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Changes, changes...

We had a wonderful Christmas, but I don't know about you... but after Christmas I am always in an organizing, redecorating mood!  I've already started packing away the decorations and am starting some new projects.  We recently decided to move from our large bedroom on the lower level into a smaller bedroom in the upper level of our home.  We enjoy a cozier space, and the old bedroom is in the process of becoming my studio...right now it is a mess, but it will get there!
You may remember my recent post about my visit to Haupt Antiek Market~ I bought this turn-of-the-century pastel work of roses, done by a 12 year old girl...

I think it is really quite beautiful...

We hung it above our bed in the new bedroom...

I love fun little pillows...

My husband is hanging new doors throughout the upstairs... these closet doors just went in our room.  They aren't painted yet... as we are starting a big project in our home...

You can see on this wainscoting~ the woodwork in our home is painted now with Benjamin Moore's Bennington Gray.  We want to brighten everything up and are going to paint the woodwork (including our kitchen cabinets which are also done in this color) in a fresh white for a more cottage style look.  I'll keep you posted as we go...

 Another change...I cut my hair off... my hair grows so quickly, that I've had three haircuts since summer and taken off nearly 10 inches!  Sorry for the blurry pic I took myself~ but at my age, a little blurry is a good thing!  A new year and time for some changes!  Anyone else feeling like this?

Until next time...I'll be packing away Christmas decorations!



  1. I like your hair! It is very sassy. How exciting will it be to have a studio for yourself?

    I took my decorations down yesterday. The house is in disarray right now, but it will eventually become more organized. I am planning a trip to the hair salon later this week. I am pretty shaggy right now.

    Happy New Year, Linda! La

  2. Your new do makes you look Younger!! It's great.
    Love the rose picture and I "hear" you about getting organized. I'm also very interested in your "studio"...I'm thinking about making the guest room my craft room!! I'll be watching for ideas!
    deb :)

  3. Great hair, Linda! The rose painting is really beautiful, makes me want to kick myself for selling the ones that I had. And for the organizing, oh yeah, I hear ya! I've got to get busy.

  4. You are a beautiful gal! I love your funny little pillows and your new painting is lovely. Have organizing and when you're finished come on over and help me.

  5. Whoops, I meant to say have fun organizing.

  6. Linda,
    We started packing away our decorations today, too. I am happy to reclaim the Living Room space back! The rose picture is beautiful and painted by a 12yr old girl is amazing!
    Happy New Year.
    (P.S.your new haircut looks great!)

  7. Ooh the pastel is pretty.
    I am loving that headboard painted out. I just recently got rid of a similar one and regretted it as soon as it left!
    I like the hair!

    and Yes! I'm thinking of changes for the new year
    Can't wait to see all of yours.

  8. Cute haircut Linda! I can't get over how fast your hair grows. That is awesome you are going to have your own place. I love the art too by the young gal, very talented. Happy New Year Linda!

  9. Love the new cozy space. It's nice to change things up a bit especially at the start of a new year. Your hair looks cute!

  10. Cute 'do! Love the pastel also. I need to find some motivation to start packing up our Christmas decorations. We usually leave them up until New Year's Day. Looking forward to the updates on the studio!

  11. Great haircut. Mine stays short and I went a little blonder last week after I was going darker. Yes, a little blur works wonders when we get our age, but you look great. Sounds like lots of great projects going on. I need to do a lot of painting, too. I will finish getting the decorations down tomorrow!

  12. I am taking down decorations today too. I don't think I will have it all done until the weekend. I still want to enjoy the tree for a bit. Enjoy your home changes. I was an empty nester for 4 years...then my son came back home. We won't even go into that!!

  13. Hi Linda,
    Love your new haircut! So cute! I, too am always in the mood to organize after the holidays, and get rid of alot of excess stuff, too! Your rose pastel is just gorgeous, hard to believe that someone so young created it! And your pillows are darling! Is the yo-yo pillow vintage? I am not much of a sewer, but I did manage to sew a lap size yo-yo quilt for my nephew as part of his wedding gift this past summer. And the puppy pillow is just adorable! Have fun creating your craft studio! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I need to get mine in serious order!!

  14. Change is good. Very inspirational post! Thanks for the motivation. Victoria

    PS Your haircut is dynamite on you!

  15. Love your new do, really looks great on you!
    I so envy you on the new studio too!

  16. Your hair looks great! So does your room. I have not started taking decorations down, I had to go back to work today. I guess I will start later this week. I have been making plans, I am ready for some changes. We too are going to be doing some painting to give a more cottage look to parts of our home. Our kitchen needs major attention. Your post was an inspiration and I love the coziness of your room.

  17. I think your new hairstyle makes you look young and lovely. I've been wanting to make a change, but can't decide on a style that is easy yet a little more stylish.

    I'd love to have my own studio but the older kids, though away at college, still come home for some weekends and holidays, and the summer. Someday I'll take over my son's bedroom since it has nice large windows and an entire wall of shelves.

    I like to leave the decorations out through New Years Day, and this year I need to weed out some of the older stuff that has seen better days.

