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Fun Finds...

It's been awhile since I have shared some fun finds!  I found these cute toy stoves earlier this summer!  Well-loved, with chippy wear,  they are charming and I can just imagine children playing with them...

This little stove has already gone on to its new home...sold

And look at this sweet little Tiny Tears doll I 
found at a sale...


I love her little plaid dress...

and charming face...see the little tear openings?

Such charming pieces of the past...

I am joining Debra over at Common Ground for 
The Marketplace- Etsy and Online Boutique Showcase

Until next time...


  1. I still have my original Tiny Tears! she is such a sweet doll!!

  2. Oh what great finds!!!! I would love to find a toy oven!!!
    xo Kris

  3. I love these wonderful finds! Someday I will have some grandchildren to spoil with treasures like these. The little stoves are darlng! xo

  4. That doll is fantastic! She's so cute, why would she ever want to cry!

  5. I had a Tiny Tears when I was little and just loved it. Those little stoves are just too, too cute! xo Diana

  6. Did NOT have a tiny tears... but she is so cute.
    The vintage toy stoves... I love!

  7. those toy stoves are wonderful - have never seen anything like them...peely metal paint - the best!

  8. Great finds! I love those little stoves....too cute!

  9. What great finds, Linda! Hope you have a good weekend! Are you going to the fair? :)

  10. Oh Linda, those are great finds!! Those little stoves are adorable...I think I remember the tiny tears doll?


  11. Linda... I had one of those tiny tears dolls. Mine didn't look half as good as yours when I got done with it.

  12. Dear Linda,
    I don`t think we had Tiny tears Dolls in Denmark!! She looks so very sweet,- and the stoves are wonderful finds, too- I have one in dark green,- where to use spirit tablets for cooking :-)
    Hope your weekend, will be lovely!!

  13. I think my older sister had a tiny tears doll! And I can only imagine how much fun children had with those little stoves...too cute!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Kat

  14. I have a Tiny Tears from my youth! She is smaller than the one you found. The stoves are too cute!
    Are you gearing up for JB???
    p.s. I'm coming over for apple pie! :)

  15. Oh Tiny Tears how you bring back memories.

  16. What precious finds....

    Ahh I used to have a Tiny Tears not this model though! She is beautiful and I love her dress :)

    Karen x

  17. They're all so cute. You brought back so many memories. Tiny tears was one of my favorites along with my Betsy Wetsy doll. Thanks for sharing Linda.

  18. Love your finds so much! Are you going to that fun house again this year for Fall? Is it called the Bachman's idea house? Those are always my favorite posts!

    Happy day!

  19. sweet! I still have my tiny tears doll. She is a little different and has curly hair :) Fun stopping by to visit!

  20. How sweet are those?? My mom has that doll from when she was little...we call her "Carol" :)

  21. Hello, sweet friend!
    I've been trolling your
    posts for wedding pics,
    but imagine you are still
    in recovery mode from all
    the parties and celebrating!!
    I can only imagine what a
    beautiful, family-filled summer
    you've been enjoying.....

    Love all your sweet little
    "finds" and I enjoyed the
    previous posts, as well.
    Hope to see you in real life,

    xo Suzanne

  22. Vintage children's toys are ever so sweet, aren't they. I have been looking for an old red truck.
    Hugs, cindy


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