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Farmhouse Finds...

Time for some thrift store finds!  Recently I've found some 
nice farmhouse style pieces...always my favorite!
Embroidered linen tea towels are something I never pass up!  They are usually quite inexpensive (this one was 79 cents) 
and they are so pretty...

Grouped with a couple of others I had, 
you can see the different patterns...

I found a couple of hand carved wooden utensils!  
It seems I've been finding these lately...
maybe because I'm actually looking for them now...

Do you think this is a fork...or maybe a washing stick?

They are perfect in this vintage crock I found...

I had thought, because of the markings, that it was from a lab...

But it is actually a French mustard crock!  You just never know...

Another French piece is this lovely oil jug. 
 More recently made, but very pretty!

And there was no passing by this blue and white tureen...


I love mixing pretty and rustic...
and this old spice rack is very rustic.

Finally...a little more pretty!  Look at this lovely drawstring crocheted purse. Imagine women using these...

Hope you've found some treasures, too!

I am joining~
Until next time...


  1. I like little crocks and I cannot lie.

  2. Wonderful finds, Linda! I especially love that mustard crock and the wooden utensils.
    Have a great week!

  3. I love seeing the treasures you find!

  4. Nice finds. I haven't found too much lately..that is okay as I think(?) LOL I have enough!

  5. Fabulous finds Linda! I'm always happy to see what you have to share. It inspires me to freshen things up around here and motivates me to get out once in a while. So glad to have found you and your blog a while back.

  6. Oh my! I love nothing better than a treasure hunt. You found some wonderful things. I do love the little white towels. Hard tp pass up! And I look for wooden utensils also. Love yours.

  7. You always find the best stuff! I especially love those gorgeous tea towels.

  8. Love that blue and white tureen! And all the other fun finds.

  9. Now my favorite is the cutwork linens though everything is a great find. I am not sure about that fork thing. I think it is a honey-do husband prod? :)

  10. Wow, you found some cool stuff! I really like the hand carved wooden serving pieces. I've been looking for some but alas, I can't find any. It seems like when I start searching for something then I never see them where as before they were all over. ha.

  11. You hit the jackpot! I love the tureen and wooden utensils best!

  12. You had a good pick, I never pass up linen towels either!


  13. Love the blue and white tureen..very pretty!

  14. The handwork on those linens is gorgeous...would be hard to part with them. Love the carved utensils...such a great bunch of goodies you found, Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  15. More lovely finds :)

    I love that tureen... very special and useful!

    The linens are so pretty.... hmm is the fork perhaps a little short for a laundry fork? the utensils all look so lovely in the jar.... I remember my mum having some wooden tongs for her twin tub!

    Karen x

  16. Wow Linda ! so many beautiful things...and i LOVE the old linens:)
    Hugs form Vibeke

  17. I love all your vintage finds. Thank you for sharing all that goodness!

  18. You found so many beautiful things! I love the hand carved utensils in the crock. I like the white crochet purse you found too. It looks like it's never been used.

  19. Ahhhh I love all your finds!!! You have such a good eye for treasures!!

  20. Great finds Linda. Love the linens and the wooden utensils!

  21. You always find the nicest things, Linda! Love the white linens and mustard crock. The hand carved utensils are very unique. Always nice to find blue and white, too! xx Karen

  22. You find such lovely things, I am in love with that tureen and those hand carved utensils! Oh, and those old linens. All so beautiful. Pam xx

  23. I am a thrift store junkie too, love that tureen! Visiting from Talk of the Town.

  24. The linen tea towels are worth every cent, they are lovely. But who could bear to use them?

  25. Oh my, such beautiful vintage goodies! You always do such a good job displaying everything. Love them all. Thanks so much for linking up with Talk of the Town.

  26. such great vintage finds--I love the blue tureen!

  27. Your tureen is my favorite of your finds, and that little drawstring purse is so precious. I love to imagine carrying such a purse but know I'd get it caught on so many things and have it ripped before a day was done.

  28. Your lucky you little farer away since you might find a few of these pieces missing, Love anything blue so love the blue tureen, but then I love all of them. I don't think the for would of been used for cooking. But then you never know.

  29. OMGosh...I would have had to arm wrestle you for all these great finds...really nice....
    Here from Poofing Pillows

  30. Wow, wow, wow! My favorite is the French mustard crock followed closely by the blue and white tureen.

  31. Neat! I have a picture saved somewhere of a rack, much like your spice rack, only it has Bibles on it. Wonder if books would fit on yours.. Love the blue and white pieces. You do find great things!

    Thanks so much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday, Linda. :)

  32. You found so many lovely things, from one end of the spectrum to the other! I love every single one! We would not be able to shop together. hehe

  33. Your tureen! It's so beautiful! And in such great condition. What a find!

  34. Beautiful finds. The
    crocheted bag is really
    worthy, wouldn't you

    xo Suzanne

  35. Wow, you have nice thrift stores to find such great items! I love the linens, so delicate looking...I'm drooling over the oil jug and little tureen.
    Have a great weekend, Linda.

  36. Oh My gosh I want everything you found
    That tureen is over the top gorgeous if you're a blue and white person like me


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