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A Very Tall Wall...

We have a split level walk in the front door into the foyer...and from there you can go upstairs into the main living area, downstairs into bedrooms, or through the mudroom into the sunporch.  When you go upstairs, you follow the stairwell...a very tall wall.   Fourteen feet tall to be exact. (And at an angle.)  
Do you have a wall in your home like that?
It's always been a decorating challenge, but several years ago we put a large old cornice board at the midpoint 
to divide the space, and an oversized clock.  
And here's what I added this week for a little Valentine fun...

Isn't this adorable?  I received this for a Christmas gift!  My daughter-in-law, with two of my grandchildren, made a special Pinterest inspired canvas.  So sweet and a real treasure...

A wooden XO adds a little more love...

Here's a plat map of the Iowa farm where my husband lived as a boy...this is a 1905 version when his great-grandparents owned it.

And to tie in the turquoise and yellow...
this big vintage pull down world map...

Isn't it fun?  Add in another smaller clock and 
a crock full of old oars and it just makes me smile. 
And that's my favorite kind of decorating!

I am joining~

Until next time...


  1. Linda, I love the wall...showing time and places with love. Sweet. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Linda this is so beautiful and what a cute canvas from your grandchildren, with the little hand and feet, so precious. You gave me a good idea to do with my little ones. :)

  3. Your gallery wall is wonderful! And I love the wooden X and O!

    Happy early Valentine's Day to you!

  4. Great wall!!! Love that handprint/footprint sign from the grandkids :)

  5. I love what you have done with this wall, Linda. Lots of special treasures displayed beautifully. We have a large wall like this in our split level too and I think it is the only blank wall in our entire house. You are inspiring me to put something on it!

  6. I would say you were up to the challenge! I would find a space like that hard to decorate too. You got some pretty sweet help. Love the big clock and maps. It all makes for a nice display.

  7. So much more creative and fun that photos....thank goodness the clock is old enough that you wont have to worry about climbing up to change the batteries!


  8. You are so creative! I think your tall wall looks great!
    Happy Valentine's day!

  9. Linda, you've done a great job styling your tall wall. Absolutely love your gift from the Grands--so precious!

  10. Linda, I live in a split level home, too. I love what you have done with your wall. It is fabulous! I wish you lived closer so you could decorate my house.

    xo Dianne

  11. Your wall is great, Linda. I grew up in this same sort of home and never gave any thought to that blank wall (and obviously neither did my parents!). Great job!


  12. I love your wall art. I remember those pull down maps at school. I was so bad in geography. I still don't know where the states are located in the USA. I have to refer to a map. Sad, right. I love all your ideas!

  13. It looks gorgeous Linda.....

    I love the art from your grandchildren. So special..

    Karen x

  14. Love how your tall wall came together! The Love sign is so adorable and special.
    Mary Alice

  15. Linda, the wall is fun especially the prized "grandma" piece and I like how the yellows, blues and maps tie in. Kinda glad you didn't picture the person putting it up though ... those stairs are a little scary!

  16. The love print is a real treasure, Linda! And so is the plot map of where your hubby lived as a boy. We have really tall walls in our home too, so I know just what you mean. Love the map, too!

  17. I love how you decorated your stairway with so many family treasures. I have a very tall stairway that's in desperate need of a makeover. Thanks for inspiring us at Talk of the Town.

  18. Yes, we have a tall staircase wall like that, too! It goes down into the basement. Years ago, I had family photos lining the walls. Now I only have three pieces of art there. Looks nice, but I'm sure I could do more with it. Have just never been sure exactly what to do. I absolutely love how you put that cornice piece on your wall. It adds a lot more visual interest than just pieces of artwork. Our stairway is so narrow though, that anytime we have to move a piece of furniture up or down the stairs, or we have workmen going into the basement, we have to remove things from the wall because it gets bumped. That painted canvas from your DIL is absolutely darling!

  19. I love your wall of treasures, Linda! The little valentine is just too precious and the plat map is wonderful! Love the blue and yellow color theme, too. The large map ties it all together nicely. xx Karen

  20. What a great keepsake of those tiny Grands! Speaking of tiny, I have the mini regular size version of your oversize clock.

  21. What a sweet gift from your daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Linda! The over-sized pieces fill up the wall nicely without looking cluttered. The map and artwork add a nice pop of color, too.

    The wall adjacent to our stairway is 2 stories tall, and I put up picture ledges so I can change out photos without pounding nails. I have a fear of heights and have no desire to paint that wall again!

  22. Lovely gallery wall, Linda, filled with both beautiful and precious pieces, especially the sweet "Love" canvas. I'm mad about your pull down map, too :)

    1. Thanks for sharing it with us at Vintage Charm :)


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