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A Simple Dining Room

This week we made some changes in our dining area!  We have begun to make decisions on what will go with us when we move from this house, and what will go to new homes.

We already have a very large table with two benches in place at the other house and know we will not need the dining room set we had at home...a beautiful oval table with 8 bowback armchairs.  So it is going to our daughter's home, 
where it will be very appreciated.

So what will we be using here until the move? Well, my husband built a table when our kids were young, when we first bought this house, nearly 30 years ago.  It has been different colors (it started out with colonial blue paint) and in different homes over the years...and in my craft studio for the last 10. It's fun to put it back into use as our dining table again!

I found a couple of chairs I loved on All Modern, 
and two wood benches at a local furniture store. 
I love the combination of styles.
The chairs will eventually be used at each end 
of the table at the other house, and the 
benches and table will have use there, too.
We have so much more room to move in the space now...
and it has a clean feeling that we are loving.
The benches are easy to move, and the chairs are really comfortable...even my doubting husband loves them.

 A simple runner with winter decor feels just enough...

We are loving the feel and the function of the room now!

Going through our STUFF and deciding 
what we want for the future is work. 
But it's a good thing...simplifying and cleaning out!

Until next time...


  1. Linda, I like the clean look too. I like the chairs...but wonder how much weight one could take. Love your trees. :):) So nice your daughter will be enjoying your other table and chairs. My daughter Karen has our old set from long ago . I had forgotten it had two leafs to it, till Christmas at her house. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. You are making huge progress already in sorting through your things, Linda! I love the white chairs you chose to go with the table. We grew up with orange chairs just like them in our parent's kitchen. The white gives a clean modern Scandinavian vibe to your room. Love that rug, too! It's wonderful that your daughter will enjoy your dining room table and chairs. It's kind of bittersweet leaving a home with all its memories, but exciting to be starting a new chapter, too.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh how I need to clean out furniture also, and i'm not planning on moving. I have way to much furniture in my little house,however I like it all that is why it's hard for me to delete any pieces.
    Your choices look just wonderful. I like those chairs also and almost purchsed the clear ones

  4. It sure feels good to "thin" things out, doesn't it? When are you planning to move to the lake?

  5. What a lovely table! I am in the midst of downsizing and cleaning it out of my home. It feels so good, but it is a lot of work. Good job and keep at it. When will you move?

  6. I don't mind a couple of midcentury pieces mixed in like you did, but not the whole midcentury look. I love the runner and greenery/pinecones.

  7. I had no idea you were moving - wow, I must go back and see what I missed!! I've been crazy busy and not bouncing around blogland as much as I'd like - I miss all you folks!!

  8. Love, love , love the dining room! The rug is great and the simple centerpiece is perfect!

  9. SOMEHOW SOMEWAY - I missed the fact that you were moving (so soon). I am happy for you but it is a big job, isn't it? We took our house off the market until Spring but we have had someone that my hubby works with call out of the blue and want to look at the house. Not sure I want to do that right now- I am out of "show it" mode/mood. lol Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

  10. Love your simple look and those mid-century style chairs are wonderful. Glad they are moving on to the lake with you.

  11. Linda I love your fresh look for your dining room. I have passed down a table to my daughter too. Love when you can pass on great pieces to stay in the family. Happy Weekend.

  12. Love the look! I hope to have my son make a bench for me this spring. I am trying to get my craft room in order...for the last year or so!

  13. I love the table. 30 years ago. What a classic. It is as perfect today as it was then.

  14. ahem. about those chairs....while at Mom and Daddy's a couple three weeks ago, Daddy told Mom, "Glad, my hand is too big to change that porch light bulb; will you do it?" She said, "Sure" and I headed to the porch to beat her to it. That 82 year old woman was going to stand in a similar chair...original though and used in elementary change the light bulb! I swear...those two make me KRAZY! So I did went to Lowe's and bought them a sturdy, three step step-stool.
    LUV your table and bench, they are beautiful!

  15. Looks great. I have to admit, I love the chairs you got - that style really speaks to me. Hmmm. Maybe for our kitchen?

  16. Looking good! That kind of sorting out is hard.... I'm just having a break from giving my craft space a major thin... and that is hard enough ;) Good luck with it all.

    Karen x

  17. Oh Linda, I love the fresh look and your pretty centerpiece ;)

  18. How nice and fresh it all looks Linda, and I love the rug under the table! It does feel good to purge every so often.

  19. Hi Linda! Love the changes to your blog. I'm so excited to see all the changes to your decor as you prepare for your new home. Take care. Karen

  20. This looks so crisp and
    clean, with that yin-yang
    of modern and rustic that
    you do to perfection!

    Funny how so many of us
    seem to be drawn to the
    more simple, spare and
    easy these days. Might be
    a reflection of our turbulent

    Hope you are staying cozy,
    feeling well and having a
    great week, so far!

    xo Suzanne

  21. I love mixing furniture pieces, Linda...your dining table looks so cool! And I'm coming to the realization that having less draws the eye to your favorite pieces.

    I don't know how could ever say goodbye to one single thing I treasure. But in a merge, you can't have it all. Keep up the good work.

    Jane x

  22. Your room looks well organized and interesting. The table, chairs and bench combination works so well. I think sorting out what to keep and what to lose is very hard work, though if you have found a new home already it makes it much easier as you can visualize where things are needed in the new layout. Good luck with all the sorting are doing a great job.
    Helen xox

  23. It's always so nice to redecorate and you always do it with such style, Linda! I am loving the 'new look' - so simple, yet so cozy and bright. It's so exciting to plan for your new home, but I'm sure there are some bittersweet moments, too. Having a new place to decorate takes away some of the sadness of leaving it all behind, I'm sure. I know you will fill your new home with beauty and sweet memories. Sending hugs xo Karen

  24. I didn't know you were planning on moving soon! Is your house on the market now? I like your pretty dining set. I like a mix of different seating at a table.

  25. Beautiful! Really nice...
    Have a happy weekend now!

  26. LOVE those modern chairs! Like you, I love mixing styles together - modern with antique is a great combination. When are you moving - and where? I've probably forgotten that, too, lol. (See my comment on your Valentine's Day post.)


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