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Fun Finds...Vintage Paintings...

On my last post, I shared a lovely old floral painting 
I found at the thrift store.  Wouldn't you know, 
the next week I found several more!
Vintage paintings are one of my favorite much character...and a great addition to our decor!

This pretty cottage painting on canvas, looks like 
it was inspired by one of George W. Drew's works. 

The wood frame had seen better days, but a fresh coat 
of white paint brought the colors to life...

I also found a couple of autumn paintings...

and decided to use them with this painting. It's one of my favorites, found several years ago at a thrift store...

A quick wash of black craft paint on the frames unifies the group 
and accents the paintings well...

I think they'll make a beautiful gallery wall grouping this fall!

Vintage paintings are an inexpensive way 
to bring original artwork into your home!

Until next time...


  1. Linda- there is nothing better than found art work.
    Painting the frames alike did the trick!

    White Spray Paint

  2. Linda, I love your old paintings so much. You did a great job with painting the frames it truly helped the colors show up better. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. Beautiful. I love the one with the boat and the birch tree. Any idea who the artist is?

  4. I love vintage paintings - and you make me wish we had a decent thrift store up here where I could find some!! Awesome treasures you found - I love them all!

  5. What a difference painting the frames made in unifying the art work!
    Are you already thinking of Fall, Linda?

  6. I love them all.... there is something so tranquil and serene about all of the paintings.

    I really like what you did with the frames - it really does unify them. I wouldn't have thought of that - but it really does work doesn't it?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

    Karen x

  7. Very pretty pieces! And now you've made them beautiful.

  8. I pick up vintage oil paintings too but they rarely come with frames. So I just hang the canvases on the wall. Yours look so good in matching frames has me rethinking that strategy.

  9. Hi Linda, I absolutely love your paintings, also one of my favourite things to search out in a vintage store! Yours are quite lovely and I can see a definite link to each one, they would look great hanging together!

  10. These are so pretty Linda, and the way you upcycled the frames complements them perfectly!

  11. What great finds! I love the newly black frames as well!

  12. I never seem to find vintage paintings but I love the one's you have found. Painting those frames makes them look fabulous!

  13. What fantastic finds! I love them too. I have a couple, and am always on the lookout!!!
    xo Kris

  14. A couple of those show real skill and educated technique. The all show the eye of an artist and I like the self taught artists just a well. Wonderful, Linda.

  15. Amazing what a difference the right color on the frame can make!

  16. That black colored frames are much better for the artwork! Loving today's weather!

  17. That black paint made all the difference, Linda :) Nice collection--

  18. These are so great! Love how you renovated the frames!

  19. Your found some great pretty. I did a floral gallery wall with all the oils I've scored thrifting. Painting the frames really made them pop!

  20. Linda, lucky you! I love the idea of grouping those by season for display. Funny thing, I really don't like living through winter weather, but I am so drawn to those paintings especially. Yours are great. Love how the blossoms are turning to the green leaves in that first one.

  21. Nothing better Linda than a great vintage oil painting. Love the red barn scene and the cows.
    Happy Week End.

  22. Thanks for the ideas. I have a couple of paintings from my parents' house sitting in a closet. I think I know what I'll do with them now.

  23. There's something about vintage paintings that I find irresistible. Love the ones you've found for your decor.
    Mary Alice

  24. The colors are always so lovely on these old paintings!

  25. I love these paintings as well. There have a pretty, comfortable quality that would cheer any room.

  26. Love these, Linda! It's amazing what a difference the painted frames have made! So perfect for your pretty home and for fall! xo Karen

  27. HI Linda,
    It's been awhile, but here I am. Your painting collection was a strong inspiration to why I too love the thrifting hunt for a great canvas. Often my canvas finds end up in my etsy shop, holding back on a few that inspire my home as well. I was watching a YouTube of Sharon's My French Country Home... I was so enamored with her French home and her large frameless paintings to canvas hanging way high up her tall walls and it got me thinking perhaps I do have more wall space then I though looking about.
    Then here a visit to you has now that much more inspired me to keep a closer watchful eye out for pieces of lost canvas art that can fit into my decor.
    Love your collection and the painting with the lake and row boat is also a favorite of mine as well.
    See you soon, keep on adding to your collection that share your walls filled all the way to the ceilings.

    A beautiful weekend ahead of you.


  28. The Midas touch on those frames, applied by Linda.


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