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Summer Fun and Some Thrift Store Finds...

This summer is flying by!

We had a lovely Fourth of July with family, enjoying the outdoors!  There were flocks of Canada Geese hanging around each morning, before the boats took over the lakes.  Aren't they lovely?

With all the gatherings we have in the summer, 
I haven't done much thrift store shopping...
but I have a few fun finds to share with you...

I love this petite silverplate coffeepot...
the engraved design reminds me of ferns.

Beautiful old tole is always a great find...
this candleholder has a beautiful patina!

This antique copper pan is hand hammered...

Finally, I found this lovely painting 
with a plein air feeling!

Have you had any fun finds this week?  
I'd love to hear about them!

Until next time...


  1. Love the coffee pot! I have a really old vintage one I need to display in my kitchen somewhere. No junkin this week, pushed myself too much and now I have to rest again. Grrrr!

  2. Linda, I just got home from the Horton's French Market... I bought some things I just loved...but they are not as historical as your finds. I did get a wee book on the General that our town was named for and a clay Christmas ornament in honor of our state being 200 years old. Blessings to you, I know what you mean about our summer zipping along. xoxo, Susie

  3. I have found nothing, but I'm heading out to a thrift store as we speak! Love the "fern" coffeepot!

  4. I haven't been out junkin' for weeks now, but hopefully soon! I love your treasures!

  5. I think you found great treasures. I love the coffeepot. I have been busy sorting the garage and shed so not much junking for me lately. Have a great weekend!

    xo Dianne

  6. That coffee pot is so pretty Linda! Loved your geese photos--sounds like a wonderful Fourth!

  7. Glad to hear you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. My hubby was working the entire weekend and no plans made for myself, so nothing special here. Love your finds, especially that candleholder. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before.

  8. So cute. I love the candelabra. The patina on it is just perfect.

  9. I would love to go out and do some fun finding. Life just seems so busy this summer. :)

    Love seeing all the Canada geese.

  10. With our crazy renovation going on I haven't gotten any thrifting done, and let me tell you I sure do need a fix! Love all of your finds...

  11. So nice to see the geese - they are such beautiful birds. Love all your 'finds', especially the painting. I have a soft spot for amateur art. I found some pretty crocheted doilies, recently. Hope you have a wonderful week, Linda. x K

  12. Your header photo is fabulous...LUV! The copper pan...wonder how many meals it's made for which families? I love the stories untold.
    Great finds...haven't been thrift store shopping in a long while but yesterday, on the way back from somewhere else, I dodged into a thrift store and found Mary Jane Butters book "Unleashing Your Inner Wild". I've spent some pleasurable time flipping though it...when I should be I think I need to take a day and go thrift store shopping...goodies are calling me.

  13. I must be on a thrifting and garage sale hiatus because I have not been to either since the beginning of June.

  14. I'm working backwards in my 'catch up' and now I see I was right ... it is a coffee pot! Love the candle holder too.

    It must be so peaceful down by the lake... it looks beautiful.

    We bought a lovely old tin bath from a vintage fair ... it looks beautiful planted up with pansies and in the week I also got from the charity shop a lovely 1970's gravy boat... and yesterday at the tip I got 5 vinyl LP's for Barry for 50 pence each... bargain!!!!!

    Karen x


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