for surviving a garage sale in that heat and humidity!!!

  13. Linda, the addition of the numbers is perfect! I do love that street sign, and yes; looks great with the globes!

  14. It really is amazing what a little tweak can do! Beautiful job!

  15. amazing how such a little change makes a big difference!

  16. Adding the numbers and the sign really pepped it up. It looked great before but now it has a wow factor! Great job.


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