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The Thrill Is Gone...Changes Underfoot...

This post was written in collaboration with GoHaus.

Yes...I know...SHAG.  
I hated it in the 70's...
and bought it again when it was popular several years ago.  
What WAS I thinking?

We've tried covering it with area rugs...but it's still there.

After a recent still looks bad.

Then there's these two.



These two old pug girls both have allergies.  And with all the shedding and dust the carpet is making...we have made the decision that the carpet has to GO.

There are so many ways to go in Home Flooring...
I've enjoyed seeing the quality, eco-friendly designs over at 

There's Wood Flooring.  Engineered wood flooring is strong, reasonably priced, and can be used even in areas not suitable for solid hardwood, like basements.  I love the look of this one from GoHaus...rustic wood planking with gray tones...

(Wye Oak)

There's tile, which gives the look and natural beauty of wood without the maintenance.  It's very durable...


But, I think our choice will probably be vinyl plank flooring.  Durable, long lasting, easy to install and maintain...the look of wood without the cost.  There are so many wonderful choices.  I am attracted to rustic looking floors~
this one has a textured rough-hewn feeling...  

(Pastoral Bronze)

Lots of different looks...


This one has rich brown tones...


All of the vinyl plank flooring from
 GoHaus is FloorScore certified...which means it 
meets all indoor air quality standards for resilent flooring.

And that ought to make two little pugs very happy...

I'm looking forward to making a change in our home soon!

You can Contact GoHaus to see more of their beautiful home flooring, and their free samples, too!

Thank you GoHaus for sponsoring this post!  All opinions are my own.

Until next time...


  1. Linda,

    Awesome! Love hearing about any flooring options!

    And these sound wonderful!

    Happy day friend!

  2. I thought about vinyl plank flooring too but opted for engineered hardwood.

  3. I keep threatening to tear out all the carpet downstairs...even if I have to go with concrete, lol. This is a great option.


  4. It was so good to see Sophie and Bailey's pictures.
    b+bailey is really showing her grey hairs, however very sweet
    what ever flooring you pick they will be sliding around on it till they get use to it
    I had Vinyl wood looking flooring put in my kitchen and it has worked wonderful for me

  5. I think you will love that flooring with the dogs. Easy to clean and will give warmth to your room.
    Sophie and Bailey are adorable.

  6. Hi Linda, I enjoyed seeing your options & look forward to seeing your new flooring!

  7. It's going to be so beautiful, I'm sure! Cute little pugs! Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!

  8. How exciting, Linda! The flooring looks awesome and perfect for pets.

  9. We have no carpet and wood floors throughout our house. I don't miss carpet at all, but I do have a lot of visible dust bunnies! You'll love your new floor, and so will your 2 cuties!

  10. Linda,

    We had the dreaded shag, too, up until just over a year ago. Our family room is the only room over a crawl space as opposed the rest of the house that is over a basement. Thus, the floors are cold. I hated the shag (or high pile as they chose to call it) and we recently went with a plush. We had to of course and wow, I hate to vacuum! It is what it is.

    I like the floor you've chosen. I take maintenance free over all and you have a win win if you ever sell. We chose the porcelain wood pattern in driftwood for the lake kitchen, laundry and entries. So much less to worry about day to day and a great price.

    Happy Weekend and thanks for your nice, nice comment on my last post! :)

    Jane x

  11. Bailey looks quite guilty, I wonder why.
    Great floors! Congrats.

  12. Those flooring pics look so pretty! I can't wait to see what you pick out. You will love having easy to maintain flooring as opposed to carpet! We replaced the carpet on our main level several years ago and it was the best decision we ever made. We will never go back to carpet. Now, if we could just replace the carpet on our upper level I'd be happy!

  13. Can't wait to see the finished results. It's a big job! I remember when we switched to laminate throughout the house--all furniture was moved and it took two days. Very worth it! Easy to maintain and so durable..Ann

  14. Your pugs are so cute.... hope you are happy with your new flooring :)

    Karen x


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