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Follow the Leader... And Some This And That...

We had some beautifully warm days this week and a little snow, too.  Kind of like what the journey to spring is...two steps forward, one step back! Yesterday, I decided to change-up the chalkboard in our was time to get rid of the "Let It Snow" design...and replace it with something more timely!

The quote inspired me to pull out some of my spring decorations...and make a simple, whimsical "follow the leader" with some little chicks...

Adding a basket with a daffodil arrangement, really helps me to know spring is just around the corner!

We have had a full week of family happenings...including 
the birth of a little grandson!  We are truly blessed! 

And Sophie and Bailey have been keeping company with one of our granddogs...he discovered the heat vent under our kitchen sink, dragged his blanket over there, and claimed the spot...

Until next time...


  1. Linda, this is such a fun post! Love your chalkboard and the little yellow chicks. Years ago our dachshund used to lay in front of the vent too. Who can blame them? It feels great to put your feet there too. :)

  2. Congratulations to all, on the birth of your new grandbaby!!

  3. Love the chalkboard and the chicks and congrats on your grandchild!

  4. Congratulations on the new grand baby!
    Your little chicks are so cute and the granddog by the heat grate made me smile. We are enjoying an early Spring here. Lovely, lovely weather! Love the newness of everything. Happy Leap Day!

  5. What a sweet little vignette! Yellow is the very happiest of colors!
    PS Congrats on the new little grand sugar!

  6. Sunshine yellow always brightens my day...darling little chicks.
    Happy Monday! With this wind, maybe all the snow will finally go away.

  7. Your chalkboard and sayings are always fun and this one with the chicks below, perfect. Happy Spring!

  8. So simple and perfect, Linda! I have been bringing out my spring decor too.

  9. Happy birthdayyyyyyy to your grandson! Wonderful news!!!! And congratulations to you

  10. Congratulations and welcome to your new grandson. Dogs who find heat vents are very happy. Love your Spring chalkboard and chicks. Have a lovely week.

  11. Congrats on your new grandson - what wonderful news!!! And I absolutely adore your spring arrangement!

  12. I love those little chicks, Linda! So cute! What a great quote to have on your chalkboard. You are so right with the "two steps forward, one back" - we were enjoying some temps in the high 50's and even low 60's a couple of days, but now we are back to snow showers this week. Love your daffs, too. They have those on sale at our local grocery and I eye them every time I walk in. I might cave and get a couple this week!

  13. Those little chicks are adorable and the whole vignette is so charming. Love that sweet pup sleeping by the heat vent. Pups always know how to get comfy don't they?

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  14. Congratulations, Linda on your new grandbaby! Such a wonderful thing! Love your spring chalkboard and vignette - so sweet. How clever is that little pup for finding the heating vent! Take good care. xo Karen

  15. Congratulations on your new grandchild.... how wonderful.

    I love your little puppy too - so cute :)

    I've just written a reminder to myself to get out the Easter Decorations... I just adore those sweet little chicks and your chalkboard message...

    Karen x

  16. Awesome! Congratulations!!!!!!!

    And your Easter chicks are adorable!

    Happy day friend!

  17. Our weather sounds like yours...the weekend was beautiful and in the 50's and yesterday we got 4" of icy snow and high winds. Today is sunny but very cold. And more snow tomorrow!
    Love how you have the chicks playing "follow the leader" - that looks so cute.
    Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! :-)

  18. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! Love the chicks and daffodils! Sweet signs of Spring!

  19. How exciting! Congratulations on the birth of you precious grandson! Thanks so much, Linda for sharing your chalkboard and spring decor with Talk of the Town.

  20. I love the little yellow chicks!!! They are adorable.

  21. Congratulations on the birth of a new grandson, Linda!!!

    Your little arrangement of chicks and daffodils is the perfect way to brighten up these cold gray days. And your chalkboard message tells us there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

  22. I love the chicks. Hope you are getting to hug your new grandson tons!

    xo Dianne

  23. OMG! Loving the picture of the Boston Terrier lying in front of the heat vent with his blanket. Mine carries a blanket around with him too!!! Too funny. They love to be warm. I like your chalkboard sign. Hopefully it will encourage warm thoughts till Spring officially gets here.

  24. Congratulations on your new grandson! Life is grand isn't it! And how cute are those little crackly chicks? And the pupper by the vent...too cute!
    Spring is surely here!!
    xo Kris

  25. How exciting to have a new grandson! So love the cute Spring chicks. You've inspired me to look for my Spring and Easter decorations.

  26. Congrats on your new grand son, Linda! How exciting for you guys! Looks like your grandpup has made himself at home, how cute!!

  27. You chose the perfect scripture, Linda :) Love it and your sweet little chicks. Thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Charm!

  28. Ah, I love binging
    on Itsy Bits & Pieces : )
    Can't wait to hear all
    about the newest wee
    one to join the family.
    Love the grandpup by
    the vent -- so sweet!
    And of course, I'm a
    sucker for your lovely
    chalkboard art.....

    xo Suzanne


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