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More Fun Finds and Garden Pretties...

I have a few fun finds to share this week...look at the two great vintage picnic metal baskets I found at an antique sale!

  I love when you see a group of these stacked and they are useful storage, too!  If you want to see the most wonderful group of these ever, check out junkinjulie's post - it will make you want to start a collection!  I never knew there were some many colors!  Julie is the best junker~ she finds the most fabulous stuff and she's having a great GIVEAWAY too!!
I have a few more finds from our picking day~ I love the look of this antique Singer sewing machine leg!  It's heavy iron  and I love the ornate logo and the little wood wheels...

Another fun find was this little set of tiny glasses~ they are only 3-1/2" high~ and this large shaker for glitter...

Thought I'd share this week's new garden happenings, too!  My yellow lilies opened...

the herbs are starting to grow...

the spirea bushes are in full blossom...

I've been picking cherries (made a cherry-peach crisp one day)...

the apples are getting big...

Remember my twig planter?  It is growing like crazy~ look at the blue lobelia ...

We had storms this week and some of my lilies were snapped over, but I thought they were lovely in this aqua

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I am linking to Debbiedoos Garage Salen Party

Until next time...


  1. Linda, to bad your name isn't the the letter S how great would that be with the Singer leg. I have to say I have never seen metal picnic baskets, but if I did I would snap them up!


  2. Linda your garden is lovely! and you do just find the best things ever! what a lovely way to store things....picnic baskets.....

    i have one without a lid on it, but it still holds my fabrics for me...and I love repurposing an object!!!!

    have a great friday!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Love the lilies in the glass ball jar, and it's like spring in your garden I can't believe you have apples, cherries, herbs how fun! It's so hot here now, it's a struggle just keeping everything alive. Must be careful not to water during the day or the leaves get burned. Hope you're having a nice weekend!

  4. Your flowers are lovely. I remember as a kid we had the same picnic basket as the bottom one in your pic. Oh, that I had it now!

  5. Your garden is looking wonderful. I like the blue lobelia...I never knew what it was called until a few years ago and then planted a whole bunch.

  6. I can't decide which is my favorite, the picnic baskets or the sewing machine leg. They're both wonderful finds. I remember my sister having a basket like the top one with the little vent holes.

    I love green glass canning jars and the way you used it for a vase.

  7. Hi Linda....I love those baskets...I have one green one and wish I could find more.Your flowers looks so pretty they last all summer? I see them put never planted any myself...they sure are pretty. Thanks for joining in on the party....Have a great weekend. Debbie

  8. Linda,
    Great finds. I love your picnic baskets. I found a yellow on and posted it early this week. Have a good weekend.

  9. Just stopping by from debbiedoos party! Those picnic baskets are just great! Your garden is very pretty, too!

  10. gorgeous flowers, isn't spring/summer grand!!

  11. Your flowers looks so pretty, everything looks to be really thriving!
    I love old picnic baskets. I have three stacked in my guest bedroom and love the look...and like you said, they're also great for hiding a lot of my stuff.
    I heard about some bad storms that hit MN. Hope you weren't in their path.

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog and being a new follower. I love the picnic baskets. I am a new follower too!

  13. Hi Linda
    Your picnic baskets are so neat! I have seen similar ones in magazines, but never have been lucky enough to find any! And your flowers are so pretty! Mt stargazer lilies are no where near blooming. Your planter looks great, too :)

  14. Coming to your blog reminds me of being here in Savannah, in that you appreciate beauty ~ in details like the little Singer part, the sherry glasses, the gorgeous flowers. It has been an amazing place to visit and to absorb so much that is fine and lovely! Thank you!
    xx Suzanne

  15. I have one of those baskets, just like the one on the top of the first stack on Julie's blog. It was my non-sewing grandmother's sewing box...nothing interesting in it when I got it from her but the basket is cool! Beautiful photos today!

  16. Yeah, Junkin' Julie has it! Cherries lookin' GOOD! I had some of those teeny glasses in the shop. They're so appealing aren't they! Gone now. Have a great weekend--JQ

  17. I love the picnic baskets. I have a metal bread basket, with the vent in it, like yours, I'm heading over to check out hers. Lezlee

  18. Hi Linda, What great finds. I have one metal basket and would love to have a collection. I'm interested to see what you do with the Singer leg. It's so cool.
    Your garden looks great! It's getting really hot here so things are not blooming very much. But I have tons of butterflies!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  19. Very cool finds and lovely blooms! :)

  20. Love those picnic baskets that are tin that look like real baskets. Too cute! Your flowers are beautiful! Just stopping by from the Garage Salen Party.

  21. I love your sewing machine leg. I would be interested in how you use it!

  22. Hey Linda you Sweetie!! Thanks for the big mention of me today--I appreciate it so much!! I love your baskets too of course, and your garden stuff looks beautiful! I guess your thumb is pretty green then? Love and hugs, Julie

  23. Oh, I Love that singer leg! I would just mount it on the wall as is. The wheels are so perfect....
    Your metal baskets are great too. They are pricey around here, so I don't have any, but if I ever see one reasonably priced I would grab it for sure.
    Love your garden pics, your photos are just beautiful!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on the arbors.

  24. Those cherries look delicious. I can't wait till my tree produces!

  25. Hi Linda ...

    Oh My your garden is wonderful !!! Love the picnic baskets and saw your man in the moon face clock ..Love Love Love it !!! I like that image too and have some printed out to play with as well.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog nice to meet you and hope to be back soon to read up on your posts.


  26. Great finds and I LOVE that rug!!!

  27. Hi Linda, It was fun seeing your garden pretty on a summer day. I love your sewing leg. I have two of them, however they are still attached to the top of the machine too. I use it as a base for my new machine. I have seen a kitchen just full of those old tin boxes. It's a sight to see! come for a visit when you have the company.

  28. Love those metal picnic baskets! I have been waiting to score one as cool as those for weeks and weeks now!

  29. Adore those metals picnic baskets and the sewing machine leg!! Question: what are you going to do with the leg??? Be sure to show us when you do!!


  30. Linda, thank you for sharing your beautiful garden images. I am especially fond of the images from your cherry tree ~ that's just not something we have around sweet! Your green thumb is evidently in full swing. ~ Angela


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