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A Simple Project...Autumn Leaves...

We had a beautiful fall weekend here...warm, breezy, and leaves beginning to turn colors and fall.  I was in a creating mood and decided to make some of my own autumn leaves...

I started out with coffee filters...

I used watered down food coloring.  You could use watercolors, too.  You wet down the filter, crumple it, and squeeze out the excess water.  Then paint on the color onto the wet filter...

Once you have applied a base coat, start adding areas of other watered down fall can drop them on and 
let them blend, or paint them on.  
The colors flow and mix together for a pretty look...

Let them doesn't take long.  
I laid them out on a double layer of paper toweling.

The colors transfer to the paper towel, too...
making more pretty paper for leaves or projects.

When dry, simply cut the paper into leaf can find patterns on Pinterest, or just cut out your own shapes.  
Sometimes the colors on the paper inspire you...

I love the crinkly dry look...

You can use them in many ways...I scattered some on the runner on the porch table. and I made some garlands, too.  I just did a simple treatment and hung the leaves with tiny clothespins.  The leaves are so lightweight, that large clothespins would flip over on the jute...

The sunlight shines through the translucent paper...

They were fun and easy to make!

Until next time...


  1. Linda, I love cute and easy too. Kids would love this. I need to do it here. Most of our trees leaves just turn brown and fall of the pretty sugar maples out here.Blessings for a great new week. xoxo,Susie

  2. Ohhh! How pretty! I love the different colors and the textures!

    Happy day!

  3. That is a Fun Fall project! Would be fun to make with "grands"..

  4. That's a really cute project, Linda :)

    Thank you for the Bachman's house tour. What a great house!


  5. What a great, easy project! Even I could do this and it makes a great banner!

  6. Such a sweet idea, Linda. Would be great to do with kids or grand kids. Love the sun shining through their soft colors--

  7. So cute Linda. This would be so much fun to do with my granddaughter.

  8. these are adorable! love them hanging on the line!

  9. I totally thought those were real leaves!!! Great job there!

  10. This makes such a neat Fall banner, Linda!
    And so easy too.

  11. Love how the light shines through them! Great idea!

  12. These are darling, Linda - especially with the light shining through them!

  13. A lovely idea, simple yet so effective. Love the light shining through. Pam in Norway xx

  14. What a fun project, Linda, the leaves are so pretty.

  15. Such a cute and fun project! Love the look of the textured leaves!

  16. What a sweet seasonal idea! Love it:)

    Karen x

  17. Hi Linda! I enjoyed catching up on the latest house tour. Seeing these pretty leaves, I think it would be a good project as ours are just scorching. I'm looking forward to cooler weather!

  18. I like it...and looks like so much fun to make!!! They actually look like fall leaves! Pinned

  19. What a fun project, Linda! They are so pretty, and look so fun to make! You have inspired me to start painting my coffee filters:)

  20. These are so cute! I might have to let the grands make some!

  21. What a fun project and so pretty too! Thanks, Linda for sharing your tutorial at VIParty.

  22. Linda, this is a wonderful idea & I love that you used coffee filters!

  23. I used to make tie dye coffee filters into butterflies with my daughters, but I never thought of leaves and I love them! Pinned to remind me.


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