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A Simple Sign Project for Fall...Apples

It's apple season here and we are harvesting the crop!

So many apples made me want to make a simple sign for fall!  I started with a scrap piece of cedar...using the rough side for a rustic look.  I used my favorite Americana Canyon Orange to brush over the piece, allowing the board to show through. 

I used the sticker technique that I demonstrated HERE to trace the letters and painted them black.  Then I added white accents to highlight the letters and a black line edge border.  A simple distressing with a sanding block highlights the rustic cedar texture...

Perfect for fall and Halloween decorating...

I love making signs!  You can see more~ just click on the photos...

I have a fun Pinterest Signs Board, too with lots of great sign making inspiration...I'd love to have you follow me there, and on all of My Pinterest (I do love playing over there)!

Until next time... I'll be getting ready for the 
Fall Bloggers Home Tour over at Cozy Little House!


  1. So glad to see I'm among good company is n my love of signs. :-)


  2. Perfect! I love signs too but have never made one. Shameful!!

  3. Linda
    I love all of your signs, but the apples and pumpkin sign are perfect for this season!

  4. And you make beautiful signs. I've got to learn to do this. Maybe after I conquer "the beast."

  5. Love it! Northfield has a nice orchard on Hwy 19 we plan to go to soon!

  6. Love your signs. You could have a "Class" :)

  7. Your signs are awesome... just the right wording for just the right season. Thanks so much for stopping by... I too love Pinterest and am trying not to get distracted and only reward myself AFTER I get all of my work done. It is tough though!
    Enjoy your weekend,

  8. Hi Linda,
    I love signs too. You make some pretty cute ones. Have a great week end.

  9. I love the signs! It is apple picking time here too, but we like to wait til it cools off a bit.
    Hope you are well.
    xo Kris

  10. Your signs are wonderful, Linda! Can't wait to visit you on the tour! Blessings, Cecilia

  11. I love all your fun seasonal signs, Linda! I hope you're ready for your fall home tour!
    Our apples are a variety that ripen early, so our freezer is full. Good luck with all the apple peeling!

  12. What fun signs.

    I am now following all of your Pinterest boards and you have inspired me to paint something today!

  13. Another beauty!!! I get so inspired by your artwork!!!

  14. What a cute sign! You've made a lot of them. It's great that you can make them yourself and don't have to buy them from someone else.

  15. You make some pretty signs and love Apple one as well as all the others...To be honest I am completely intimated by making signs ad completely stay away from them. I'd love to make them so I wouldn't have to buy either!

  16. I love your signs.... they are so sweet.

    Karen x


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