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Fun Thrift Store Finds and a Winner...

I have a few fun thrift store finds to share with you today!  With the COLD weather I haven't done much thrifting lately. 
{I've been hibernating}  
But the weather is finally warming up, 
and we didn't get any of the big snowstorm here.
I hope you are staying warm and safe where you are! 

I love these state bird squares!
The patterns have been ironed on already, 
ready for embroidering or other projects.
I even like them just like this...

There was a list of the states and the birds...

 and also iron-on patterns of a US map 
and a big Americana eagle...

Another find was this beautiful old basket!  I love how sturdy it is, and the details!  It will be fun to use all year...

The last find today is this big frame with chicken wire backing!  Actually a newer piece, it will be fun for displaying things...
like these vintage Valentines!

I'm hoping to get out and do 
a little treasure hunting again this week!

I am joining~

Before I go, I'd like to Thank You for all of your entries and 
kind comments on my Valentine giveaway post!

The winner is~

Monica F.

Until next time...


  1. Great finds, Linda! Loving that beautiful old basket and your sweet vintage valentines. I have been hibernating too. We did get the snowstorm and the cabin fever is beginning to set in. Have a great start to your week!

  2. Wow, what finds! The frame is great

  3. Linda, I think your new basket is will use that so many different ways. I love the old fashion Valentines. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Aw, love the Valentines on the frame, so cute. Great stuff! Sandi

  5. Some really great finds. Love the state bird squares and that basket is fabulous.

  6. The wicker basket is so beautiful, Linda! I just want to go out and pick something :-)

  7. I love all your finds, but that basket is gorgeous!

  8. I've been holed up under the electric blanket here :), but maybe I should venture out to the thrift stores soon. Love that basket!

  9. Awe Linda you always find the best stuff. Love that basket!!!!!!!!
    hugs from Toronto

  10. Loving all your finds Linda especially the picnic basket. I adore the vintage valentines so sweet.
    Happy New Week.

  11. Those stamped squares make me want to do some embroidery. Love the basket too!

  12. YAY!! I'm so excited and honored to win your giveaway! I have been stitching non-stop this weekend, working on a flower sampler (hopefully will be done in time for spring)! Great way to stay in and be cozy. Love that united states transfer!


  13. I don't know where you search, but you manage to find the best stuff! And you know I love the birds!

  14. Such wonderful finds! I've been thinking of creating one of those chicken wire display boards. I have an assortment of old frames. More motivated after seeing yours with fun things clipped on it! Time to pull out some vintage Valentines as well. Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy visiting your blog!

  15. Fantastic finds Linda...I love the basket xxxx

  16. Linda, what fun finds! Vintage valentines are so fun and you've created the perfect display. The basket is wonderful too.

  17. That basket is a great find. I can't wait to see how you use it. I love your vintage Valentines, too.

  18. Congratulations to Monica. Love your sweet vintage valentines and that beautiful vintage basket too.

  19. I only wish I've been hibernating. It's been a busy January with lots of running around to do (so many errands, dentist, visiting someone in the hospital, eye dr appointment, getting new glasses, haircut, etc). Love that frame with the chicken wire that you found!

  20. The basket has some definite charm to it, and I love the chicken wire frame. So cute for things like those little valentines!
    Are you going to stitch up the squares of the birds? Or sell?
    Its very unique, will make a lovely quilt!
    glad you didn't get all that snow...but hibernating is still nice when it's cold out. Stay warm Linda!

  21. Your scored some great finds, really great finds! If the basket goes missing I've already started for home! Just saying.

  22. OH what treasures!! I adore that basket and the frame!!!

  23. I love your old basket, Linda! And the frame with chicken wire is the perfect display space for all your vintage treasures throughout the year. The darling old valentines bring back memories of grade school! The embroidery pattern of the U.S. map would definitely be a labor of love, and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Congratulations to Monica on winning your giveaway!

    Enjoy the mild weather!

  24. Great finds! Love the basket what a find! We got the snowstorm, got about 15 inches so I haven't been out lately to thrift but I'm sure missing it!

  25. Love those embroidery transfers, Linda! Super cute for gifts for faraway friends :) The basket is wonderful and your valentine display is so charming. No snow here, but winter is not over yet! xx Karen

  26. Great finds Linda! I love the basket, it's so big! I can't wait to go thrifting tomorrow, last week I had to skip my thrifting day since I was too busy and now I have major withdrawals.

  27. Oh I can just feel that basket LOL I have been on the hunt for a basket just like that to throw things in on my bar in the kitchen.
    I remember those transfers about the state birds etc
    you hit the thrift store just in time to ge them

    I like your new header

  28. Can you imagine the work involved in embroidering the state birds? Love the basket.

  29. For someone who didn't get out much this haul is awesome! Love the birds, so cool. And you definitely "vintage-ized" the newer frame organizer by hanging those adorable vintage Valentines on it! Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  30. Oh my gosh Linda....jackpot! I adore those iron ons!!! And the basket..swoon, swoon, swoon. I have tons of baskets and can never say no to another one. Especially one so sturdy as that! So many uses.
    Glad to hear you didn't get hit with that storm. What a mess! Spring like here this week. Going to meet the gals in my knitting group for lunch at Panera, where we will hunker down at a patio table and hold court, settling all of the problems of the world, including world peace.
    xo Kris

  31. Great finds, I love that US map transfer. Thanks for linking up to the Talk of the Town party!

  32. You always find the good goods Linda! I LOVE the basket, I can see a million uses for it. The valentines take me back a ways :))))
    sending hugs..

  33. Linda, that basket is gorgeous! It would definitely be a keeper at my house! I also love the iron-on transfers. I kind of like them just as is also. Take care!

    xo Dianne

  34. I'll bet there are lots of things you can use that map as a template for, and did you notice how chubby the legs on the girls on the Valentines are? That's the way to give kids good self esteem, it worked on me.

  35. Whenever I see those vintage Valentines I revert to memories as a kid. The old graphics are so cute, love style of them all. Wish i had some..
    Your bird transfers are from a project Martha Stewart did few years ago. I still have them all waiting to get some embroidery done, been really long time. Now where did I put those? Hopefully somewhere in studio. Each time I go in there want to buckle down to clear it out so can work in there again, what a job that will be, same as my tiny sewing room.
    Your picnic basket looks like a sturdy one. Sometimes they're better without the lids. I have maybe about 6 or 7 of those, all bought at sales in KY few years ago. Refuse to give them up.Use some to store movies, couple for photos. Love all your goodies. hard to find special goodies like yours where we live, if we do find stuff it's outlandishly prices. Getting harder to find pieces at thrift stores anymore. Enjoy your weekend, happy days.

    1. It's fun Martha Stewart did a set! These are actually from a vintage Vogart Quilt Block set entitled Birds of the United people might run into the pattern in the thrift stores, too!

  36. You always find such great stuff, Linda! Beautiful basket.
    Mary Alice

  37. Oh my. I love your Valentines. So stinking cute on the new chicken wire memo board. The basket is wonderful.

  38. Such sweet finds. Love how you displayed the vintage valentines :)

    Karen x


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