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Feeling Joyful...a Simple Project...

This time of year, I love working on easy and 
budget-mindful projects for decorating our home...

Remember this big sign I made on an old board, for fall decorating?  Well, the back of the board was painted black and I decided to make it into a sign for Christmas!  I love using both sides of the board for signs I get much more use out of them, and I can just take the signs I have hanging up everyday, and flip them over when I need to.  Saves on storage, too! 

I went over to PicMonkey (affiliate link) where it is so easy to design your own graphic.  For my sign, I chose the RYE font...I like the fun, old fashioned look.  I printed out the graphic as a guide and got to work.  Starting with chalk, I drew a simple large grid, so I would have approximate center points, and top and bottom guidelines for the letters.  Then I sketched the letters...nothing perfect, and with chalk you can easily erase...

Once I had a look I liked, I drew right over it with a Sharpie white paint pen...

Now, you could leave the letters like this, just erase the chalk lines when dry...for a lettered chalkboard look. (These two just had to get in the photo...must have been near dinner time)

I decided to paint my letters with craft paint, for more of a painted sign look...and lightly distressed the letters...

I love the big graphic look of the sign!

Have you been working on any 
special Christmas decorating projects?

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Until next time...


  1. Linda, I love the sign! JOY is one of my favorite words! You have talent and patience to get that sign made. I'm just getting ready to bring out a bit of Christmas soon.

  2. It looks like your little canine friends are ready for their painting lesson! How clever to use both sides of a board for your signs! Another plus is that you don't need to find a place to store it between holidays. I love the simplicity of your Joy sign!

  3. A nice way to utilize a stray board, Linda! Love how it turned out and what a great idea to use chalk and a white sharpie. Your two little friends are just precious! x Karen

  4. I just want to hug those two little pups!! Oh, and the sign is cute, too!! :)

  5. Great sign with my favorite word! J(Jesus) O(others/only) Y(you) and very smart to use both sides!
    Keep warm!

  6. So cute! I need a fun sign like this hanging all season. Sometimes I could use the reminder! haha! Great job, and a superb idea to use both sides. Clever!

  7. Love it Linda! I've had a board on my dining room table for weeks with a pack of stencils to do something similar. I like the idea of using both sides. Great idea!

  8. This is so simple...but gorgeous, I love the font you Christmassy...if that is a word, thanks for the idea, I do have flippable signs for halloween and Thanksgiving, if I could only find them, maybe next year, Sandi

  9. Love it, Linda! Simple is perfect at this time of the year. Pinning!

  10. Linda, I absolutely love this clever !!! You are getting more bang for your buck. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. GREAT sign, Linda. Did you happen to notice how much that looks like birch bark the way you distressed it? That's what I thought it was when I first looked at it. Wonderful job!!!!! xo Diana

  12. What a great idea to use both sides of the sign! I love the classic, clean look of the JOY side and you could use any Christmas decorating colors with the black and white. I didn't know you had two pugs (or maybe I forgot) - they are so cute! My sister and my aunt both have pugs...they're sisters. Such sweet dogs.

  13. The perfect word for the season, Linda. I like the white on black a lot--very inspired, out-side-the-box choices. Thanks so much for linking the project up at Vintage Charm!


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