    Make sure you take lots of photos of your new bedroom and studio so we can drool.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Love the new haircut--cute as a bug!! WOW, must be that time of year for ripping our houses apart!! Good luck with all your projects! Painting kitchen cabinets is a big undertaking! I did mine about 15 yrs ago and it took me a long time! Glad your hubs is such a big help to you! Keep us posted! Hugs, Julie

  19. Just about every time I visit your blog I see something in your house that's in mine too. Today it's the bedspread. So funny. Great new hairdo. Something new for the new year! Mimi

  20. Your new look looks great! And I like the rose water color that is a cool find and same with the little dog pillow that is too cute. Have a good week......Julian

  21. I am a creature of habit in life, but I LOVE to change up the decor in my home. Love that picture of roses. And I love your new "do!"

  22. Oh I love your room and wow, your hair looks adorable!!! I love that picture of you!

    Now, that I read your blog, I'm thinking I'll take the tree down...but, I love the lights, so I keep putting off doing

    I just wanted to come over to say "hi" and I'm glad I did or I would have missed the awesome hair show!

  23. Hey LInda, wow, you're doing lots of things and changes! I like how your new bedroom looks and the pillows are adorable, nice doors too! How fun you get to fix up a studio, can't wait to see pics. By the way I like your hair, and your pic is nice, I know what you mean, when I posted mine, all I could think was thank goodness for the blue filter in Photoshop! LOL!

  24. Great idea about moving into a cozier space! Can't wait to see what you do w/the studio. Wow - amazing picture you found done by the little girl - great find!
    ps - your hair is really cute!

  25. It is so exciting to see changes! Your hair is beautiful -- it shows off your cute face! Keep us posted on it ALL!

  26. Linda, you looks wonderfull with your hair cut.
    The painting is so lovely, and your bedroom ,too-love the colors in your bed.
    Happy organizing--better get going,too :)

  27. Hi Linda,
    Your new style for the New Year makes you look younger!
    I will be taking the ecorations down on Wednesday this week.
    Organize is the new word for 2011!
    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Sharon

  28. Love your hair! Ready to "un-decorate" here also. The bedroom is great. Love the painting and those pillows on the bed are too cute!


  29. oh, ya...change is coming! I like your hair...too cute...and changing rooms around now that is my idea of a good time!

  30. I am on the same path of putting up decorations and organizing. I really do love this time of year. It gets me motivated - a fresh start!

    Love your sweet pillows on the bed.

    Have a happy New Year!

  31. Oh, don't let Connie from Hartwood Roses see that beautiful rose painting and your bedding...she'll come and take them both away! ;-)

    My company just left this morning and I'm still dragging a little, but before long I'll be in the "get it done" mode!

    I love your 10 inches is a lot of hair to cut off, even over several months time! Glad you had such a nice Christmas!!

    Kat :)

  32. May your New Year be filled with many Blessings and abundances of Joy for 2011. From my mountain to yours, Until next year
    Hugs and Smiles Gl♥ria

  33. Thank you for stopping by Love The Day! What a beautiful blog you have.

  34. My goodness you are a busy girl! The haircut is cute, cute, cute!!! I am with you on the remodeling and organizing. You are inspiring me to get with it on clearing the decorations. Seems I finally got my house half way in order and it's time for the chaos of putting everything up. But I am ready to move fresh into the new year. Good luck with all your projects and I'll be checking back. Vicki

  35. Linda, love love the hair! always fun to change rooms and rearrange. I need a new project before the winter blues set in.

  36. we are cut from the same cloth Linda! I love the holidays and all of the decorating so much, but as soon as it's over-wham-the decorations come down and it's time to freshen up and organize everything! Have fun with all of your projects and Happy New Year!

  37. I love your hair! I cut mine off too. It's just a teeny bit longer than yours - my husband was none to pleased :) He's a long hair guy.

    Sounds like you have lots of things going on at your house. How exciting to get your own studio space! I can't wait to see it all done.


  38. Hello Linda!
    What Wonderful Changes coming your Way! The Print is Wonderful and 12 Years old?! That is Truly a Treasure! Oh my Goodness you have the Best Luck finding Things!!
    How exciting to have a New Studio! I hope you will post pictures.
    Linda! Look at How Cute your Hair is!I Love the Cut! I think you deserve to go out to Dinner with your Beautiful New Doo!
    Have a Happy Wednesday Friend!

  39. You look so young! I love your hair! and how cool to be getting a large studio...I did the oppisite and turned an upstairs room into my studio. I lvoe the changes I'm seeing and hearing about at your place! and I love the pic of you and sis with Santa...I am catching up on some blogging!

    the rose painting is lovely,too.

    Happy New Year!

  40. Hi Linda,
    I wrote to Donna today and asked her if she saw how adorable your hair is...I told her we're "The 3 Blondes" with Etsy I hope you're having a beautiful holiday week!

  41. Happy New year, Linda! I love your haircut! You look great! What a gorgeous rose pic above your bed. I just love rose prints and pics. What a talented 12 year old. Your bedroom looks nice and cozy. Is your comforter Ralph Lauren? You just can't have enough roses, can you?!!!
    ~ Julie


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