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Fun Thrift Store Finds...

Time for a few fun thrift store finds!  Once the garage sales start, the thrift stores get the it's a great time to shop!  
I think this might be a sugar bowl, 
but I love the loving cup look of it...

This plate has such delicate decoration...

The book department yielded this wonderful reference book, 
with 56 beautiful color plates of moths...

And finally...I always love finding great vintage baskets...

How about you...any fun finds lately?

I am joining~

Until next time...


  1. What great finds!! I have been on fire with my thrift finds!!! Must get caught up and blog about them. Darned computer is giving me fits though!!!!

  2. fantastic finds! no finds here from the car (in the shop for repairs) so I didn't even look at the ads so I wouldn't feel bad that I couldn't go...

  3. Great finds. The thrift stores definitely dry up around here this time of year, but I have been finding some wonderful things at yard sales. xo Laura

  4. Lovely finds! The sugar bowl is really nice. :)

  5. Sweet sugar bowl! Nice book. I hope you had a lovely Mom's day! Brrr...turned the furnace on again!

  6. Great finds, Linda! I was just at a fabulous thrift shop in Chicago this weekend and did find a few good things - a wool rug, a big wicker basket, some books, and a beautiful painting.

  7. You found some great things. I love the sugar bowl and that Redman basket.

  8. Great finds. I love vintage baskets, too. That sugar bowl is neat!

  9. Fun finds Linda. I love the silver and baskets.

  10. What fun finds .... especially love that really unusual sugar bowl (?) and the baskets.

    I've not been 'thrifting' recently...... although I feel the urge coming on after my visit!!!!!

    I've been working in the garden whilst some very dusty and loud work is going on indoors! The sun has come out and its warm today :)

    Hope you are having a lovely day...

    Karen x

  11. I love baskets as well. The moth book is fabulous! Went to our local thrift today, but didn't find anything fabulous. I usually find lots of goodies.

  12. I haven't found anything since my last drop-off at the thrift store, Linda, but I have another bag of clothes ready to go. That, of course, means a trip inside to see what's what! : ) Love that book. It looks like some of those images are frame ready.

  13. Great finds!! So nice when that happens.

  14. Great finds! Wonderful pictures as well!

  15. I have a picnic basket like that without the green. Sales in Friday were pretty crappy but I did get a great wood tote to convert.

  16. I didn't even think about garage sale leftovers going to thrift stores. Duh! You're right. It is a good time to shop. I like your latest finds. That picnic basket you found is really nice.

  17. great moth illustrations. love the baskets!


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