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Top Five Things To Buy At Yard Sales This Year...

I am joining a group of bloggers hosted by 
Melissa @ Melissa's Antiques, who are sharing their top five things to look for at yard sales this year! 
We were inspired by 
Pam @ House of Hawthornes  fun post!

I'll share their links at the end of this post!

 The big neighborhood sales have begun here and there are lots of treasures waiting to be found!  It will be fun to see 
what people are hunting for this year!  

As for top five searches are...

1. Furniture
Whether you are buying it for yourself or resale, there are bargains to be had.  Much of our furniture is from yard sales...
This corner cabinet was $15!

This beautiful  7 foot table was $30.  The two chairs on the end were $4 each. I painted the pieces and my husband built benches.  It is well used at our family's lakehome.  The green wicker chairs and side table were also yard sale finds.

I love this wood cubby that I re-did with a little was $5!

And if you are wanting a hutch...don't pass this by...

You can marry them to dressers or tables and create this...both of my hutches were made this way!

And who cares if the paint is chippy,
old chairs can go out in the garden...

Which brings me to...

2. Garden Goodies
Besides old chairs, I look for gardening tools, birdbaths and feeders, planters, and decorations.  Some of my finds...

This cart was free...

The next thing I am looking for this year...

3. Wood Bread Boards and Hand Carved Utensils
Yard sales are a great place to find these items...

I found these two this week...$1.75 for both...

4. Artwork
I am always on the hunt for paintings...especially portraits and water scenes.  Once in a while you might even find a piece by a listed artist...

Finally, I look for...

5. Random Stuff
This encompasses all of the pieces I spot... 
that just have to come home with me.

I finally went to my first sales of the season last much fun!  Hope you get out and find some goodies soon, too! 
What are your top things to find this year?


  1. you've found some wonderful things, Linda, I LOVE that hutch!

  2. You find the best treasures at rock bottom prices, Linda! And the best part is that you buy things that fit so well in your home. Fun post!

    I vowed to stay away from sales, but now you've coerced me to go to an estate sale that's going on right now.......gotta run!

  3. Awesome list! I love how #5 has been a catch-all for a lot of the folks on this list (including me)!

  4. Great list, Linda. Fun that we both included furniture and garden treasures ;) Happy hunting!

  5. Love the items you for your garden. The chippy chair is my favorite. I always make a list before going out hunting and my husband tries to keep me on track. Funny - I have random treasures at the bottom of every list!

  6. Linda I love everything on your list. I didn't include it on my list but I have been looking high and low for a hutch to put on a built in desk in my kitchen. Maybe I'll get lucky this year

    1. I'm convinced if we take our time, we can find almost anything...

  7. I too am on the hunt for chairs. I've got 4 mismatched chairs that I plan to paint white and use in my craft room. I'm on the look out for 2 more!
    I love all the garden goodies too. Thanks for the great tips!

    1. Yard sales are such a great place to find chairs! Hope you find the perfect ones soon!

  8. You find the best stuff, and you know just how to display it!

  9. What a lovely post!

    I loved seeing your bits again :)

    I always love garden things but really just like to be open to the possibility of finding anything that makes me smile and feel like I must just take it home!

    Hope you have a good weekend

    Karen x

  10. What a great list Linda! I love everything you've chosen. It didn't make it on my list but I'm always picking up artwork that speaks to me. I love the cubby piece!

  11. I am in awe of the prices you pay for furniture. We can never get stuff that cheaply around Chicago.

  12. Great timing for this post with both Bryn Mawr and Tangletown neighborhood sales coming up next week. I hope I can find some of the things on your list!

  13. Great list of items! I'm starting to look for wooden cutting boards now that I saw one for $20 in a local shop that I'm pretty sure came from Goodwill. I like the idea of stacking them all together! Hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Linda, I love your collections. You did a great job on marrying those hutches and dressers. I like the garden items too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  15. It is so much fun to see what each blogger is hunting for!

  16. Fun post! I'm thinking we need to go "shopping" soon. Maybe Haupt in June??
    Happy hunting!

  17. Ohhhh, what a fun post! I am always on the lookout for good furniture pieces too. And dishes...I love old dishes....and yard art, and books...and...and...and.....
    Fun post Linda!
    xo Kris

  18. Terrific list, Linda :) I'm loving your new bread boards, especially the taller one--I'm drooling. And your carom board is pretty awesome too. Happy hunting!

  19. Linda you always have something wonderful to share. Thank you!

  20. Linda, I am amazed at all of the wonderful treasures you find at yard sales! I never have that kind of luck! Love your breadboard collection. And your cubby is awesome! I'm looking forward to my first sales of the season, they've not really begun yet here.

  21. I hope some of that wonderful cheap furniture will come my way this summer. I'm in serious lust over that cubby.

  22. I love yard sale furniture and I have quite a few pieces in my home that I've had forever!!

  23. Such an inspiring post! You have found some wonderful things and I love the way you painted some of them and placed them in your home.
    Helen xox

  24. My focus list has grown out of control! You have such a good imagination and always know just what to do with your old treasures.

  25. Gosh, Linda, I really love your list. The best part is how you're using all the things you look for. Absolutely love the steal you got in that corner cabinet, and the random things you've pictured attract me too. The wood items are really attractive, and my one Panoply sister is drawn to the really unusual primitive pieces with great patina and wear. I like the boards, but have so far only managed to hoard them at home, not yet at the mall. :) Isn't that how it works - you sell when you have too many of what you love? ;)

  26. Love all of your finds and how you display them.... Having a ton of fun reading all of the yard sale posts!

  27. I can't believe you got those cubbies for only $5!


    Happy day friend!

  28. Love this post Linda, actually I don't think we ever need to buy 'new' furniture there is so much good quality second/third hand pieces out there worthy of an upcycle or just to use as is. Great post! Sharon x

  29. It's garage sale season here. When I first started reading this post I thought, I'd like to find some old watering cans. :) I'm definitely going to hunt for them this year.

  30. Tops on my list is baby boy clothes. Wanna bet all I see is pink this season?

  31. Thanks so much for sharing your tips with us!! Great post!!


  32. I think you are the luckiest lady ever. I'm in love with the cubby. Our sales kick off the last week in May. Can't wait.

  33. Linda, thank you for your tips. I have enjoyed this blog hop!

    xo Dianne

  34. I want to go yardsaling with you. What beautiful finds. I love the corner cabinet.

  35. Linda, you were blessed
    with "the eye," that is, a
    way of seeing what works
    beautifully together, both
    in your home and garden.

    You've got it, girl : )

    Love all your finds!

    xo Suzanne

  36. Linda, your top five offer great advice. I'm always looking for vintage bread boards and utentials too. Love the way you display your breadboards in the wicker plant stand. I pinned that image when you shared it on your home tour one Christmas.
    Good luck with the hunt!


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