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Fun Finds...

Time to share some fun finds!  Isn't this old milk glass plate a piece of prettiness?  It's from Challinor Taylor, circa the sweet apple blossoms...

and the beautiful lattice edge.

Baskets are always a fun much you can do with them!

I was particularly happy to find the paper plate holders!  They are the perfect size to place under a glass cloche...

And I found a nice lot of mid 60's lettering stencils...

So me, they are each a piece of art, ready to display!

Such a fun industrial vibe...

I am joining Debra at Common Ground for 

Until next time...have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Linda
    I love love all of the unique treasures that you find. Im amazed at what speaks to each of us. Have a wonderful weekend


  2. I love the plate. I love the stencils too. I never see stencils like this.

  3. great finds...I LOVE the jealous!

  4. Great goodies Linda. Those stencils are so much fun. I would have grabbed those in a heartbeat.

  5. Love the stencils. They are far better looking than plastic.

  6. oh gosh I remember using those wicker plate holders as a kid.
    Love the milk glass. I came across two fabulous milk glass pieces today as well.

    I still say ya got the best thrifts out there.

  7. The milk glass platel is adorable! You better not have found that at MY thrift store! Smile...

  8. I'm always on the hunt for vintage stencils, luck you! Love the pretty dish too.

  9. Your plate is gorgeous, Linda! I love the lattice work, and the pretty floral design. I've never seen one just like it. Have a great weekend:)

  10. What fun finds. That plate is just beautiful! And I LOVE those old stencils, too- xo Diana

  11. 1885, what a find!!! I love it and those stencils!


  12. That plate is so cute and the baskets are always nice to have, love it!!! I am always looking for you putting your next post. You always share awesome finds with us.

  13. Linda,
    The lattice work on this plate is oh sooo pretty. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  14. Love!! Your finds, all of them! That little plate is really nice, l am particularly fond of appleblossom design too. Hope you weekend is a nice one, Pam x

  15. That pretty little plate is perfect for a spring display. I can't believe it's that old! I would never have thought to use a wicker plate holder under a cloche, but I think I'm going to borrow your wonderful idea!

  16. i have two of those very same plates! they were a gift, & i treasure them. now i can give them an official name - yay! great finds, by the way ;)

  17. Those stencils are so cool! You find the best stuff :)

  18. Your baskets and letters are all wonderful finds. I'd love to see how you use those stencils.
    Have a good weekend!

  19. Hi Linda! That little plate is so lovely! The edging is delicate and it reminds me of a glass doily.
    The paperplate holders...under a cloche?! Wonderful idea.
    AND I thought they were perfect just for holding a paper plate...complete with a chili dog and chips! :)

  20. I love old milk glass too. That rusty old stencil graphic is very cool.

  21. Wow, what great finds. I never thought about using the basket paper plate holders for glass cloches. What a great idea.

  22. Great finds Linda.... you are going to have such fun with those stencils!

    Karen x

  23. Oh yeah. Those stencils have the look alright. They are on the right paper. I have a milk glass compote with that lattice edge that I love so of course I love yours too! I sure hope you were born in your part of the country and are all used to it. It would just kill me. My brother in law comes from Minnesota. Enjoy your snow! Haha!

  24. Thst plate is just so beautiful!

  25. Hi Linda,
    The milk glass plate looks to also be in mint condition how fortunate for you to find such a perfect treasure. I so remember those paper plate woven basket holders we had plenty of those around our home for entertaining. It's always fun visiting you, you never know what you will next find that brings back memories of old :)

    Thank you dearly for gracing your beauty over at my place, and leaving a comment that encourages blogging.
    See you and your beauty soon.

  26. Linda - What a great bunch of goodies!! Love those stencils. I have that same lattice edged plate - only mine is blue and white.

    Great finds!


  27. OH you are a finding fantastic things alwayes dear Linda, the stensild are wonderful, and so are the basket holders.
    The milk glass plate is a great, special piece.


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