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Vintage Thanksgiving Goodies...and a Charming Giveaway Win...

This time of year I love to decorate with a few vintage Thanksgiving goodies!  I love vintage turkeys~ they are usually salt and pepper shakers or planters...

My mantle is very simple right now... remember the Farm Ballads book?  I've added a singleton shaker and a couple of chalkware turkeys...

I love this fun shaker set on a pedestal... I topped it with a cloche later...

This is a huge transferware platter...I love the colors...

We usually use a fun 1950's set of Franciscan Autumn for our Thanksgiving meal!  You can see the great pattern on this divided vegetable dish...  I have a large set of this that I have collected from mostly thrift store finds!

It mixes well with lots of colors and patterns!  I'm looking forward to using all these fun pieces on our Thanksgiving table this year!

I also wanted to share this wonderful giveaway win I received in the mail this week from Cindy Adkins Whimsical Musings!  (I know...I've been really lucky lately! )  Isn't this the most charming Christmas Journal?  I just LOVE it!   Right now she has her November Creative Spirit Challenge going on!  You can link up anything that displays your creative spirit!  Lots of creativity being shared there!   She also has a wonderful etsy shop !

Thank you SO much, Cindy!!

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Until next time...


  1. Oh...that little farm book looks so inviting!
    You and I adore the same kind of objects!!!

  2. Hi Linda,
    Oh my gosh--I love the turkeys and the Franciscanware...I used to live near the store in Glendale, Ca...Gee, that pattern brings back!

    Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas journal...that was so incredibly sweet of you!
    Sending big (((hugs))) your way,

  3. You won't believe this--I just realized it. Remember the bingo card? That's what the 25 on the journal is from!!! I thought that would make you smile!

  4. Hello my dear! :)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all your autumn goodness and your dishes are so lovely. (can't believe you got them from thrift stores, lucky you!) Thanks for linking up to my party....seeing you there, always makes me smile! thanks. :)
    Hugs to you my dear friend
    Missy :)

  5. I LOVE dishes and
    am starting to collect
    autumn ones similar
    to your 1950's set.
    My biggest dilemma?
    How/where to store
    them! Congrats on your
    sweet win. Now you have
    a place to write down
    your Christmas lists
    and check them, twice : )
    Happy Thursday, Linda!
    xx Suzanne

  6. Warm cozy & your pics! Congrats on the win too, that journal is adorablicious!


  7. I put my turkey salt & pepper shakes out too..they belonged to MIL...she gave them to me. Nice posting, lovely job decorating.

  8. I put my turkey salt & pepper shakes out too..they belonged to MIL...she gave them to me. Nice posting, lovely job decorating.

  9. Linda, love the mantle with your turkeys! That platter is beautiful and that journal is adorable, congrats!

  10. Hi Linda,
    Love your turkeys! Doesn't everything look better on a pedestal? And adding a cloche makes it even better:) I also really love Cindy's journal, congrats! You have been one lucky girl lately!!

  11. You know I always say it, you have the best stuff! You are a lucky one with your give away wins. Sweet little book.

  12. I have that Turkey platter that was my Grams...I need more vintage pieces though, I love yours!

  13. I love your vintage turkeys -The two turkeys look like they are singing :-)

    What a cute christmas journal -love the altered art look

  14. Oh how I wish we were neighbors so we could out shopping together for treasures!!

  15. How sweet Linda. I love your little turkey touches. You reminded me that I have turkey s&p shakers that I never put out! Thanks!

  16. The turkey platter is gorgeous! And I love that farm book, too!

  17. Linda, I love all your little turkeys! What a pretty and fun touch they add to your decorating! Ann

  18. Love that turkey platter, Linda! What great vintage pieces.

  19. Linda,-all your turkeys, are great, -and so lovely colorfull, here when the darkness have a wonderfull autumn house, filled with beautifull finds,-and sweet gifts.

