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A Quick Thrift Store Find Re-Do...and an Answer!

Time for a quick thrift store find re-do!  Recently, I found this wood carrier box.  It had a great iron handle 
and was divided into two sections...

I think it was probably designed as a wine holder/carrier, as the other side was decorated with this...

Nicely hand painted, but not my a makeover was in order.  I could have painted the box, but I liked the play of the wood and I decided to simply cover it.

I had a couple of vintage honey tin labels, and decided to use one for this project.  (I probably would have used a copy, if I only had one)

I just used the center of the label, and saved the side panels for another project...they didn't work with the hardware on the box.

I simply glued on the label with decoupage medium, to cover the grapes.  Then I added a jar with water to each section...along with some little cherry blossom branches.  They are starting to bloom!

(If you want to see some really lovely blossoming branches, be sure to check out this post from Pam @ House of Hawthornes)

I love how the box turned out...and it could be used to hold many other things, as well...utensils, guest towels, studio supplies...

Boxes and containers are always great quick makeover items!  
I thought I would share my favorite source for vintage emphemera, and all kinds of goodies, with you today!  
(I'm not being paid for this...just my personal recommendation)

Don and Chris' Old Stuff

They are always finding the best old stuff!  They sell at wholesale prices to the public. Everything is guaranteed old.  I have been a customer for honey label was purchased there.  That label isn't available now...but so many others are.  And if you are on their email list, you will always be updated when they list new items.  You will be surprised what you can find there! 

Before I go, I'd like to thank all of you for all of your fun comments about this dish on my last post!

It was so fun to read all of your responses, opinions, and information...especially since all you had to go on was my photos, and couldn't hold the piece in hand.  
Sandi @ Barberry Lane  was able to recognize the mark as Franz Anton Mehlem (you can click the link to learn more), a company who also worked as Royal Bonn and later, Boch Villeroy.  They perfected a special technique for earthenware, to give it more the look of porcelain during 1880-1910, 
which is when I think the plate may date from. 
I enjoyed the sleuthing with you so much, that I think I will share other mysteries with you here soon!  Thank you again!

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Until next time...


  1. Much better with the honey label - more character. I will definitely be visiting The Old Stuff site.

  2. I have a bunch of old labels I just purchased! I'll hopefully get them up on etsy soon! :)

  3. Very cute! I have to check out Don And Chris' stuff! Is it spring up that way yet? Is the snow over with?

  4. How smart you are, Linda - I love the transformation of this box!!

  5. I really like that label and how sweet the box is with flowers. Containers are so fun to use and make unique in the home.

  6. I'm glad you found out about your beautiful plate! Somebody always has the answer.

    Your box is adorable now! The before state reminded me of that time in the 90s when we wanted grapes on everything. Grape wallpaper, grape dishes, faux grapes hanging around....what were we thinking?

  7. How wonderful that Sandi recognized the mark! That conch shell was really an interesting one, never would have guessed that it was German!

  8. Good to hear that your mystery mark has been identified. Love the way you updated that wonderful box. Thanks for sharing at Talk of the Town. Love the labels!

  9. Linda, the label was just what that box needed. It is so cute with the flowers. Glad to hear you found the maker of the dish. Readers are great that way! Have a great week.

    xo Dianne

  10. I looks absolutely adorable now, Linda - I love that label, and it looks perfect on such a cool box. Thanks for linking up at Talk of Town - I pinned it to the Knick of Time party board! :)

  11. Your box turned out so nice, Linda! Love the label and thanks for the link. So glad your mystery was solved:) Hope you have a nice week's end. x Karen

  12. That box is so cool - you find the best stuff! Love the honey label. Thanks for the link to the old stuff site. They have really good prices and so much to choose from. :-)

  13. Love the box and flowers! I always love decoupage projects. I'm more adept at them than painting! Yes, I saw Pam's and it was a gorgeous post. You should put this on Hometalk or somewhere because visually it's so appealing.

  14. What a cute transformation of the box! Simple and so pretty! That plate is so elegant, so beautiful!!!
    Hugs from Toronto

  15. Great redo--love that label! Thanks for linking up to Talk of the Town!

  16. Great find on the honey label. It looks so natural, like it was meant to be there the whole time. :)

  17. I love how you altered the box Linda... the honey label is perfect.

    I do love to see the blossom - so nice to bring some indoors and enjoy it up close.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    Karen x

  18. I really like this! Gives me some inspiration to get out the Mod Podge!

  19. What a great makeover Linda! I have seen those painted grapes on wood and yeah, not my style either. But what a great fix!

  20. I love this makeover, Linda, so pretty.

  21. Good call on the cover up instead of painting. I too like the wood and the metal.

  22. LOVE your honey label, Linda, and that box was the perfect place to put it. Thanks so much for linking up at Vintage Charm :)

  23. I love how you added a label on the box instead of painting it. It really adds a lot of character that way.

  24. I loved this project! I collect old advertising things and this is right up my alley! Also big thanks for the link to the store you bought the label. I'm sure I will be ordering soon! I love your blog!!


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