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More From The Bachman's Fall 2015 Ideas House...

Ready for part two of the tour?  If you missed part one you can visit it HERE.  In this portion of the tour we'll go upstairs.  For this ideas house, the 4 bedrooms are staged as a master bedroom, a guest room, a wine room, and a photo gallery.  
We'll start with the master bedroom...look at this 
headboard made from a vintage bedspring...

Here's the guest room...

The wine room had lots of interesting ideas for 
the wine connoisseur...

Stacked wood pallets make a great wine rack...

Collected corks on a Styrofoam ball...

The next room is the photo gallery...

Framed scrapbook paper gives a great look...

Last, a glimpse into the upstairs bathroom...

Next post, we'll finish up with the pretty outdoor spaces!

Until next time...


  1. Oh how I love your Bachman House posts!!!!!!!!
    Miss ya
    XO Kris

  2. I am drooling over that rope lampshade and the paint stick fronted cabinet doors. Gorgeous home tour.

  3. Wonderful! I pinned a few of the gallery walls. Love them!

  4. Oooooh! So many fun ideas, but my favorite is that fabulous headboard!

  5. Linda, I love all the decorated rooms. The recycling of materials. clever. Love the pillows too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. Always love this tour when you post about it. So gorgeous. I cannot wait to see more. Loooove those gallery walls.

  7. Those are really some cool ideas for the wine room. But I just love the collage photo wall!
    that corner, it perfect!

  8. I love the picture wall! As always so many great ideas.

  9. What a job coming up with so many new ideas every season! Love the photo gallery. What a statement it makes with all the frames together! (I think my new pup figure is right up your era. I was thrilled to find him!))

  10. Wow...this home has so much going on and I'm inspired. I am really loving the gallery wall, it's a bit different and I like that.

    Thanks, Linda! Going back to look at Part 1!

    Jane x

  11. Love these tours, Linda! Loving the rustic theme this year - especially the pallet wine rack and
    bed-spring headboard. So many clever ideas - I always need to view these posts several times:) x karen

  12. Linda, I always enjoy the Bachman House tours. They are so inspiring.

  13. Some great ideas there, although I'm not too sure about the bedspring as headboard (I like leaning against my headboard to read in bed). It would make a cute divider in a booth space, though. ;)

  14. Linda, this is such a fun tour--I'm not sure what I love best! Such creativity with the pallets and corks and the gallery wall is fabulous! Thanks for bringing us along!

  15. Interesting bed headboard. I think I like it and never thought of that, but now sort of have my wheels turning to think of how else to use it as a headboard.


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