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Fun Thrift Store Finds...

Thank you for all of your visits and kind comments on my last post about our 2015 Christmas House Tour
I enjoyed sharing it with you!
There's lots of Christmas activities going on here, but I have managed to visit a few thrift stores, too!  
And I found a few goodies to share with you...
Aren't these great enamelware coffeepots?  
The gray one is quite large and the smaller one is 
a 60s-early 70's era Berggren Swedish coffeepot...

I believe a rough translation of the Swedish is...
"Coffee the best of all earthly drinks"
What do you think?
I have a few other Berggren pieces...a cutting board and decorative tiles.  I love the cheery folk art look!

I also found a wonderful naive floral painting...

 I love the colors and cottage style...

These jars have a great look...I love the starburst bases.
They make great studio storage pieces.

And I found a bag of vintage wooden thread spools!  I always love the graphic look, and they are fun for crafting!

I've done most of my Christmas shopping online this year, but it's fun to get out and do a little thrift store shopping!
What's your most fun find lately?

I am joining~


  1. Lots of fun finds. I love that painting! I keep looking but have yet to find any thirfty art!

  2. That is a pretty painting! I haven't been out for awhile hunting for treasures. My grand girl's class is singing at MOA tomorrow and I'm looking forward to hearing them.

  3. Great finds, and if you tired of the cottage painting...I'd take it!

  4. Great finds Linda. Glad to see you could get some thrift shopping done. Time is flying. Have a great week.

  5. Extra great finds this time, I would take them all! Very Jealous of those thread spools and that lovely coffee pot (well translated). I am alomost done Christmas shopping too, time is flying now and all of a sudden the day will be here. Had our first proper snowfall yesterday, put me in a Christmas mood. Blessings, Pam in Norway

  6. I am coveting that grey enamelware coffee pot! What a find! I hope to have more time for thrifting in my future! Ann

  7. I love the goodies you found. I am doing most of my shopping online, too. Good thing we can't do all of our thrift shopping online! LOL!


  8. I love the Swedish coffee pot! We've done most of our shopping online, too, but we're on our way to Duluth to finish up today....and one of my favorite antique shops just happens to be there. ho ho ho!

  9. I love that Swedish coffee pot - what fun, happy colors!!

  10. great finds! I love those thread spools, so pretty.

  11. Great finds! I've never seen one of the Berggren pieces before. It reminds me of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

  12. Wonderful finds, Linda, I love the enamelware coffeepots. And I enjoyed the house tour in the previous post - your home looks so pretty and welcoming.

  13. Love all your new (old) treasures, Linda. I haven't had the time to do any junkin' lately, but I hope to change that after Christmas. Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  14. Wonderful finds, Linda! I love the coffeepots and the flower painting! I collect flower paintings - they are hard to find these days. I found some great red handled kitchen tools for my kitchen for Christmas recently. Hope you are having a wonderful week. x Karen

  15. The big gray coffee pot is just lovely and I love the jars as well. Sweet finds!

  16. I often think you should add to your blog name " Itsy Bits and Pieces OF EYE CANDY"! Your blog posts are chock full of eye-candy.

    I have kept wood thread spools for years just because I could not bear to throw them away. Now I know they'll look pretty in a simple antique bowl.

    As far as "finds", I cannot say what I found since it was in an on-line search for a Christmas gift I purchased for a loved one, but during the search I discovered easily available and affordable parts to a well used kitchen device. I also discovered my taken-for-granted and well used kitchen gadget sells for almost $300.00 now and this handy-dandy gadget does not even require electricity. This is a kitchen gadget I bought for my family's use almost 3 decades ago and much of my family borrows it at least once a year. That's definitely a fun find, and now I can replace some very worn out parts !

  17. Wonderful finds, Linda :)

    Your home looks lovely all year, but the additions of Christmas decor make it even more special.

    I hope you're having a lovely Christmas season, my friend :)


  18. linda,

    Those spools are so much fun! I can't wait to see what you create with them!

    Happy day friend!

  19. Great finds Linda--I like both your enamel coffee pots and I'm a sucker for old spools. I hit a couple of estate sales today and found a few things--bought a vintage, primitive-ish bench to repaint :)

  20. Yes, in swedish "coffee is the best of all earthly drinks"...a really lovely and old coffeepot you have there!
    Enjoy your day and have a nice weekend.

  21. So many lovely Things Linda. And how fun to find a swedish old coffeepot:)

    Wishing you a lovely sunday!
    Big warm hug from Vibeke


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