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A Very Special Rug

This week I had a lot of fun playing around with a little corner of the house!  If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that while I only do big projects once in awhile...I do love switching things up and creating new and seasonal vignettes.  I think it's a throwback to the many years I did 
monthly vintage sales and countless setups...something I loved.

This post is sponsored by Sukhi

It all started when I received this beautiful Stone Rug from Sukhi!  
Have you seen these before? 
 I hadn't...and fell in love when I saw these on the Sukhi Website.  
They have many wonderful rugs~Moroccan Beni Ourain, Nepalese Felt Ball Rugs, Turkish Patchwork, and Indian Wool and Felt Rugs. Their rugs are not knock-offs, but high quality, original artisan pieces that will be heirlooms. Sukhi respects tradition and is socially conscious, engaging in fair trade practices. They partner directly with the artisans, who have good working conditions 
and earn 2-3 times the average regional salary.

This very short video shares three artisans...

And this one shows you how the felt ball rugs are interesting!

My stone rug took weeks to make...starting with 100% New Zealand wool.  
The rug is so soft on my feet.  It is heavy, sturdy, and warm.

I love the look of a wonderful touch of nature to a space.  
While Sukhi has many colorful rugs,
 the stone rugs are great for a neutral color scheme.
And they come in several tone variations...browns, grays, and black and white. 
The rug has a wonderful plush texture...these are solid felted wool balls.
I added more texture with a rustic wood table, a vintage tole candleholder, a sampler, and my husband's grandmother's old shell box.

And since I love the look of vintage and modern...I used one of my favorite chairs.

Imagine one of these room size rugs? Heaven!
And they are meant to vacuum and spot clean...and if they need a cleaning, take it outside and hose it down, use gentle detergent and rinse. 
Then let it dry...even out in the sun.

Sukhi means "Happy" in Nepalese...and I am very happy with this beautiful rug. 
This vignette is very much my style...and is how we will be decorating the lakehouse when we move.  The rug will be wonderful there!

Thank you, Sukhi!
I was provided with product from Sukhi .
All opinions are my own.

Until next time...


  1. Linda, that rug is really unique and beautiful! When I first saw it I thought, wow that looks like rocks. Very cool!

  2. That rug is fantastic and I WAS imaging it in room size! How great would that look in my family room complimenting our new mantel and stone fireplace? Wowza!

  3. That's a very unique and beautiful rug! Love how you paired it with the other objects. Nice!

  4. I saw those rugs on Pinterest (I think)! Very unique and fun!

  5. Linda, I love your unusual rug. It sounds like it's easy to clean and last a very long time. That corner of your house is very cute. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Thank you for the kind review of Sukhi artisans' work, Linda! I simply love the corner you made here. Stay connected to see the new rugs we launch this autumn! Daniela from Sukhi

  7. What a cool rug! Your little corner is charming and cozy! Love it!

  8. Such a beautiful and unique rug, Linda! I love your vignette - such soft and natural colors. This rug looks like it might be wonderful to sit on, too. Thanks for sharing the site. I love fair-trade companies. x Karen

  9. Absolutely stunning! I love the natural colors. I imagine it feels wonderful too.

  10. That's a gorgeous and very unique rug, Linda! I just adore the stone look. I'm sure our cats would love the rug as well. :)

  11. Wow, what a beautiful and unique rug. It should be nice and warm on your feet when winter rolls around. xo Laura

  12. Stunning, Linda. I'll want to walk barefoot all the time.

  13. Linda, that rug is wonderful. I can just imagine how soft it must be! Love the vignette.

    xo Dianne

  14. What a wonderful company and such beautiful rugs! I love how the one you have looks like stones. It looks perfect with your chair and beautiful vignette. I didn't know you were moving to the lakehouse - unless I had forgotten. (Which is most likely!)

  15. What a fabulous rug, Linda! I love it! Enjoy!


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