  20. What a wonderful collection Linda. And congrats on your lovely win from Cindy. Beautiful, as all of her stuff is.

  21. Howdy
    Oh My Gosh I have Farm Festivals by : Will Carlton :)
    Thank you for the wonderful inspiration that you provide here in blogland !
    Your mantle is so awesome it really made my day .
    Thank you for sharing all your fabulous ideas and images .
    I simply love the dinnerware with the Autumn theme.
    You really are a blessing .
    May you have a wonderful day and may you recieve a multitude of blessings that catch you by surprise .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  22. GOBBLE!

    Love the turkeys! You have had the best luck lately...congratulations!

  23. Hi Linda,
    Your mantle and centerpiece are awesome!
    After going to the Bachmans Christmas house today...I sooo want to start my Christmas decorating. It was Amazing! I took my Mom and we had a wonderful time. I was able to meet Ki today too! Happy Day!
    deb :)

  24. Hi, Linda. I love that little set of turkeys in the cloche! So darn cute. You have some great vintage pieces to use this season. I'm so glad you won Cindy's giveaway. Have a great weekend!

  25. I have seen that china pattern when I have been out to the thrift stores!!! And you know I love the turkeys.

  26. Your collection is unsurpassed!

    Thanks for sharing.


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  27. well gobble gobble! i say..that is quite a great collection you have there...
    the only turkey i own is in my freezer, you know what I'm saying.

    btw..i love the hydrangeas on your favourite flower! gorgeous job!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  28. I love vintage turkeys! I will be putting all of my Thanksgiving decor out this weekend! Yours are all lovely!

    And congratulations on your win, what a cute journal!

    Kat :)

  29. Love the simplicity of your Thanksgiving decor. Especially the gorgeous silver pitcher and hudrangeas! I'm sure your holiday table will be lovely! Smiles, Julie

  30. Looove all your AwEsOmE turkey treasures! Your Fall dishes are fabulous! Thanks for visiting my blog! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  31. Hiya GORGEOUS....!

    I hope you're well Lovey....!

    THANKS so much for your comment....I SO WISH I could see the Christmas House in person.... ** sigh ** ....!

    LOVE your sweet turkeys & platter....I was fortunate to experience a Thanksgiving in Oklahoma MANY moons ago & LOVE the effort you all go to to celebrate the occasion both in your decor & YUMMY food....Whoda thought you could make a sweet pie out of the humble pumpkin....??!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your journal win....It's BEAUTIFUL....!

    Hope you have an AWESOME weekend....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  32. The shaker set on the pedestal made me laugh out loud, Linda-way too cute!!! I bet it's even better under glass!
    Where do you store everything when you rotate all your pretties? That's my biggest dilema. Well, that plus remembering what I have...

  33. Great little turkeys, I never pass them up! The Farm Ballads book is wonderful, perfect for a gorgeous , but simple mantle! Thanks for joining in for VIF!

  34. Look at your turkeys. I love them! Right when I saw them, it popped into my head that my grandma had some turkeys like yours. I'm so glad I thought of that. Her and my grandpa were turkey farmers.

    Congratulations on your win...what a cute little journal. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend ♥ Tricia

  35. I love those vintage turkeys too - there are few of them here at my house, waiting for Thanksgiving. :-)

  36. I love all the turkeys. They are so colorful and festive. What a wonderful idea a Christmas journal would be. I plan to make a few to give to my "lunch-bunch" friends. I will share your story with them and encourage them to journal in their Christmas journals.

    Thanks for the idea.

  37. Hi Linda,
    It's nice to see some Thanksgiving decorations. The turkeys are very cute and I love the dishes. I'm sure your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful.

  38. I adore your turkey collection. I have a thing for turkey plates! I am the proud owner of a turkey platter just like yours. It's one of my favorite things. Thank you for your kind words of sympathy. It sure has been a hard week but it's getting a little easier every day. Mimi

  39. What beautiful pieces you have. I'm not having Thanksgiving at my house this year so I haven't taken out my turkey stuff so it was fun to enjoy yours. Have a wonderful weekend. Patty

  40. LOVE all the turkeys. I hate to start seeing people put up Christmas until after Mr Turkey has had his day!!!! But, it all happens so fast! Charlene

  41. Love the turkeys.
    Congratulations on the give away win.


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