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Fun Finds...

I have a few fun things to share with you this week...first, a couple of thrift store finds...

I love this vintage wood tole will go into my dining/kitchen area.  
Beautiful blue color...

tole tray Itsy Bits And Pieces

I was thrilled to find this tabletop easel!  It will be great for holding artwork, photographs, etc.  I love the bit of industrial style...

easel Itsy Bits And Pieces

Until next time...


  1. Awesome finds, Linda! I have the same, exact wood tole tray and Venus statue! Sending you a message on one item.

  2. I will have to go check out your shop. I see a lot of pretty things! Love that easel you found too.

  3. Really beautiful finds Linda, love the statue, my mom has one very similar in her vacation home in Portugal. Also loved the vintage wallets.

  4. Oh- Good luck with the shop, Linda. I know you will do well. I LOVE that tole tray!!!! xo Diana

  5. What a great idea to share your shop on a page. You have some cute things too. Thanks for stopping over at my blog! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Such a pretty tray. I was thinking of doing a shop on my blog also, I'll check yours out!

  7. I love your pretty tole tray, such a lucky find. I know your blog shop will be a huge hit. Great idea in addition to your Etsy treasures.

  8. great finds - and I love the finds you are selling in your shop here on the blog - never thought of doing it on my blog...I'll have to check in regularly to see what you have for sale...and what tempts me!

  9. I love that tabletop easel and I know you will create a lovely vignette with it! The new shop page looks great, and I have that same belonged to my mother. :) I hope you are staying warm in the very chilly arctic air that's been dominating your weather lately.

    xo Kat

  10. Ack! I wanted that tote. Oh well, at least someone will get to love it :)

    The new shop looks great!


  11. Linda that tray is so unique I love it! Can you believe I've never seen a blue one before? These are some great finds.

  12. Congratulations on opening your shop. Best of luck to you.


  13. I see that you already sold a treasure! Sweet tray! :) Didn't go to any estate sales this weekend. Loving my window/door!!! and trophy cup!!

  14. Great idea, Linda, and I love the photo collage you put together. Does this mean you have closed your Etsy shops? I guess it doesn't make sense to have both.

    Great find on that tray. I love that it is wood. I would love to get to the thrift store if the weather would just cooperate!

    1. The etsy shops are still open...links are on the sidebar...

  15. Good for you! I think that's a wonderful idea to add it to your blog.

  16. Congrats on your new shop, Linda! I will head on over when I finish up here:) Love your tole tray! I treasure the metal tole tray that I won in your giveaway several years ago! Hope you are having a great week so far!

  17. Hi Linda,
    Congrats on having the new shop. I think it is so fun you can sell some stuff here on your blog. You always find the sweetest and most unique things. Love the idea of having this open on your blog.

  18. That's a great idea to add a shop to your blog. I've thought of doing the same thing, but have been too lazy to set it up, so I just keep using Etsy. Love that wooden tote

  19. Linda,
    Luv that pretty to check out your on-line shop. I have been thinking about having one I might e-mail you for some tips.


  20. Great idea to put the shop on your blog!!! Checking it out right now!

  21. Such a pretty tray you found. Best luck with the shop! Pam xx

  22. Love the tray, and all your finds! You have excellent taste. :)
    You are off to a great start with your store ! All the best, Linda! I know you will have great success!
    (Someday when my blog grows up and I get to be a "big girl blogger", I'd love to add a shop. :) )
    *Thanks for stopping by the blog / commenting! Appreciated. xo

  23. Great finds and the good luck with your shop!

    Karen x

  24. You've been finding the best stuff lately Linda. I loved the amazing shelf you shared in your last post, and the tray and easel are great finds.
    I always love my visits here!

  25. Congrats! So happy for you. Love that wooden tote!

  26. I've thought of selling some of my finds and treasures through a shop link on my blog too, but with the cost of shipping these days, wondered if it's worth it? And, how much do you know how to charge for shipping (ahead of time)? Thanks for any help and tips! I love that vintage box with the handle.

  27. Amazing finds! That wooden tote is absolutely gorgeous, and wow do those flash cards bring back some memories, lol.... thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  28. Love the tole tray! Great idea with the shop, looks like you have already sold some things!

  29. Awesome find on the easel. I have a tray just like this...somewhere lol!

  30. Congrats on the shop too! You will rock it Linda.

  31. I like the tole tray, so pretty! Great idea for the shop! You have so many lovely things to sell.


  32. I hope this is a step
    towards you having
    a full-blown on-line
    shop of your own,
    Linda! Having shopped
    with you, I know you
    have the eye for things
    that are top quality, so
    I know your shop will
    be filled with only the
    very finest vintage (and
    repro or current) items!

    I love that folding rack.
    "Racking" my brain as
    to where I could hang it.....

    xo Suzanne


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