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Simple Spring Decor

I'm having fun with some simple spring decor around my house!
After yet another winter storm, spring fever has definitely set in!

I made the simplest project this week!  Using a vintage fruit crate label, I simply decoupaged it onto a white canvas.  You could easily just frame it, too.  You can find fruit labels on Pinterest, but if you would like a vintage one for projects, be sure to check out Don and Chris Old Stuff!  If you are looking for labels, seed packs (many as low as $1), bottle caps, advertising, etc., they have so great prices.  You can find several different shamrock items.  This label sells for $2 there!  This is not sponsored, just one of my favorite sources that 
I have used for years. I know you will love your visit there!

I love the colorful, holiday look it gives...

I added in some pretty tulips my sweet daughter-in-law brought me, 
and a set of vintage hen and rooster salt and pepper shakers.

Some forsythia from the dollar store looks like a warm day in a green Ball jar...

It's such a welcome look toward spring!

I do love simple about you?
Until next time...


  1. Yes, simplicity can be so effective. Love this spring display.

  2. I bought some apple crate labels from Don & Chris's a couple years ago. Love that place. And love those vintage chicken S&Ps! I love simple spring decor!

  3. Looking great. I have never visited I think I may have to.


  4. I love those tulips and forsythia my faves. Your Spring decor is pretty. Love the little rooster salt and pepper shakers.
    Looks great for Spring.

  5. Beautiful display! Love the label and you'll be able to enjoy it for years to come.

  6. It's been Spring here this week. Such a refreshing change. I'm getting ready to put out of sprigs of green.

  7. That forsythia looks real. And I love that chicken and rooster! Hard to wait, but no stopping spring now! It's on its way!

  8. It all looks so pretty, Linda, and the clean, simple vibe is perfect for the season.

  9. Hi Linda, I love your Spring decor! We're on a road trip right now but when I get home I can't wait to start decorating for Spring. Spring arrives late in Maine so I should get back right in time! Happy St. Pat's Day! ~Cheryl

  10. I'll go check them out. Cute sign and decor!


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