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Garden Glimpses and Front Porch Decorating

Lately, we have had beautiful warm days with rain storms...
so it's lush and green everywhere!  So much is in bloom, 
and it's a great time to do some outdoor decorating!

This post is sponsored by PermaLeaf®

The roses bushes are in full bloom...

and the spirea bushes are covered with their fuzzy blossoms...

These big hostas are next to our front porch...

and I've set out some pretty pots on the front step. 
I love the bright colors...begonias, 
verbena, coreopsis, and my favorite flower, zinnias.
And the pretty pot in the middle holds an artificial outdoor plant I received from PermaLeaf®.  I love mixing real and artificial plants in decorating.  
Their plants and trees are formulated 
with a plastic that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions...
strong UV rays, snow, wind, and water...and are fade resistant, too. 

It has a long, sturdy stem that was easily inserted into the dirt 
in the pot....and the stems are wired and easily arranged. 
And I think later, it will be great to mix with some greens, branches, 
and white lights, in an outdoor winter arrangement, too.

Live plants don't do well in places with extreme weather...
that's why PermaLeaf® created solutions built to last. 
You can visit their website to find out more and get a catalog!

I love using vintage containers, this rusty tool box.
Just be sure to drill holes for water drainage first.

Thank you, PermaLeaf® for providing the product 
used in this post!  All opinions are my own.

Until next time...


  1. Your gardens and porch are so pretty, Linda! I'm still working on arrangements for my front porch. How is your knee healing going?

  2. That looks so pretty! So the begonia plant is fake? It looks so real!
    I like using unusual containers for pots too. The toolbox looks great!

    1. The shrub in the middle pot is the artificial outdoor plant! They make trees, shrubs, plants of all types. The begonia is real...a Mother's Day gift.

  3. It is all looks gorgeous, colourful and welcoming (and real!)

    Great idea to enhance the living plants with a bit of extra back up!

    Its really hot over here at the moment..... hope you have a lovely weekend


  4. When my two sisters and I were young, (about 50 years ago at this point) we would go to the ravine to play in the creek at a park near our home. From there, we would would go to the back entry to The Park of Roses. There was a huge rock with a plaque on it with the quote you showed (plus more of the poem) at the beginning of the post. We would read it every time, and where the word "kiss" was, we would kiss it. It was the ritual of three young girls on an adventure.

    Nowadays, mothers wouldn't allow their young children to do the things we did alone. Towards the end of our childhood, there was a man who the local kids referred to as "the wiener man". Apparently, there was a man who was exposing himself to the young people who visited the ravine. It turned our sense of fun and adventure into an ugliness that children don't need to experience. So, we pretty much stuck to the more public areas, like the playground, the rose garden and the creek closer to where other people were.

    Still, the poem you mentioned evoked memories of the fun we had as children. Thank you!

    And, your flowers are beautiful!

  5. So lovely and welcoming! I really need to decorate the front of my house! You gave me some nice ideas :)
    Have a happy weekend now, take care...

  6. Well, that's a great idea! A lot of my flowers that were so perky last month are starting to look a little ragged, so a few faux plants would be a great filler.

  7. Your garden and your front porch look beautiful and inviting, Linda. I hope your knee is doing better and you can walk without too much pain now.
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Julia

  8. Your yard, porch and all your flowers are just beautiful, Linda!

  9. I like to use a variety of containers too. Love your vintage tool box! That light pink rose is just gorgeous.

  10. Everything looks wonderful. We get so much sun it takes a lot of watering to keep our few plants green!

  11. I love rose gardens. I consider them the gift that keeps on giving. xo Laura

  12. Your gardens are beautiful, Linda! I love the yellow begonia and the old tool box with the zinnias. The PermaLeaf plant looks so real. I like using artificial plants, especially when they are life-like. I'll check out the web-site! Hope you are feeling better. xx Karen

  13. Ah, so pretty. Everything looks wonderful. I'm hoping to get some pictures today, but we aren't anywhere near the blooms you have yet. Grins and happy Summer! Sandi


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