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More From the 2017 Bachman's Spring Ideas House Tour

Ready for the rest of the 2017 Bachman's Spring Ideas House tour? 
Thank you for your visits and kind comments on Part One! 

And I really appreciate all of your best wishes about my recent knee surgery!
I am doing physical therapy and getting lots of rest!
Let's head upstairs... 

There were wonderful gallery displays, stacking frames and artwork.

This nursery was a charming space!

Such a cute book rack...

and the wreath is made of diapers and ribbon!

The restful master bedroom...

The guest bedroom...

The Botanical Room was a relaxing place...

Lots of airplants...

More chalkboard paint and artwork!

These are permanent fern stems placed in frames...

Before I close...I'll leave you with a few outdoor scenes...

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  
Want to see more? I have written posts for every 
Bachman's Ideas House since they started in 2010! 
There is a link in my top menu and on my sidebar categories list.  
So much inspiration!

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Bachman's 2017 Spring Ideas House- Itsy Bits And Pieces

And I hope you'll stop by and visit me on Instagram where
I share photos from my daily life...
like these wonderful hand knit slippers I received from Vickie from Ranger 911.  
So sweet and really was like receiving a hug in the mail. 
(and they even make my TED socks look cute) Thank you, Vickie! 

Before I go...I also shared this photo of our sweet girl, Bailey.
We had to say goodbye to her last week. 
She was the best dog and we will miss her more than words can say.
We love you, little one...

Until next time...


  1. I am so sorry about your Bailey. It is so hard to lose a pet because they are like family, aren't they?
    I am glad your recovery is moving along and I hope you don't have too much pain with PT.

    Love the Bachman house tour(s). I guess I was a bit surprised to see snow there- I always think of it as being a spring tour. I love all the ideas.

    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  2. Linda, Hope your recovery and PT goes well. I am sorry about your sweet Bailey.. I know she was loved.
    I always enjoy your tours of this beautiful house . So many wonderful ideas. That yard just has to be so charming. I think if I lived near by, I would go more than once. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. recovering from an illness or surgery is so hard, and having a beloved pet pass at the same time can be devastating. LOVE your sippers from Vickie, so adorable. I always love seeing Bachman's, their botanicals and baskets with pussywillows and forsythia are really inspiring for some Spring decorating. Stay positive, you'll be back at it soon! xoxo

  4. Look at those darling slippers!!! Vickie is amazing! So glad you're up and around a bit. Just think of all the fun you'll have this summer skipping around on your new knee!

  5. I am so sorry about Bailey! It's so hard to lose a pet family member. I love the little shed and the botanicals!

  6. Linda, I am so sorry to hear about Bailey. I know how hard it is to lose your dog. We lost our two oldest dogs in the last few months. It chips away a little of your heart. Thank you for sharing the Bachman house. It always has the greatest ideas and inspiration. Sharon

  7. Is the tour of the house just a tour, or are you allowed to purchase items? If it's just a tour, why? Is there an admission fee that benefits some group? I am curious as to how this event works. Thank you.

    1. The Ideas Houses are special events set up seasonally to showcase Bachman's new product lines, plants, as well as decorating and re-use project ideas. Everything in the house is for sale, those items that are retail are available in the stores and often online...any one-of-a-kind reuse project or vintage piece can be picked up at the end of the seasonal house. They encourage photographs, and also give you a brochure of ideas as well as paint colors and wallpapers. Hirshfield's, a Minnesota paint, wallpaper, and window decor business provides many of the finishes...available in their retail stores, and also online now.
      The tickets are $5, with $1 going to a local cause...this time, the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

  8. I enjoyed both parts of the tour Linda, and all the attention to detail. I think the mix-and-match drinks tray is my favorite.

  9. Well, I'm so sorry about Bailey. I know that it wasn't easy. I hope you all find comfort and peace. The ideas are always so much fun at Bachman's.

  10. I always love seeing how they decorate outdoors at the Bachman house. It's hard to create curb appeal in the spring, but their window boxes and planters look so festive! Thanks for sharing all the photos, Linda.

    That's a sweet photo of Bailey who I know you miss dearly. You have to remind yourself what a good home she had.

    I'm so glad your slippers fit. Take care.

  11. So sorry about your baby. Thanks for all the photos!

  12. Oh, Linda, so sorry to hear about your little Bailey. Our fur-babies are with us such a short time, but take such a big piece of our hearts. Such a sad time for you while you are trying to recover. Thank you for sharing the Bachman's House tour. Love the nursery and the botanical theme. Hope you are back on your feet soon. xo Karen

  13. Sorry about Bailey :(! Thank you for sharing so many wonderful photos--lots of ideas!

  14. Oh Linda I'm so sad about Bailey. She looks so precious in your photo I'm sending you a big hug and my sincere condolences.
    On another note I always enjoy this tour and this post is full of interesting ideas. Love all the pictures showing hanging ideas for prints and frames and whatever. I might try one of these, glad to know you're healing and getting better every day.


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