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Fun Finds and A Very Simple Project...

Last week, I visited my favorite thrift store and found a few goodies!  This basket was one of them...I loved the nice size and the farmhouse look and decided it was perfect for a simple project!  I have seen altered baskets on blogs and Pinterest and went on over to The Graphics Fairy in search of a great old label.  I loved this one...

Printing it on regular printer paper, I then did some simple stamping...

decoupaged the back, applied it to the basket, and decoupaged the front.

I love how it turned out!  So quick and easy!

I also found several sweet little church and Sunday School books...don't you love the little number?

beautiful inscriptions...

Look at this wonderful book...

it's an old Norwegian ABC primer...such great graphics...

I found some nice utensils...

Beautiful wood...

 and a vintage tobacco jar, too.

Makes a charming vignette, doesn't it?

I am joining Karen at The Graphics Fairy for Brag Monday
Debra at Common Ground for Monday Marketplace

And if you missed it...I am having a GIVEAWAY now...I hope you'll stop by my last post and enter!

Until next time...


  1. Lovely. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my mouth as I stare at the Primer. Sigh... Great job on the basket as well. Enjoy!

  2. I like the basket but my eyes are on the old books. I love small old Bibles and the Norwegian book is very fun!

  3. I love your vintage finds but that basket makeover is just gorgeous! Coming over from Brag Monday. I am your newest follower! =)


  4. I am in love with your basket, Linda! I've seen these too, but wasn't sure if it would would with regular paper. Now I can't wait to try it myself! Love the graphic, too!

  5. Hello there Linda~

    You have some marvellous finds there! I love how you put that graphic's fairy label onto your fantastic find! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  6. What a great collection of thrifted finds, love the graphics you added to the basket. Love those books especially the Norwegian primer.

  7. Fabulous Linda!! Love what you did with the basket (I've been working on some buckets with the same label). It's perfect!! Those books are incredible especially the graphics in the ABC primer. Beautiful vignette!!

  8. I love this little table top vignette~ Looks put together over time and easy on the eyes!
    I may have to try decoupaging a basket! So cute.


  9. What awesome finds. Love the makeover on the basket. Beautiful!

  10. Great finds Linda! Espsecially those church books, so much history behind them. I really think your basket project turned out very well and it seems to be a very simple one. Something I may try sometime in the future. Ann

  11. what great finds, Linda. you always have such wonderful vignettes. and I just this weekend received my Romantic Homes, congrats on the great feature!! always love coming to visit, and thanks so much for joining in for Monday Marketplace!

  12. Hi Linda,
    I never thought about decoupaging a basket! Love how it turned out and it does make a nice vignette!
    Happy Monday!

  13. oh my it does all go so well together.
    you have a great eye for the vintage goodies.
    Love the basket!!

  14. beautiful vignette - love all the elements - arranged with your artful eye!

  15. As normal I love EVERYTHING...
    you always have the most beautiful things to share on your posts.

    I didn't realise that you would be able to do what you did to the basket... it looks wonderful.

    I love the old books... so old! I bet they smell good :) I love the smell of old books.

    Great utensils and looking great altogether too :)


  16. That basket is adorable...but those books are treasures!!

  17. The basket is wonderful, Linda- and the decoration you added makes itso special.
    Also collects old books and love the religious ones. Yours looks so beautiful.
    Hugs from me.

  18. The basket turned out beautifully. I love the entire vignette.

  19. Loving how you added to the basket and those books are out of this world wonderful.


  20. Boy oh boy... they dont have neat stuff like that where I live- the Mojave Desert, but I sure do enjoy your finds!

  21. Such wonderful old treasures! And I love what you did with the basket!

  22. That is such a great basket and such a simple way to embellish. When I see books like those, I wonder about the people who used them and their stories.

    Great little vignette.

  23. I love your basket and old books melt my heart, don't you just love the perfect penmanship they have, wish we were taught to write like that!!


  24. Great finds, Linda and I love the way the basket turned out!

  25. It does make for one GREAT vignette!
    Great finds too:)
    xxx Liz

  26. Beautiful vignette, Linda. The basket project is so simple, but has such impact! I do love the church books, especially the one with 54 on the spine. Another winning post. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Simply beautiful! Great great, the stamps added so much and I love it on the basket! The vignette is perfect! I am a new follower!

  28. What great finds Linda! I LOVE baskets and I have been working on some that I have had "stashed on my shed". Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  29. Wow, great finds. I love what you did with the basket! Love the old books too. It all makes a beautiful vignette!

  30. Super cute vignette. I just love old books. There's something about how many people have read them that gets me. The book with the alphabet in it is gorgeous - cover and insides both.

  31. Oh yes Linda! I love your great finds...and the photo setup does make for a lovely vignette. Thanks for sharing your basket project...don't you just love the Graphic's Fairy! I know I do.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  32. I adore the basket it turned out great and that group of thing is so vintage I LOVE it

  33. Everything is gone here in Floria, I guess I better move to Minnesota!
    I'm always on the hunt for old church books. The basket is so cute. Great finds famous Linda!!

  34. Great finds, love the books, but the basket is hands down my favorite. I loved the shape before you added the label and now I'm really loving it. What a great idea.

  35. all your goodies; great finds, all! the books are precious and the basket even better with your touch.

  36. hey linda,
    this turned out so cute. i love the label with the added stamps...just perfect. the typography in the norwegian primer makes my heart skip a beat!

    btw, i'm following you on twitter now (thanks for following me!)

  37. So charming, Linda! It's just amazing how great minds work! ;)


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