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Back From Junk Bonanza...

Well, another Junk Bonanza has come and gone, and what a time it was!  I always have so much fun with my daughter, Liana, and Kris of Cottage Dreams...we blend our items in a big double space...

When you work the Bonanza, it's hard to get out and take photos of the event as it is so busy, but if you want to see more, you can visit the Junk Bonanza Blog for links to posts about the event!  I thought I'd share some photos from our space and some of the bloggers who stopped by!   
Here's a little eye candy...

Remember the fun casket carrier table my husband made?  It sold in the first hour, as did the lockers...

Of course we always have LOTS of Itsy Bits And Pieces...

The brown trunk was chosen by our Lucky Friday $50 gift certificate winner!   Prizes were given out every 6 minutes on Friday!

(Warning...tired Junk Bonanza vendor photos alert lol...)  Lots of sweet blogging friends stopped by...meeting all the people is always the best part of the sale!  Here's Deb of  Garage Sale Girl !  She will be hosting a Minnesota Bloggers Meetup on September can visit her blog for details!  I'll be going and would love to see you there, Minnesota bloggers!

Here's Vickie of  Ranger 911 !  We have been blog friends for awhile now, but this was our first meetup!  I was so happy to get to see her in person!

Jan of Gracie's Cottage shares my junker heart and is a fellow Junk Bonanza vendor!  So fun to stop by and visit!

Molly and Heidi are two new bloggers over at Modern Old Souls !  The were so sweet to stop by and say daughter and I really enjoyed visiting with them!

I had fun visiting with other bloggers, too!  It was so busy I wasn't able to get photos of everyone, but SO enjoyed seeing them!  

Bliss of  Bliss Ranch  stopped by!  I love her great blog...and was so happy to meet-up with this fun woman!

Sweet Laurel of  Chipping With Charm is always so friendly...I have met her several times, and it is always a pleasure!
Jeanne of  Bees Knees Bungalow was so nice to stop by again this year, too... and she has a great project with those big kraft letters I love, on her blog right now! 

Cassie of  JunkFest stopped by for a visit...she has a great show of her own in North Dakota that we want to visit!
Another blogger stopping by again this year was the talented Alison of The Polohouse ... she finds the best stuff and I love visiting with her!

I'm sure I must be forgetting to mention brain has really been overworked lately!   I really appreciate all of the blog followers who stopped by to say hi, was so kind of you!

I can hardly wait to do it all again...and for the first time...there will be a Spring Junk Bonanza April 18, 19, and 20th 2013!
 A BIG thank you to everyone at Junk Bonanza and all who stopped by our space!

I am joining Debra over at Common Ground for
 Monday Marketplace

  Until next time...


  1. It all looks perfectly wonderful.... I am not at all surprised the lockers went so quickly!!! I loved everything about them, mind you everything looks great. What fun to meet up with so many friends too..... and to be able to do it all again in the Spring :)


  2. your booth looked amazing - hoping that all of it sold and packing up was a breeze! seeing everyone at a show is always the best part- reinforces the love of what you do...hope you get some time to rest now!

  3. Congratulations on a fabulous sale! It was so nice meeting the 2 of you and I'm already getting the plan together for the April sale. :@

  4. It looks like you had fabulous junk and lots of fun! Hope your day was especially successful.

  5. I have to try and attend next year. It looks so fun. Loved your old cart with pumpkins. I see you have pugs on your side bar. I own a pug and collect vintage pug figurines.

  6. You guys had such great stuff in your booth! And I'm not surprised that you sold that table in the first hour. I love the pics of you and all of the other wonderful bloggers who popped by!

    I hope you can rest up a bit now that it's over.

    xo Kat

  7. Linda, your booth looks wonderful. I am not surprised the casket piece sold fast. Good to see you with so many blogger friends. xo, olive

  8. Linda,
    Your booth looked GREAT!!! It's a shame that I live sooooo far away:(


  9. Hey! Thanks for the photo tour! After seven months of lay-off, I didn't go to Bonanza this year. I finally got a 20 hour a week job and had to work Thurs. and Fri. It looks like a lot of treasure to be found.

    See you at Deb's soon!

  10. It looks like so much fun! I wish I could have gotten there. I'll try for next Spring!

  11. BIG bummer - Wish I lived there! I want that map printed on canvas... That was awesome and there were so many good little things in each picture. How fun and thanks for sharing! It's definitely eye candy to me. Best, Katie

  12. Wow that looks so awesome! Your booth is wonderful and love that so many bloggers stopped by! Hugs, Linda

  13. Congratulations on a great sale, Linda! Your booth looked incredible and the show looks like it would be a fun one to go to!

  14. I love seeing your booth, Linda!!! So much eye candy. Maybe, just maybe if I plan well, I can actually come to a Junk Bonanza. But I think I would have to rent a uhaul to come home!

  15. WOW...great stuff!!!
    Looks like you had fun meeting some blogging friends!

  16. Looks like loads so fun and how cool to meet so many bloggers.

  17. Linda, it sounds like you had great success and a lot of fun too! I know what hard work something like that is, but worth it in the end. That casket dolly is great! No wonder it sold so quickly. Get some rest! Ann

  18. Fun pics - I'm so sorry I missed it this year. I'll have to be sure to make it next year.

  19. It was so nice to finally have a moment to chat with you Linda! See you in spring!


  20. Oh my, you had tons of great stuff in your combined booth. You certainly meet a lot of wonderful people, don't you.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Oh wow! Look at all that cool stuff! I would love to go there for that Junk Bonanza someday! Looks like you had fun!

  22. I saw your pic on Deb (Garage Sale Gals) blog, I never tire of JB, so great to see your booth, gorgeous!!


  23. You must have been in junk heaven Linda~ Looks so much fun. Every time I see your picture, I always think to myself, GOSH she looks so young! I know your NOT old, but you look younger than you are:)

  24. Sounds like you have a very successful and fun event!

    I shipped the paper on Monday first class mail so I think you should get them Thurs/Fri. Let me know when you do - they wouldn't let me attach Delivery Confirmation since it was light enough to go 1st class.

  25. What fun stuff! Wish we had that kind of gathering around here! Love the orange locker! I could do some serious junkin!

  26. What a wonderful time! It looks like you really enjoyed yourself :) I wish I could have been there!


  27. I'm sad that I missed it this year but on the other hand I'm happy to be out here watching the building. Maybe I can make it in April! I hope I'll be back in time for Deb's. Thanks for posting pictures!

  28. Thanks for the great tour since I am too far away to attend. Would love to. Looks like lots of goodies.


  29. Wow! Everything looks so great. I'm in love with the big map and that old wagon. I have a similar wagon/cart up at the lake. I got it from International Country. Did you ever visit that store when it was open? Ohhh, I loved it there! Junk Bonanza looks so fun...I really need to make it there someday :)

  30. i wanted to buy that Rock Springs beverage rack of yours (i think it was for sale), but i got to MN airplane and knew i wouldn't be able to get that back easily :(
    loved everything in your space!

  31. So good to meet you Linda! Cannot wait for JB in spring of 2013...may have to bring 2 trailers next time! Glad you had a good show!

  32. No Way! I just realized I stopped by on Saturday and purchased a few things but had no idea it was you! Would have said hi if I'd realized it in time. LOL!

  33. Since I missed it {boo!}
    I really enjoyed this great
    glimpse into your booth!
    I hope it was a HUGE success
    for you and your partners!
    Your styling is beyond great.

    Can't wait to see you next

    xo Suzanne

  34. Oh my, Junk Bonanza sounds like my kind of place! I love the old game board and the little red house in your pictures.


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