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At the Lake...Little Changes and a Simple Project...

I mentioned in a recent post that we were making some changes at our family's lakehouse. I thought you might like to see 
some of the small decorative projects going on!
I recently made a simple sign for the dining room.
I started with large letters from the craft store...

I sprayed them with black spray paint, distressed them, 
and glued them to this old board...

to make a GATHER sign...

It was a very easy way to make a large sign...
this one is over four feet long.

The fall paintings I found made a nice hallway gallery wall...

In the kitchen, the door to the little sunporch is painted with chalkboard paint. I change it out when the mood strikes, 
but this is how it looks now...

The little sunporch is set up for games right now...

And we switched out the counter stools at the 
breakfast bar for some with a mid-century modern look.  
They are very comfortable, easy-to-clean, and sturdy.

Slow, but sure...little changes...
It's a fun place to gather!

Until next time...


  1. How nice to have a lakehouse to gather your family - and I love your GATHER sign!!

  2. Linda, I Like that sign you made . I love,love the gallery of old framed art. Those picture just seem to be perfect for a lakehouse. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  3. I'm digging the changes you are making. I'm so excited to see all of the transition.

  4. I LOVE that sign, such a clever way to upcycle the letters. Your special touches are so charming.

  5. Love your Gather sign and the chalkboard door (I have one, too). Wish we had a lake house! xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

  6. Love your sign and I bet that is just a happy-to-be place where you can kick back and relax and not worry about an extra scuff mark on the door where the kid kicked it on his way outside. lol I bet you love it there. xo Diana

  7. Every time you talk about your lake house, I get a little bit jealous, Linda - it sounds so wonderful! I love your new sign and can'.t wait to see where you hang it

  8. It all looks wonderful, Linda! Love all those fall paintings and your wonderful signs and chalkboard. It must be so peaceful there this time of year! xx Karen

  9. Great idea for an oversized sign, Linda! I love all your fall paintings in your hallway gallery wall, too. I hope you're able to enjoy this unseasonably warm weather we're having this week!

  10. Love the sign and the chalkboard! Great work!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  11. I have a hard time thinking outside the the gathering sign and the chalkboard is cool too!

  12. It's looking so lovely around the lake house. Love the chalkboard door and the sign!

  13. Happy Sunday Linda. Love your gather sign and love that you have a sweet lake home to all gather and enjoy. Love the chalkboard door too. Super cool.

  14. Happy Sunday Linda. I would like to tank you for your kind words on my last blogpost. They really mean a lot to me. I like the little changes around your lake house, especially the "gather" sign project. Great work! Thank you once again.

  15. I LOVE how it is all coming together Linda. Especially that great 'gather' sign.

    I smiled at the rules ;) Especially 'eat smores' now that Woody's Canadian girlfriend actually made us some!!!!! omg they are amazing!!!

    Karen x

  16. I always wanted a lake house really i would have been happy with a lake trailer
    Just a fun place to enjoy and Gather
    You come up with great ideas

  17. Love your sign Linda! It's perfect now, and all year round. You did an awesome job.

  18. I love all of it, and I love the word gather--something I don't htink we do enough of these days!

  19. Any place that has your touches will be fun and beautiful! Love those stools.

  20. Oh Linda, I love it all! I never thought about gluing letters to a board. How nice! Great to have a game table so cute! I'm glad I stopped by and glad everything is coming along.

  21. Slow but sure is good because it does get done. The remodel here is definitely going slow and can't wait for it to end. Love those paintings...


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